Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mommy/Daughter Day

Mom and I went on a mini expedition today. We had the wee one with us, but the point was to get out and spend a bit of time together. Usually we both have our own things going on, so it's good to have a little mommy-daughter time. In truth, we really should go out and do family stuff more often.

Anyway, we went around to a few local stores, and I picked up the holiday cards with the boys' picture on them. They turned out sooo good. Mom loved the pic of the boys too. And to my suprise she could see why I used that pic even thought Mini is not facing the camera. "Aw, you can tell how much he adores his bubba in this one." Yep. ~_^
I'll be mailing those out tomorrow, along with all the packages to friends and family. Whew! I wish I could do this on a day I'd have Oldest or Hubby with me, but our local post is one of those that's closed weekends. So it has to be Thursday. Hopefully everything has time to get to its destination.

On another note, the 3rd issue of the Cobblestone Press Quarterly magazine is now available for free download. My book Dominant Territory is the #1 Best Seller for the third quarter(July - September '07) and there's a big feature on it. How exciting! I didn't know until I got the notice about the CPQ, so that's a spot of very good news. Aside from that, this issue has some really good free reads in it - short stories from both Yolanda Sfetsos and Sapphire Phelan. There's also a really interesting interview with literary agent Vivian Beck. Good stuff!

So today I picked up this huge slow cooker/crock pot for roasts. We have a small one, but you can't lay a slab of meat into that one. This one you can. Muahahaha! *fork and knife* :9 So now I'm on the hunt for really good meaty recipes.

Well, this post is going up later than I'd intended, but it's been a busy day. I hope you've all had a good Wednesday!


  1. Well good for you and mom for spending time together. It seems as we get older that it becomes more special to spend those moments together, glad you had a good time.

    #1 Best Seller!!!WOOHOO!!! I knew it all the time!!! Your a good writer;0)

    Girlie, when you hear the door bell ring, just let me in, i'm HUNGRY for a good roast! And if your life the majority of people out there that don't have working door bells, don't worry, sooner or later i'll figure that out and start banging on the door,LOL!!

    Have a good evening!

  2. Ohhh a slow cooker! Those things ROCK. You know, I've heard that ribs are sooo tender and yummy in there. With BBQ sauce and all. ;) Just a suggestion.

    HUGE Congrats on being best seller! That is SOOO awesome. *does happy dance for you* That's definitely something to celebrate and be proud of.

  3. Glad you had such a good day, and congrats on the bestseller.
    There are some really easy recipes for cooking a roast in the crockpot, and ribs are super easy. Maybe I'll post the recipe next Tuesday. :)


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