Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Long Live the Disco Tree

Our tree will one day be a thing of family legend. Oh yes, indeedy. Our prelit, rainbow colored fibre optic tree is up, plugged in, and currently its own disco party light show in our dining room. All it needs is a sparkly mirror ball for the topper and the look will be complete.

I put the tree up last night with a child underfoot Mini's eager help, and it crossed my mind while I was bending out the branches that one day we would look through our family album and say, "Wait. What the hell is that monstrosity?"

You know, like those glitzy gold limbed Xmas trees from the 1970s. Or the ones from the - what was it, fifties or sixties - where they started making the ones out of blue and pink tinsel?

Oh yeah, they looked all great and modern at the time, but looking back at one now and it's a bit like a relic someone dragged out Liberace's closet. Yes. That will one day be our disco tree. Hubby was cooking a steak while we put up the tree, and he sort of leaned against the bar to see what we were doing. After a few minutes of watching me trying to stabilize this thing in the base and said, "I think next year we should get new tree."

Okay, fine. So the disco tree was MY choice. ~_~* I told him he could pick the tree next time just as long as what he drags home is pre-lit. (I do NOT untangle lights. Nope. I've had that claus stricken from my domestic contract as of 2004.)

At any rate, the tree is up, and it's serving its purpose... which is to currently give Mini something to swat at every ten minutes. "Mini, get off that tree!" *sigh*

Santa will definitely have to bring all the presents at the last minute this year. No way I'd be able to keep them from Little Sticky Fingers. :P

Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. LOL! You crack me UP!! I do remember the ugly ass trees from the 70's with the colored stensils! My mom had a red and white one AND a red green and gold one. YUCK!! I wish I could find the pictures to show you, ha!

    You need to take a picture of your tree and post it! pleasepleaseplease!!!!Iwanttoseeiwanttosee!!!

    Have a good evening girlie;)

  2. I want to see, too. We always had real trees, so no ugly monstrosities.

  3. Okay ladies, ya'll are asking for it! (~_^) LOL! I'll charge my digi cam and snap some blackmail photos of the disco tree asap. ^_^

  4. Hi, I can't find any contacts on your blog. Can I ask you to send a note for me? My email is in profile.
    Thanks, Chris

  5. OMG! I remember those tinsel trees. Funny thing is that they're back. I saw a few (in pink, purple, and silver) at Walgreens and my witchlings wanted one. I told them no way. I was considering one of those upside down trees, but after the big earthquake (7.0) of last week, I figured it'd be too easy to knock down.

  6. Hi Chris! You will have to go through to email me. Thanks!

  7. TK!!! Yikes about that earthquake!! *_* Take care, hon!

    Yeah, those old tinsel trees... Brings back memories. LOL!


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