Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Let The Xmas Shopping Commense

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Darn whippersnappers!

Hubby. Dear old hubby. The man is the hardest person to shop for EVER. We've been together a total of 18 years, we can finish each others sentences. We give one another a look across the room and know what the other is talking about. And then comes Christmas...

He's such a snooty butt when it comes to gifts. He might like something one year, but the next he hates it. He had his own idea of cool, and of course his taste is king. Get where I'm going with this? It takes psychic ability to know what he likes and what to buy for him Xmas. You think you've skulled out a really great gift for him, and he opens it Xmas morning and you can see that look on his face: No, really, you shouldn't have.

So before starting the Xmas shopping this year, I went to Oldest and Hubby while they were flopped in front of the couch watching TV and told them I expected a list of 20 things they would want to find under the tree. And to make sure they did it, I handed them pens and paper.

When I get these lists back I AM AMAZED. I never would've thought of half of this stuff. Some of it is quite far out there - I mean, out of production alternative rock albums, Jeep parts, etc. Oldest asked for off the wall things too - anime imports, etc., etc. Geez, man... how was I to know about any of this stuff???

So yesterday I thought I would try and track down at least a few of these things on the guys lists. I picked what I THOUGHT would be the easiest from hubby's list and spent the better part of three hours looking for this sucker everywhere from Ebay to Amazon. And here I was feeling guilty because I asked for a new bottle of Cashmere Mist...which meant hubby and Oldest would have to brave the spray ladies over at Dillards - at holiday season at that. Consider my guilt trip cured!

On another note, I learned this morning from hubster that one of our old high school friends has died. This is the third, I think, in the past five years or so. It's amazing, the number of us that have been shaved down from the old crew. We were thick back then, but of course after school and marriage we all went our own way. Had kids, some went to jail, others... who knows? But when you hear one of us has passed away, it really stops and makes you think about your age and life in general, in mortality. Your children, and the future. *shakes head* Twenty-nine is too damn young to die.

But I'm not going to think about that any more today. Life must go on.

I have a few things to do before Oldest makes it home from school. First order of business is to mail out a TON of Xmas cards. Eh, gads. These are just the ones to my homies in the doll groups. *_* On Friday I'll fill out and send all the family and close friends-that-are-family cards and send them off. I'm having custom cards made with pics of Mini and Oldest for them this year. Before I do that, though, Oldest MUST have a haircut! I have the clippers ready for when he gets home. Muahahaha!

There you have it, my Tuesday. I hope yours is happy, and more eventful than my own. Best wishes all around! ^_~


  1. Came by to say hi and to say I LOVE YOUR PICTURE!!!! He's so ugly he's cute!!

    I'll be back shortly to read your post! It took me all day to write mine so i'm behind in everything else. Be back later;0)

  2. My Tuesday was spent weathering the weather...literally, weathering a winter storm, as well as cramming an exorbitant amount of information into my already exhausted noodle-it's an end of the semester thing. But, thanks for the good wishes anyway.

    I just wanted to throw caution your way—if your hubby and oldest are not satisfied for the upcoming holiday, will they revolt?

    I’m just sayin’, no one wants a bottle of Jean Nate Body Splash under the tree instead of Cashmere Mist, ummmkay?

    Great blog site by the way.


  3. It's been a day, I think that pretty much covers it. :)
    I can relate with the gift buying, I'm so up a creek, I have no idea what to get anybody this year. Oh my.

  4. I actually had the funniest vision of Hubby and Oldest at a department store with terrified looks on their faces as the cosmetics/perfume ladies tried to sell them on new products. LOL That alone would be worth it, for the list of gifts they gave you! ha ha.

    My day's been pretty uneventful here too. Can't even think of anything to write about. Ha ha. I'm so boring.

  5. LOL! Crystal, that kitty cracks me up. I love his rumpled face. ^_^

  6. Thanks for dropping in Jenji!

    Oh dear. Jean Nate Body Splash in place of Cashmere Mist... *_*

    Yes, I think I better be on my toes this year to avoid an in house revolution. ROFL!

    Whew, I hope you stay warm! We've been hearing a really harsh storm on the news. Seeing that much snow scares me a bit. We just got our first frost of the year yesterday, and but by noon I had to run the air conditioner for a while.

  7. Ann, I'm going to cheat by buying food gifts for everyone I'm not sure about. :*> Except my dad. I'm going to shove that shopping expedition on hubby and oldest. They'll know what to buy him - he's as bad as they are. LOL!

  8. LOL!! Isabelle, your vision wouldn't be far off the mark. Hubby is a bit more "dressed down" than Dillards. Those manicured spray ladies scare the bejeezers out of him. Oldest just jumps out of the way and ducks his head. ^_^

  9. Hey Cora,

    Do you realize why your hubby is so difficult to buy for, right? He's an Aquarius, hon.


    I have been told I am the hardest person to shop for because I always say just get me something small and don't spend a lot.

    But that still is too vague for my hubby, and since he is a Leo, he needs to buy his "mate" something big and showy and expensive. Sigh...

    Usually he gets me kitchen appliances, big ticket items that while we may need them, they are what I consider household purchases. Not something you get for someone for Yule/Christmas.

    I try to drop hints, but he's too slow on the uptake. Maddening really. LOL. So I guess this year I'll get another big ticket item appliance, when what I really want is something small and inexpensive - like a pair of leather driving gloves.

  10. LOL!!! Cass, I never thought about the whole astrological spin on it but oh, mama... you're right on target! Hubby likes gadgets, but the thing is he'll go and buy them as soon as they come out so that leaves me with nothing for birthdays or holidays. Oy, and the off the wall stuff he comes up with... What do I know about Jeep parts? *spark plugs*

    Speaking of signs, I don't know why it is but everyone always wants to buy me clothes. (Is there something going on with the way I dress? *_* ROFL!) I wonder now if there is something Virgoan about that? Hm...

  11. Serves the guys right, having to brave the spray ladies!! They'll appreciate you SO much more when they get home, LOL!!

    Good for you and hubby being together that long! I hope you have many more happy years together.

    I still haven't bought much for Christmas and the things I have gotten are for the kids, their the important ones, right?? My mom has the same shopping hell you do concerning what to get. My mom got him a 150.00 sports jacket yesterday for Jury Duty next month...It is beautiful! All dad had to say was, "Yeah, but do you remember the other jacket I use to have, now THAT was NICE!" I quickly turn to father dear and tell him he better shut his trap because moms eyebrows just shot up!!LOL! And I wonder WHY I don't get married again.HA!

    Good luck on finding you gifts, I think we all need help in that area!


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