Thursday, December 13, 2007

Is This The One?

I found a listing this morning for a house that looks to be perfect for my parents. It's in their price range, it's on almost an acre... like I said, it looks perfect for them. I called mom soon as I saw it and got her out of bed. She wasn't too happy with me until I told her why I was calling. You could hear the change in her voice when I told her what I'd found.

She asked me to call the realtor and arrange a viewing. I did. We are meeting with a Century21 person at the house around noon. Mom is now up and going on her rounds early so we can be back in time to meet the agent. Around 11 I'll wrangle Mini into some jeans and get everything together. I better bring my checkbook just in case mom forgets. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

On another note, I added another 1k to that little romance piece I mentioned before. And I also plotted a bit for Eleni's story, the sequel to Wicked Temptation. Heaven knows how many times I've started that book only to toss out the draft. That's definitley one I want out of my hair for 2008.

Well, I better get dressed and have another cup of coffee before the madness begins. Hope you all have a snazzy Thursday!

Oh! One last thing before I go...

Thirteen YUMMY Holiday treats
1. Peppermint coffee
2. hazelnut chocolate pie
3. peppermint bark
4. chocolate covered cherries
5. champagne truffles
6. strawberry tarts
7. jelly windowpane cookies
8. bubble gum candy canes
9. gingerbread cookies
10. cherry cheesecake :9
11. blueberry cobbler
12. Christmas squares - a kind of cheesecake/brownie thing
13. FUDGE brownies

Nom nom nom nom! :9 Oh foo. Now I'm hungry.


  1. LOL!! Peppermint ANYTHING is GOOOOD!!! But I have to say, I have never had Blueberry cobbler, is it yummy????

    Good luck with the parents viewing of the house, hopefully it'll be just right for them.

    Way to go on the writing!WOOP!!!

  2. I just discovered peppermint bark. GORGEOUS stuff! Good luck with the realty stuff. I hate hate looking for new places to live--can't imagine trying to satisfy my parents' needs/wants too!

  3. Fingers AND toes crossed for you!!! :D

    Hope it goes well! Keep us informed, ok?

  4. Crystal, blueberry cobbler is mm...mmmmm awesome! And if you add a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top... *drool*

  5. Hi Carrie! Mm...peppermint bark. Awesome stuff, isn't it? :)

  6. Thanks bunches, Isabelle! ((hugs))

  7. so...much...sugar...


    I must be doing the holiday season wrong.

  8. Good luck with the house hunting. And yay on the writing. I love blueberry pie, and I love cobblers, and of course you need vanilla ice cream with them. Have a great weekend. :)

  9. so...much...sugar...

    ROFL!!!! ^_^

  10. Mmmmm, now I must go eat. Best I can do with what's in the cubbard is peppermint tea.


  11. Peppermint tea sounds good! :9


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