Monday, December 03, 2007

Happy Monday

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Wow, it's been quite a few days since I last posted... not really like me at all. *_* Well, I've had a very busy weekend that started this past Friday. Oldest has been grounded due to his run in with El Principal, so he did his best to stay out from under foot so I didn't put him in the backyard weeding Buckie's (aka: Buckaroo Bonzai Rodgers Fellini's) dog pen.

On Friday I began reorganizing my doll room home office, and also pulled out a few craft projects I've been meaning to finish. I have been meaning to redecorate in the office and rearrange things because my poor kiddos are running out of room. (Yeah, I'm sure hubby feels sorry for them. :P) But every time I get started weeding through boxes, I get pulled away from it, or I start a new writing project that totally consumes any living will I might've had to organize anything. But over the weekend I realized the day has come to cull the collection room.

See, I have all this great wicker furniture in there and I'd really love to do something with it, but it's all willy nilly, no rhyme or reason just parked in there to get it out of the way. Some of it you can't even see because of so much stuff in there with it. And oh my gosh all the stuff!! Ebay addiction is never so noticable until you go to pack away stuff you don't use.

The office is currently packed to capacity with literally dozens of dolls and parts of dolls (creepy, yes, but I collect AND repair), boxes of doll clothes and storage containers of yarn. I also have 4 dining chairs that belonged to my late m-i-l, a humongous curio cabinet filled to the brim with - you guessed it - DOLLS. Oh, yeah. And there are two computer desks complete with equipment we no longer use, and two six foot bookcase...filled with *cough* dolls. :*>

And this is not to mention the unfinished projects... the afghans I started. The quilt I know for damned sure I'm never going to finish. (I *love* quilts, but I have discovered I am not much of a quilter. My stitches SUCK - they are sooo never straight.) Too, I'd started rerooting a brown eyed cpk girl, oh, about 3 years ago and left her half finished so she is pretty much bald with all her little root holes showing... she kind of looks like something out of a nightmare. Mini looks at her when he goes in there - which he loves to do because the office reminds him of a toystore -and always says, "Monster, Mimi! Get it." Egads. I guess it's finally time to finish up that project.

Once I get all this stuff either moved or donated or whatever, I'd planned to paint the office walls bright white and put up red gingham curtains to match my original baby quilt - the one I'm currently trying to restore since thirty-some odd years can be unkind to fabric. But somewhere along the line I got busy writing something, I can't remember what, and the office fell by the wayside. It's really not a good time to paint in there, but I do hope to get the room organized over the Xmas holidays. On a positive note, I have reconstructed the top of my baby quilt. Now to just send it over to mom to have it repadded... that's one less project to do.

Now for writing... I managed to finish my faerie story, and I bundled it all up and sent it out into the cruel world called the submission process. I should know whether or not it will be accepted sometime in January, possibly a bit earlier. So ya'll keep your fingers crossed for me.

I'm now going to take a bit of a break from doing anything plotted or serious. December should be a fun month full of family annoying the crap out of one another... oh, yeah! And tons of yummy food. :{P I was going to put up the tree this past weekend, but got busy with other things. So today is the day. Mini and I will drag out the rainbow psychadelic Xmas tree - which is pretty much a 6 ft tall fiber optic jobber - and sprinkle it with these crazy rainbow colored icicles I bought on Friday. Tres Santa chic! ^_^

Ooh, ooh!! I did order new books over the weekend, and I can hardly wait to check them out. I have Weirdly (a WCP anthology) coming to me, as well as The Tokyo Look Book (for oldest). I also ordered Irish Folktales to Tell by the Fire, Understanding the Social Lives of Animals, and The Great Big Book of Near Death Experiences. Sounds like a hoot!

So I am off for now. It's nearly 1 am and I wanted to toss a few clothes in the dryer before hopping off to bed. Rather do it now that face having to do it after I get up in a few hours. Heh.

I hope your Monday is a pleasant one! ~.^


  1. I haven't been by in a while, but I see you're busy as always. Good luck with the submission. ;-)

  2. Good luck with the submission, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. :)

  3. LOL! My grandmother use to make, buy and repair dolls as well. As a kid, I use to LOVE going over there. When I would get to spend the night, I would go in the doll room and try on all the doll clothes! You know the BIG dolls that are about 2 or 3 feet tall?? Yeah, I would prance around in all the clothes and of coarse, where there is clothes there are WIGS!!! That, my friend, is another story...LOL!

    Have fun with that laundry! I'm just staring at mine!!

  4. Good gracious. I thought I was busy. I don't know how you Moms to do it.


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