Monday, December 10, 2007

Got Wings?

Where did the weekend go? It feels like it went by way too fast. I could've gone for a few more days of that. We all had a slow, relaxing weekend. Hubby and I shopped Xmas - he says he's bought all my gifts - so now we only have Oldest's gifts to finish off, and I need to buy Hubby's. I'm going to get him that new stereo I mentioned before, he needs a new bottle of cologne, and I want to find him at least one new PC game - which can be a bit of a challenge due to the memory space. At any rate, we're almost finished with the shopping. Next, I'll tackle the baking!

Dad came by yesterday with his new digi cam. Wee! We had a blast taking pics with this thing. We caught some really cute shots of Mini, but alas, we couldn't connect it to my comp to download them. Anyway, the camera is a FujiFinepix model...bluh bluh... can't quite remember, but it took AWESOME shots in the house. It's too dark for my camera to pick up much of anything with a flash, and when I do use a flash, it whites everything out. I've had to take my own cam and tape a piece of computer paper over the flash to take some of the shine off because you can't time the flash. With dad's camera, you can ease the button down halfway to let off the flash, then press completely press it down to take the pic. Wow! If Santa doesn't leave a digital cam in my stocking this year I will definitely be heading to Best Buy once the sales start... I miss so many good shots in the house because of poor lighting.

I don't have a lot going today. I thought I'd try to write a few paragraphs of something (???) and then do a bit of laundry. When Oldest gets home this afternoon we're going to put together a gingerbread tree. :) I'd actually hoped to save it until Oldest was out of school for the holidays, but Mini keeps grabbing the kit down and squealing about it having a tree inside. On top of that, Oldest came to me with puppy eyes last night - "Mom, when can we build the cookie tree?" Oh, bother. I guess it's time. ^_^

Wishing you all a pleasant Monday!


  1. Can't stay away, can you? ;) I know the feeling. Ha ha. Just get the little tickle out of your system. Soon the holidays will just keep you too busy either way, you know? Who knows? Something great might come of it!


    Beautiful pic today btw.

  2. I love that pic too! I have a heck of a time staying away from the computer. I feel like we're one and the same. LOL Sounds like you had a nice weekend. :)

  3. I WANT PICTURES WOMAN!!! Sorry, I act up sometimes! I would very much like to see the tree when you guys put it together;)

    Hopefully, i'll finish shopping this weekend. HOPEFULLY!

    That pic you have posted today is BEAUTIFUL!

  4. Sometimes I wonder if writing isn't an illness, Isabelle. ^_^ At times I have no power at all to resist it. LOL

  5. We did, Karen. It was a really nice weekend. :)

    And I'm definitely one of those souls unable to stay away from the computer. I start getting twitchy if I have to go without for very long. LOL

  6. Crystal, guess what? I got tons of pictures of the kids making that gingerbread tree yesterday... ^_^


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