Friday, December 07, 2007

Friday blues

I. Am. So. Tired. I had a really pleasant day with Mini yesterday, but he didn't want to take a nap. I didn't force the issue since I had things to do in town. We hit all the usual stops, and I picked up a Happy Meal for him on the way home. Around three he began to get cranky, and once Oldest got home, I greeted him, pointed him toward the snacks and took Mini off to bed.

I don't usually let Mini take late naps, but by that time I was tired too. Oldest said he could hear both of us snoring from the living room. Har har. Is that a request for a lump of coal for his stocking? Anyway, Mini woke us around 5. Just sat up and started crying. And I could tell right then and there - tears, sniffling. A cold. Egads...

Oldest had a cold last week, and I went around wiping down everything, lysoling door knobs, and keeping the dirty dishes out of the sink at all times. Oh yeah, and reminding oldest every time he made a trip into the kitchen to wash his hands! Gosh, you think'd think at his age..." Anyway, luckily, I didn't catch anything. Mini however... *shakes head* Of course, I figured one of us would catch it. It's just the way of things.

So all last night Mini was miserable. He couldn't breath well because his nose was stuffy. I managed to get a little dimetapp cold and allergy in him and after rocking him for a few hours, I managed to get him asleep enough to lay him down on the couch. That lasted til about 1 am. He woke up crying, and we spend the rest of the night rocking in the recliner. OMG. My knees are killing me this morning. I vaguely remember Hubby walking past me, telling me he was off to work. I think he smooched me on the forehead. I think. It's all a blur.

Around 6 I woke and realized the house was quiet and the bed was empty. I climbed out of the recliner - OMG, my legs were so stiff! - and carried Mini on to bed. I could have slept until... oh, probably tomorrow. Mini insisted; however, that we get up at 7 am. *groan*

So I've had that whole zombie, asleep on my feet feeling muddling my brain all morning. Thank goodness for coffee or I'd be sacked out somewhere right now. I got a text message from hubby this morning too, and I guess it's a good thing - he reminded me I needed to go cash his pay check. Oy, that would be helpful now, wouldn't it? ~_~'

Tomorrow we're braving the crowds to do our Xmas shopping. Yippee! Mini's gifts are all sorted out, and we have a handful of things for Oldest. Now to knock out the rest. We're making a run to Hot Topic just for Oldest, and we're probably going to the ends of the earth for my parents - I never know what to get them. Then we will shop for each other.

Hubby's big gift from me this year will be a new CD player for Mustard Jeep. He's one of those types that can happily lounge out in the car and listen to music all night. And that's a reason contributing to his need of a new CD player. He took Mini out there to jam in the Jeep with him one night, and well, his buddy called and while they got to talk about football or something, Mini took a handful of pennies out of the change tray and stuffed them into the CD player. *sigh*

I suppose I should stop rambling around on the net and get to work around the house. It's already after 10:30. Heck, where did the time go?! At any rate, I hope you all have an awesome weekend!


  1. And you just got mini over the stomache bug! You need a mommy award! I can't stand it when my kids are sick either. I think I'd rather go through it than have them sick. Tis the seaon for sickness, eh..

    And, How in the heck can you sleep in a recliner girl? OUCH! But I do understand, at least you have a recliner, all I had was a old wooden rocking chair with NO padding.....

    As far as Christmas shopping is concerned...gggrrrr....I went at lunch today to Hastings. I was going to get the kiddos some games for their Nintendo DS's that my mom got them for Christmas as well, girl, I got the front desk to page the guy back to the game department and after waiting for 20 minutes...I walked out.

    I don't get to do this after work because I have to meet the school bus at home. Try telling them on Saturday morning that they have to stay home while I go shopping...yeah, okay. It'll be a war zone the whole weekend and they'll remember it ALL their lives and letting me hear about it too...

    Good luck with your shopping and get some rest;0)

  2. Oh I hope Mini feels better. I'm done with Xmas shopping thank goodness. Well I do need to get a Hot Topic gift card for my nephew but other than that...done! Now I need to wrap. Gaaah.

  3. Erg. These colds, it's so hard no to keep recycling them through the house. Oldest gets them from school and drags them home to the rest of us. Mini seems most succeptible to them, then I catch them from him and on and on...

    Oh boy, I could just see you telling the munchkins they can't go with you shopping. *_* I'm going to try TRY to get my mom to watch the kids a few hours this weekend so hubby and I can do a bit of shopping just the two of us.

    Happy weekend, lady!

  4. Hi Karen! I hope we get all of our shopping out of the way this weekend. Then to wrap them and hide them to keep Mini out of them... :S

  5. Hopefully you won't catch it. Good luck with the Christmas shopping, and have a great weekend.

  6. Oh sweetie, try and get some rest. That sounds exhausting. Being sick stinks, but imagine how much worse it is when you can't express how icky you feel!!! Poor Mini. And poor you. You both need a few days to recoup and just sleep. *HUGS*

  7. Good luck getting your mom to keep the kids...It's not going to work for me! Well, William is staying, he hates the girl shopping thing! BUT, I wont be able to get anything for them for Christmas. Sams coming and then she'll know what i'm getting her...They both get Nintendo DS's. Moms getting those and i'm getting all the games...Oh well, maybe I can be sneaky....Have a good Saturday!


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