Saturday, December 29, 2007

December and Caney Lake

Oldest stayed home yesterday while Hubby and I gathered up Mini and took off to buy a few groceries. Well, as we got up to town, hubby was hungry, so we stopped by Panda's to eat. We spent far too long in the store, and hubby had the grand idea to go by The Y before going home to pick up a marguerita mix for New Year's.

On the way there, I told hubby I intended to take a drive over to Brown's Landing once we got the groceries unpacked. However, since I had my camera with me, instead of dropping by the house first, Hubby drove on out to the lake. It's not that far out of the way - ten minutes at most. By the time we got there, Mini had fallen asleep in his car seat.

As promised, here are some pics of Caney Lake.

These are the two main piers (and a boat launch) out at Brown's Landing, and the only ones that are public. About 15 years ago, this area of Caney Lake was still swimmable. There was a huge stretch of sandy public beach off to the left of the first pier, but since this is a fishing area - lots of Pro Bass Tournaments out here - they privatized the beach and made it "non-swimming". You have to drive an extra 10 or so miles and go down to the Caney Lake State Park entrance and pay a fee - something like $2.00 a person - to use the public beach there.

Let me tell ya, it's cold out there on the water! I walked out to the gazebo dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt, and the first great gust of lake air nearly froze my badonkadonk off! Brrrrrr! *_*

Our area is really big on Xmas lights, and Brown's Landing is no exception. At night the star lights on the water are absolutely gorgeous.

The picture above is directly across the lake from the gazebo. If you look through the trees you can see part of Pardue Loop... which is a roughshod road leading out past the lake front homes.

This too was taken from the gazebo. The other pier, and the overpass for Highway 4. Directly between the legs of the overpass you can almost make out one of the islands (that one is really nothing more than a mushroom shaped clot of trees) out in the water at the other end of the lake.

I wanted to take a few pictures of the other side of the lake, to get a few pics of the islands, so hubby and I got back in the Jeep and we pulled up onto the overpass. Okay... it says "No Parking On Shoulder" up there, so instead of parking on the paved shoulder, he pulled up along the grassy shoulder of the road - which is nothing more than a steep effing hill that goes straight down to the water.

Of course, hubby parks me right in front of the damn "No Parking" sign. So, I glance around to see if any cars are coming and hurry across the highway to take pictures.

I crossed to the opposite shoulder and my approach startled a flock of ducks that I didn't know was there. They had been paddling about on the water, dipping for fish, I imagine, but when they saw me step up, they started streaking across the water like a big fan - and after a few feet they took flight.

More lake islands here. The islands are nothing more than big patches of trees that are growing out of the center of the lake. I don't think there's actually any land there. There are marshier areas a few feet down the road - swampy areas chock full of duck weed and lily pads. We didn't go that far down. And on past that, as you run into Chatham, you come across stretches of water that have that classic bayou look: cattails, cypress trees, pond scum, and Spanish moss. Pretty stuff. I'll have to make a trip out that way sometime after the New Year and take some pictures.

So, there it is... my Friday in pictures. ;-) I actually spent more time lounging around in my pjs than anything else. *sigh* Ah well... there's always tomorrow to get things done!

Happy Saturday!


  1. This is absolutely beautiful Cora! Thank you! It took me to that happy place (in my mind) with the warm summer breezes and kids taking turns hurling themselves into the water. :)

    Even though it was obviously freezing, if you were in fear of losing your badonkadonk. Ha ha. *smooch*

    Great shots!

  2. I those are good pics sweet! It's neat to see the town, even at the lake, getting into the holiday.

    I bet it was a lot colder by the water than normal.BBRRR...

    Enjoy being in your PJ's girl! I know I am;0)

  3. LOL, Isabelle!! I just did manage to get back car before freezing my badonkadonk. ^_^

    Gosh that wind out there is really icy! I know there are some really brave folks that love to fish out on the water this time of year - you see them in their little boats when you cross the overpass. I don't see how they can catch anything, though. My hands would be killing me from the cold. But... it doesn't seem to stop them.

    Glad you liked the pix. ^_^

  4. Glad you liked them, Crystal! After that cold, it was a good to be back in my pjs. ~_^


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