Friday, December 21, 2007

Coffee and Candy

Yesterday I picked up Oldest around 9:30 at school and hauled him up to see the optometrist. Instead of taking him to Ruston as I usually do, I took him to a local doctor and we ran the rounds of eye exam and frame selection. They didn't have much by way of frames, but I suppose anything is better than what Oldest was wearing. At any given moment, he could be just sitting and talking to you, and the lens would fall out of his glasses. *_*

To make due until the new pair arrived, the eye doctor put a new, longer than normal screw in the one side where it kept popping open. He said he didn't mess with the other side - and he laughed about the wire job I did on it. :P Around midnight one night at the start of the month, Oldest's lens popped out on the other side and he lost the screw. Sooo, in need of a quick fix, I grabbed out some of my jewelry making tools - wire snips, jeweler's pliers, and threaded that side together with a gauge of wire that was as close a match to the screw size as I could get it. The repair has held, and the optometrist chuckled about it and said the wire was so tight he kept it like it was. LOL! Watch the wire outlast the screw.

The nurse at one point asked if he wanted to try contacts, and Oldest started jumping around like a puppy - Oh, mom PLEASE!! I'd look so much better with contacts!

No, no, and um NO. He's a good kid, but not responsible enough, especially with something he's going to have to keep clean enough put in his eye. He pouted a few minutes, but by the time we got out to the car he'd forgotten all about it. Anyway, we put in for the new pair of glasses, and I went to pay for it all. Let me tell ya, I cringed when I got the bill for Oldest's glasses, but it had to be done. However, it may be a few weeks before I jump in and get the same treatment for myself.

After the eye doctor I asked Oldest where he wanted to go eat. The instantaneous cry: PIZZA HUT! Okay, we drove by Pizza Hut and they weren't open yet, so I asked if there was anywhere else he'd want to go. He said Panda (Chinese food) so I drove across town and we got there with fifteen minutes to wait before they open. Normally I'd just have sat and waited, but during all this I really, really had to pee so I start thinking "Where can we go where we don't have to buy anything, but I can use the restroom there?" Hey, I know... The library!!

So we jetted over to the library. While we were there, I also picked through the romance novels - OMG, all the historicals on the shelves there! NO paranomals, unless you can count Laurell K. Hamilton and Charlaine Harris. Oldest looked around at the Mangas, and I ended up with three books one of them Club Dead by the aforementioned Ms. Harris.

We made it back over to Panda's five minutes after opening, and although I'd lost my choice parking spot, the foot traffic was light and we got a great booth near the buffet and we were able to eat without having to keep Mini quiet and sitting in a highchair.

Oldest had a great time, even though it was in all technical aspects a doctor visit. I drove him back to school and made it home just in time to start a load of laundry before piling back into the car - this time with Mini and Hubby. We had to drive out to the jobsite to get his paycheck.

It was dark by the time we all got home and were settled in. Too tired to do anything else but flop on the couch, I picked up a book from my TBR stack and started to read. I picked out Summer Sisters, by Judy Blume, which is a grown up version of her popular young adult books. Let me tell you... I could not put this book down. I sat through and read this book start to finish last night; so this morning along with my coffee and the peppermint Hershey's kiss I ate, I have book hangover. :P

Summer Sisters follows the story of two girls from their teenage years in the late seventies, up til they are in their thirties. There is the whole rich girl/poor girl dynamic, where the rich girl (Caitlyn) pulls her new friend into her circle of privilege, but she is always kind of sticking it to the poor girl (Victoria) in some way. That much is kind of predictable, but the story is so compelling, the relationships so realistic and complicated you can't help but be drawn in by the whole thing. It's written from multiple view points, and is told in that raw guts, unflinching style like all other Judy Blume books. I can't recommend this book highly enough.

That's about it for me today. I need to get around and do floors. Ick. I hate sweeping. But the guys are gone for a bit so I better take advantage of it. Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!


  1. I completely understand about not getting the contacts, my mom use to have so much trouble with hers she went BACK to glasses. Couldn't stand them always popping out and having to scream "FREEZE!" LOL!

    Club Dead was a good book, I enjoyed all the Sookie Stackhouse books. I haven't read her Grave Yard series though. She got me hooked on Sookie..

    I use to LOVE Judy Blume growing up!LOL! Honestly, I didn't know she wrote anything but young adult..Have to check that out.

    I saw where you put in your post that at the Library they don't carry anything but those two authors. That really suprised me! I haven't been to the library in many years but I wonder why they don't carry a bigger selection? Now i'll have to take a special trip to ours after the holiday's just to see if ours is the same!

    Sam's home with a cold today so I get to tackle the laundry and vacuuming today!WOOHOO! So not looking forward to that...You have a good day as well sweet;0)

  2. I know! I was totally shocked about our library not carrying paranormals. I think it may just be an area thing - lots of Connie Mason and Harlequin Intrique paperbacks - also Nora Roberts out the wazoo. I noticed ours is mostly western/lust in the dust type romances. *_* I think I may have to go put in a request at the front desk.


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