Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Building of a Tree

Yesterday, right before nap time, I discovered we were out of milk. Soooo, I pulled some jeans on Mini and out the door we went. We made what was supposed to be a quick trip to the store for one thing, and while there I ended up buying all of hubby's Xmas gifts, including the car stereo. *_* Darn, but that was an expensive milk run!

Mini was yawny all the way home, so I figured I'd go ahead and put him down for a nap the minute we got home. Well, when we were pulling into the drive, the mail lady was pulling up to our row of boxes. She shouted out the window at me: I have a few packages for you! This, of course, reinvigorates Mini, who thinks of the postal folks as kindred souls of Santa Claus.

I noticed among the packages my ARC for Brian Keene's Dark Hollow is there. Woot! I take Mini and all the mail in the house and by that point, Mini is so revved any hope for a nap is out the window. I take it in stride and get him busy doing other stuff so I can bring in all the goods from the car. Oy, our freshly cleaned out closet is now filled with gifts that need to be wrapped. And we still have Oldest to shop for. :S

Mini and I took some time to hang out until Oldest arrived off the bus. He came through the door in a very chipper mood, and Mini goes racing through the house because Bubba is "back from skoo". LOL While Oldest goes off to get out of his school uniform into something kitchen and mess friendly, I pull out the tree kit. It's time to *cough* bake! ^_^

I mix up the white tree cement (frosting) and Oldest comes in ready to work on his star cookie stacking skills. The unfortunate young man picked the space closest to his Old Mother, which means I had a camera in his face almost the whole time. Muahahaha...

Mini didn't really take an interest in what we were doing during the initial tree construction. He took the box the kit came in and raced through the house with it, pulling out all the bubble wrap and rolling around on it on the floor. No. Really. Rolled around on it on the floor. *_*

Once Oldest and I started adding snow drops to the tree and Oldest started sticking on candies, Mini perked up. He climbed up in a chair next to the bar to see what was going on.

Mini liked the candy part. He saw colored candy drops and decided he wanted to help with the tree after all. Hmm... He watched his Bubba a minute, and then started trying his own decorating techniques. We poured him a little bowl of candies and told him to stick them on the tree. So cute! I'm surprised he did it, but he actually stuck the candies to the tree. I figured he'd run off with the bowl and pepper the house with them as toddlers are want to do.

While Mini decorates, Oldest helps himself to icing remnants. LOL I warn him to go easy on that stuff because it's pure sugar, but do you think he listened to me? Hm. Not much, but I did rescue enough of the icing to finish off detailing the tree.

The picture above is the big "after" shot. I was sooo happy, and a little surprised with the way it turned out - lousy camera that I have. Such a good shot of the boys. My mom will probably frown on Mini with his head turned, but Mini adores his Bubba and it shows in this pic. Last night I took that pic and ordered Holiday Photo Cards. They will be the star of our Xmas cards this year. ^_^

And, of course, the finished tree...

(Which has been partly eaten by this point.)

So there it is, my Monday. A pretty good one if you ask me. I don't have much planned for today, a little house cleaning and gift wrapping during Mini's naptime. And maybe I'll try to write a bit on that romance short I started a day or so ago. We'll see.

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Hope your day is a good one!


  1. You guys did GREAT on the tree! How long did it take from biginning to end to do?

    Your boys are BOTH goodlooking guys! And the pic will make an awesome holiday card!

    All the pics you took turned out pretty well if you ask me! And the pics of the tree is making me HUNGRY!!!

  2. That's a great tree! Your guys should be very proud of themselves.

  3. Love the tree. It's almost big enough to get presents under.

  4. Cool tree. My Monday was pretty busy. Okay today was busy too, but i posted my recipe for today: sour cream chocolate cake. :)

  5. Aw, thanks Crystal. The boys are my lil princes. ^_^

    It took only about 30 minutes to make that tree. I think the most time went to mixing up the frosting.

  6. Thanks, LK! It's great to hear from you. :) I'll have to stop in and pay you a visit.

  7. Hi Unmighty, thanks for dropping in. :)

  8. I'm on my way to check that one out, Ann! ~_^


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