Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Turn, turn, turn

I stayed up writing late last night, and managed to push my word count over the 9k mark by a couple hundred words. Woot! The story is moving along nicely, albeit a bit slow thanks to all the distractions. Today is going to be a big writing day for me, though, even if it means hauling Mini to his gram's for a few hours. It's time to get down to business!

I ordered a ton of cool books and interpretive card decks for Xmas gifts yesterday. The only book I couldn't find on my list was The Tokyo Look Book, which is a fashion-ish book I wanted to buy for Oldest because he's big into Japan and Japanese culture. Pooh. I guess I'll have to go to Amazon for that one. I also picked up my first gift of the season for hubby. A beard trimmer. *_* Yep. I know, I know... such an awful gift to give. But he asked for it so I am obliging. Especially since he is the hardest person to shop for in the entire family.

Not much else to report today. Mini is feeling like a spry fish this morning, and that makes ME feel better. I've been worried about the little kipper. He's been playing with, and running over my feet, with his Tonka truck all morning. Bless his wee heart.

I better get down to business. I have a ton of writing to do, and my house is in serious need of cleaning. Hope you all have a Happy Wednesday! (It is Wednesday, isn't it?) *_*


  1. LOL! Yes, it is Wednesday. And I am very happy that Mini is feeling better, that grin of his is going to send the girls into MANY fainting spells, hansom little devil;0)

    Hope you get LOTS of writing...sending positive energy your way!!

  2. Can you believe it's already Wednesay!? Weeks seem to fly.

    I hope you get tons of writing done! I'm rooting for you! *pom pom swish!*

  3. I'm glad to hear that Mini is feeling better. I posted this week's recipe on my blog (only one day late *g*)- it's chocolate chip butterscotch brownies. Yumm.

  4. Aw, thanks bunches, Crystal. ;)

  5. I have been losing track all week, Isabelle. Not sure what's wrong with me. LOL! Thanks for the pom swish. ^_^

  6. Mmm....mmmmm! Good recipe, Ann! :)

  7. I am happy to hear the little guy is much better. ((hugs)).

    Whew! I hear ya about getting the time for writing. I hope once all the family gets back to their homes, I can knuckle down and get some serious writing time in.

    Been great having the family here, but I'll have no excuses once they have left. Eek!

    Bring your whip, 'cause this girl will need it. LOL

  8. Good job on the word count push! I'm hoping to get some extra writing time over Christmas break.


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