Thursday, November 29, 2007

Time and Patience

I'm over the 10k mark on my wip, and I have only two chapters or so to write. I can see the ending, but demands just have not let up off me this week so I can get it done. I stayed up until well after 1 AM working on the story, and finished the chapter. But I don't know how I'll make this last mad dash to the finishline.

Today the storage shed is supposed to be delivered. (I won't hold my breath.) And although I've told my mother six or seven times on the phone I need to write this week, she is planning to come over and do her laundry here. What does this mean? No writing. Because she says, "Oh, no dear, go ahead and do your writing." but she fails to understand that I can't concentrate on writing, look at every cute thing Mini does for her every two minutes, AND hold a conversation with her all at the same time. Anyone else go through that?

Yesterday as I'm working at the desk in the dining room I hear someone drive up. It's hubby. What the heck are you doing home? He feeds me some story - and I think "playing hookie". See, he has all these Jeep parts laying around in boxes, all freshly delivered, and when he gets home in the evening, it's after dark. Soooo, I think he took off to put his Jeep together... since that is what he did all day. :P

However I was determined to do what I needed to do, and put Mini out with his dad and sat down at the computer. Then the phone rang (oh, what now?!) and it's the principal at Oldest's school. Seems Oldest was tardy to class, and wanted to argue with her over being late. It's not a democracy, Oldest. *head smack* So, the principal just called to let me know Oldest got a referral, his first of the year. Oh, gee, effing thanks. I hope Santa leaves him a pile of shit in his stocking, because that man gets entirely too much pleasure out of calling parents to rat out their kids. (Can you tell it's not the first time I've dealt with El Principal?)

HOURS after I originally started this blog post...
(So I guess the rest is kind of an update on my day. :P)
My post originally got cut off thanks to a BSOD. It seems Dell has serious a serious conflict with my wireless modem. Ain't that just the way? So here I am on dial up getting the job done.

Shortly after 10 my mom arrived with her laundry. About thirty minutes after that, the guy arrives with our storage shed on the back of a truck. (The shed is about 18x24.) Anyway, I leave mom in the house with Mini Bear and go out to show this guy where hubby wants it set. They guy looks around, says it shouldn't be a problem as long as he can pull out through this patch of weeds that is on the otherside of our property line in the neighbor's yard.

I told him I didn't think the neighbor's would have a problem with it, after all, part of their septic line clips across the far back corner of our property. Okay, the thing is - and I tell this guy so - I don't know what is IN that patch of weeds other than the obvious (and endless) cluster of poison ivy running throughout it. Well, the driver goes out and walks through it and doesn't seem to think it will be a problem. Sooo... he goes and pulls the truck around back, goes to pull through that patch of weeds and promptly gets STUCK. *forehead smack*

He had to call someone to come wench him out of there. Thing is, the company he's with is from out of town. So it took an hour for the folks to get here. Another hour to get the truck unstuck, and here it is now 2:15 and the guy just now got the building set up and leveled. Eh gads! All I can say for that... at least it is finished! I no longer have to worry about the delivery. *faints*

Now that this is finished, I suppose I should gulp down a few aspirin and put Mini down for a nap. Of course, there was no napping - not with a big truck present in the yard. There has been non-stop big truck chatter for the past four straight hours. After today, I swear need a long trip to the spa and a marguerita. Anyone wanna join me?

Hope you all had a pleasant Thursday!


  1. LOL! I am laughing WITH you;0) Yeah, i'll partake in the alcoholic beverages and foot massage^-^

    Those damn principals must be related! I know one just like Oldest's!! Prick...

    Glad you finally got the storage building in, damn, what women have to go through. And men just think we stay at home eating Bob Bons and watching soap's...;)

    So you do the *Head Smack* thing too, huh?? KINDRED SPIRITS, I TELL YOU!!! LOL!

  2. ROFLMAO!! Yes, I do the *head smack* too. Bwahahaha! It's a mother's best kept secret. ^_^

    Now, to book that SPA TRIP!! ~_^ (Don't I wish!!!)


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