Thursday, November 08, 2007

A Thursday in November

Mini is such a little swindler. I was talking to his gram on the phone this morning and he came into the dining room whining about not having candy. I told him, "Why don't you say hello to your gram?" I put my cell down to his ear. He promptly says, "Hi, gramma, you bring-it some candy?" *_*

Only two years old and already using the power of cute to his advantage. How do they learn that so fast?! OMG, poor ol' Santa doesn't stand a chance!

I did pitiful on getting in a word count yesterday, even though I'm only editing. Blame the cold. I'm pretty sure there's scientific evidence somewhere that brain cells doesn't fire off quite so fast if the temperature drops below 60 degrees. :P

Today I have to make up for my poor performace over the past two days. I need to finish this chapter I'm currently on, and at least be started on the one following it before I can call it a day.

And since today is Thursday...

Thirteen (seasonal) things I like about November

1. the difference in the fall of light in the yard
2. hot cocoa
3. the leaves changing colors
4. the lack of mosquitos
5. clear nights perfect for stargazing
6. baking cookies
7. turkey and dressing - mm...mmm!
8. the way the house smells - always something yummy cooking
9. cranberries in everything
10.that crisp feeling in the air - I always associate that with change
11.spice candles burning late at night
12.pumpkin pies
13.the smell of nutmeg and cinnamon

Pretty much all the things that remind me of home. ^_^

Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. Mmm, hot cocoa and cookies...

  2. Great Thursday post! I love Thursdays! All my favorite shows, Earl, Greys anatomy, ER, that means no laundry after 7:30! Have a great TT. Hope to see you over at my blog!


  3. So much of fall is associated with smells. I think because smells travel better on the cold air. And the holidays don't hurt :)

  4. Oh my goodness, I love about 85% of the things on your list too! :D I love the fall. Hands down my favorites season.

  5. That's why I dread Christmas, the kids REALLY turn on the charm then!!
    Good luck on your word count, i'm rootin for ya girl;0)

  6. Great list. I love to be out and looking at the stars. And the cool temps makes for wonderful sleeping weather. Happy TT!


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