Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tangled Garden

What a weekend! Mini is still not feeling well. Hubby and I agreed if we can't get him tiptop by Monday he's going to the doctor. He'll be feeling fine one minute, then tummy cramps the next. It's an on and off thing that seems to get worse toward the evenings. We've spent much of the past two days, toting him around on our shoulders rubbing his back. :S

Then there is Oldest... Before I put the Mini Bear to bed last night, I drove Big Bubba to a girl's Sweet 16 birthday dance party.

As we got in the Jeep, I looked over at Oldest and saw his hands were empty. I got a bit miffy with him because he didn't buy the girl a gift. Not even a card. I mean, come on, Oldest gets $20.00 a week allowance, and he's known about this party for two weeks. He could have at least sprung for the card, right? A small box of chocolates? Anything?

So, on the way there, I dropped by the Dollar Store - which was the only thing open on that side of town - and sent him in to get her the nicest card he could find. He found one and brought it out and signed it. Much better. I don't feel so bad about my son going to gorge on cake and ice cream now. Thinking about it further - she is a teenage girl, after all - I decide to donate to the card, just to give her something to buy a gift with, but when I dug through my purse, I realized I only had two $20's. Urg. Oh, what the heck? I gave Oldest a $20, and watched him seal it in the card. It's not high end, no Prada boots or a Chanel clutch from us, but it's better than nothing. Feeling better, I drove him over to Barksdale Federal where they were having this party.

I dropped him off and came home, helped hubby get the Mini Bear to bed. I worried about that damned card. Maybe I should have had him pick up a chocolate box too? Too late. What can I do, you know?

With the house all quiet and to myself, I spent some time writing while waiting for pickup time for Oldest. I finished up a scene and left home around fifteen until 10 to go pick him up, and by that time it was raining.

I got in town and there is Oldest standing around under the vestibule outside with his friend C., who has come by the house a few times, but whom I have never met. Oldest brings him over and introduces him - he seems like a nice enough kid. I find out it's his sister who's having the party. Good thing Oldest got something, eh? Oldest piles in the car with me, and I ask him - "So, you gave her the card?"

In his bored tone, he tells me, "Oh, yeah." And nods. Then goes on to tell me it turns out he's the only person who brought her anything. *record scratch*

This girl is having a sweet 16 party and no one brought her anything? Is this normal? *_*

I could just be behind the times, but I admit that shocked me a bit. With my sweet 16 it was a close knit, family affair, but my best friend at the time came over when we were having cake. For a surprise, BF bought me an aqua blue Guess T shirt with pugs on it. I was over the moon with it. Oh, yeah, I thought I was Miss Supa Fly at the time with that shirt, but if she'd come with just a card I'd have been thankful. It is the thought that counts. So when Oldest told me no one brought a gift or a card, I didn't know what too think.

Have things really changed that much? Am I just old fashioned? Unless someone tells me to "bring nothing", I don't go to an organized party (particularly a birthday party) without taking something - whether it's an effing Keg (okay, that was a loooong time ago), a tray of cookies, a two liter of Coke, or a bottle of Chablis. Something. It may not be an expensive something, but out of respect, it seems like such a small thing to do. *shakes head* Ah, whatever... it wasn't my intention to rant...

Anyway, I have heard no word from my parents this weekend. I thought they were going to view a house, but with the rain, I'd be amazed if they did. They tend to batten down the hatches and hang out when it rains. Same here. We fried fish and made a gumbo this weekend. Oh, and watched Happy Feet. That's been the extent of it. *thumbs up* Gotta love those lazy weekends.
Next week while hubby's off work we'll be building a doll closet media center in the office. I've been begging for floor to ceiling shelves in there for the past year. Woot! Now I'll have room for files and the important stuff - like Cabbage babies! ^_^ Yep, I'm hopeless...

Today's pic is of the lavendar and sage in our stone garden. It seems odd the lavendar should be blooming this time of year. Is it a fall blooming plant? I can't remember. Whatever the case, this is from a few days ago - these things are sprouted up there. Just gorgeous! And the sage is full and leafy, ready to be harvested. Lovely stuff, and perfect for boiling in buillion for sore throats.

Well, off for now. Mini is a bit too quiet for my liking. Better go check him. I hope you all had a schnazzy weekend!


  1. Well after watching all of those My Super Sweet 16 shows on MTV where these kids are having quarter million dollar birthday parties I'm surprised that this poor girl rec'd no presents but the one your son gave her! I mean come on it's a BIRTHDAY PARTY! I'm stunned. Really I am.

    I hope Mini is feeling better...


  2. Hey girl, just dropped by to say It's been crazy around here and I havent posted for today but I noticed you haven't either...just sayin hello and i'll have more time to finish reading your Sunday post! I CAN NOT believe he was the only one to bring her anything!!!
    I'll be back this evening to finish reading your post;)

  3. Karen, oh gosh! That My Super Sweet 16 show... I'd forgotten about that! Turns my stomach thinking of all the financial waste. All the good they could do with that birthday party money - they could donate to help the people in Darfur or Kenya, and still turn around with a small portion of that money to send their kid on a kick ass trip to Europe. It's ridiculous! :S

  4. Hey Crystal.. I understand, hon. It's a madhouse around here too! I'll be by to pay a visit asap! ^_^

  5. Hi Cora- Hope mini feels better soon. That's weird about the birthday party.

  6. Okay! I'm finally back...I'm starting with this post even though you posted today...Gotta keep everything in order you know..

    William had the same thing Mini is having. I can't stand it when the babies are sick:(

    As for the Oldest and the 16th party he went to...I don't get it either. My eldest niece is 17 and she even brings gifts, cards or whatever to bday parties. I can't figure that one out...

    HAPPY FEET!!! LOL! Wasn't that a cute movie, I loved the character Robin Williams was playing, he was too funny.

    Gumbo sounds so good. My dad makes a mean shrimp and sausage gumbo, yum.

    As for the lavender, my mom has one planted in with her vegi garden and I havent seen any blooms yet but that damn thing is harder than hades to kill! And the smell, I like that and Jasmine!


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