Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A Sweatshirt Kinda Morning

It's cold this morning. Fleece weather. Mini got me out of bed this morning around 5:30, and it was soooo hard to leave the blankets behind, but I trudged into the den anyway.

In the few hours we've been "awake", Mini and I have managed to take care of most of the important things. Like... spinning around in my office chair til we were both dizzy. We also sang Old McDonalds Farm and watched Wow, Wow, Wubzy. Oh, and we got in a massive tickle fight too. I am, of course, Tickle Fight Champion. *holds up mah TFC wrestling belt* Now Mini is having a PB&J break so I can blog. You know, at some point I really should work on my wip. :S

Oldest is back at school today - only to go on a field trip. I swear, do the kids ever spend any time in class? This is his fourth field trip of the year. Where are they going? To Wal-mart! Strange, but true. And after all this, Saturday he has a semi-formal dance he's going to as well.

Am I the only one that just realized this morning that Thanksgiving is only 16 days away? I just noticed that this morning. *_* I don't know what it is about this year, but it has just flown by. It still doesn't quite seem like November to me. I look out the front door and I could just as well imagine it's September, or October still. It simply doesn't seem like enough time has passed for it to be November!

All the same, I better start hunting out my holiday recipes. I promised crawfish dressing this year, and a mustard potato salad. The turkey is automatically my duty, since we're having dinner at my house again.

I am trying to get mom to go and take a peek at a house on Robin Street. I have no idea where that is exactly, but I loved the look of the place when I saw the for sale pics. Mom mentioned something about not being pleased with the neighborhood - which I'm not sure if she means the size of the lot (which is described as less than an acre), or if she knows where this place is and means the neighborhood itself. Funny she would get all choosy about that since she told hubby and me we were being too picky when we turned down that cute little house in the CRACKVILLE subdivision. :P

They still haven't found anywhere to go, and since we haven't found a suitable house in the area, mom told me instead of looking for a rental, she is planning to write to her landlady and try to allow for three extra months time. I think this is a horribly bad idea, but what can I do? When it all boils down to it, she and dad have to handle that business.

On another note, I saw an interesting ad in the newspaper yesterday. It's the people who offered to sell us their home for a certain price but wouldn't bring in an appraiser, or cover the bank appraisal in order for us to get the loan. They want the price they want. The End. They have their house still listed at the same inflated price, only now they've added "price negotiable" to the listing. That's what they told us as well. *shakes head* I wish them the best of luck selling. I don't guess they've noticed the same 5 FSBO listings in that price range have been sitting on the market for over a year now.

It's almost 10. I really should get started on my wip. And the laundry. :P
Happy Hump Day!


  1. I know what you mean about this year flying by...My mom says that as we get older time does that..I told her as a parent she should make it stop;)
    I like the cold weather but it sure is hard to get up out of bed when it's so warm and toasty!!
    I feel for your parents, buy or even looking for a home is such a pain the bum.
    Yesterday me and my BFF were talking about Thanksgiving too. I thought we still had a month before the holiday..I know that Christmas sneaks up on me EVERY time!! Have a good day and ENJOY doing that laundry;0)

  2. It's gotten cooler here, too. I'm glad. I don't like it when it stays warm all the way into November.

  3. I'm so incredibly envious of your time with Mini. Seriously, when I have kids, I want to have that kind of relationship with them. You're a great mom, Cora. :D

  4. Hey Cora,

    I just wanted to drop by your blog and say hi. I was your editor for "Wicked Temptations" and wanted to let you know I posted the cover on my blog, The book is still selling well so YAY! It's an amazing read. Are you still planning to do a sequel? Drop me a line at my blog above if you're in the neighorhood.

    Warm regards!

  5. LOL! I love that Crystal - telling mom as a parent to make time slow down. ^_^ Yep, so close to Christmas. Somehow it sneaks up on me every year, then it's a rush to get everything last minute.

  6. Hi LK! It's going back and forth between warm and cool here. Last night was definitely heater weather. I hope it picks and temp and sticks with it soon before we all end up with colds. LOL! ^_^

  7. Aw, thanks, Isabelle! ((hugs))


  8. Oh, gosh! Hi Michelle! I'll drop by later today and pay you a visit. :)

    I have started working on Eleni's story (Anya's sister from Wicked Temptation) but it will be next year -probably around February/March at least- before I'm ready to submit it anywhere.

    So glad to hear from you! :)


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