Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ramblings of a Mad Writer

I finished editing another section just a few minutes ago, and decided to take a break. I hoped I'd have the whole chapter completed by now, but it's not going as fast as I'd have liked. I am making progress though, so I really shouldn't complain. In the past few days I've knocked out 4 chapters.

On the otherhand, Monday had it's ups and downs. The kids were great, we had a good time, but oy... it hit me that I haven't accomplished even a quarter of the things I'd hoped to do this year.

Not that I've exactly been idle or what have you, but every step I seemed to take forward, in turn, knocked me back two feet. Where, oh where, have I gone wrong?

I sat down with my wip last night, and in looking it over, very nearly chucked the whole thing in the recycle bin. I'd probably be sobbing right now if I had done that - thankfully I didn't. But oh, I wanted too. With a passion.

I honestly can't say what my expectations are - or even what they have been. In truth I never plan that far ahead. I did literally sit back tonight though and ask myself: What the hell are you doing? and What do you want? What do you hope to take away from all this?

I don't know. I have never known. And it bugs me because it feels like I should know what I want, and where I want to go. Doubt about my own writing runs through my mind - am I good enough? But then, how good is good enough? Is there even such a thing? And if there is, who measures it? The writer? The reader? The editor? The critic?

I have no doubt I will finish this current wip, probably in the next week and a half. That's if I continue to meticulously edit this thing as I've been doing. I learned a few hours ago I am going to get a looong and much needed writing stretch coming up next week. Hubby gets a four day holiday. I will pluck and prune and hone while he is here with me, although, I am not sure at this point what I'm going to do with the finished product.


  1. To me, and I am no writer, 4 chapters is great girl.

    Don't let it get you down that you haven't accomplished what you were hoping for. You can only do what you can do. Life likes to throw us curve balls every now and then. You'll get where you originally saw yourself,it just may take a little longer. I have faith in you!

    You asked yourself the question; What do you hope to take away from all this?
    Also,ask yourself that when you first started what was your main reason for starting. Was it because you thought you could so you gave it a go? Was it because you had always enjoyed it or was it because it made you happy on some personal level.
    You'll always find the answers one way or another but I wouldn't be saying all the things you probably have already thought about if I didn't think you had TALENT! Just reading your blog everyday lets me know that.
    I do believe the "who" that measures your talent is you. You know what you can and can't write. You know how hard you can push yourself. You know what your imagination can do. It seems that you have written several books already. It also seems that you are very proud of your accomplishments, as well you should, it was you that gave all that hard work, others helped but it was you that wrote it.
    I have now idea what the ins and outs are of writing but as a reader I am here to support and back you as a writer. So many people waste their "talents" so often.
    Chin up girl, i'll be your one woman cheerleader!! Don't quit! Take a break or do something crazy with your husband! Get that imagination revved back up! But if it's something that you enjoy and it made you happy when you started, find that place again and let those feelings find you again.

    WOOHOO! I posted on your blog today!!

  2. Honestly, Cora. Sometimes, asking all those questions can be too overwhelming. Maybe the best thing to do right now is finish the project and then figure it out from there. The choices once a project is complete are always more vast anyway. It's sitting on empty shells that's not really the best idea. Because, what good is it going to do ya? Right?

    Just know that you're awesome. I mean, heck, you've hit the bestseller list! You've got some great books out there and you're writing even more. If you doubt yourself, don't doubt your readers. They know good writing when they pick it up.

    It's just a slump. I'm in it too. We'll keep each other up and going, ok? *exhausted pom pom swish*

  3. Crystal, Isabelle, thanks a bunch ladies. Big hugs to you both.

    I am reaching for a box of chocolates and promise no more whining this week. ~_^

    I think I just want this story finished so I don't have to look at it anymore. Come tomorrow, I'm sure everthing will be right in the world again.

  4. I read the first chapter of Dominant Territory...Why oh why is it ONLY a novella???? I liked it damn it!!!

    I just bought and printed out Crossing Borders. Can't wait to start it!

    But back to my original question...Will Drake get a whole book or full story?

    Whats the difference between a Novella, Tryst and a regular book? If i'm saying that right? I know a novella is like a short story but what about the Tryst. I think I printed 7 or 8 chapters so is that half of a story you can add more to? I'm only confusing myself at this moment..call me idiot..

    And we don't care if you whine everyday or only once a year, Your one of my blog buddies and to me that makes you a friend..Whine baby whine!! Just pass the chocolate while you do it;0)

  5. Crystal, all my work in ebook is short fiction. Since all the werewolf stories fit together, my original intention was to have them in a print collection edition. Maybe they will be one of these days.

    Drake does get a full story, it's just not novel length... let's see... Tryst length is short story length. It's between 10-19 thousand words, I think. Novella is between 20-40 thousand words. Somewhere about those estimates. It's on Cobblestone's website - he length guide. Thanks for buying C/B, btw. That's very sweet of you. I hope you end up liking it. If you do, there are two free stories available for download that tie in directly with the werewolf stuff...

    Again, thanks for the vote of confidence, and for putting up with my whining. ^_^ Have a chocolate, too... I swear they fix just about everything.

  6. I spent last night taking a cold shower..*_*...I read Crossing Borders. All I can say is I REALLY feel sorry for the next guy that comes in my life. I keep reading those stories and i'm going to have ALL KINDS of ideas;0)

    Lol! girl, you've got talent..enough said.

    Do you have any books that can be purchased as well as the online stories?

  7. LOL! I can't remember if I mentioned my books are erotic romance??? :*> Did I?

    Thank you for the compliments, hon. No, no print books yet. I'm working on that, though. My day is coming...


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