Monday, November 19, 2007

Oh but there are days...

What with all the insanity going on this week, I thought I could take today and relax a bit since Oldest is out of school, maybe get a little writing done before turkey day.

I must have been out of my effing mind.

I am still sitting around in my pajamas at 10am this morning, have just poured my first cup of coffee and settled Mini down after breakfast, and I hear a car drive up. Oldest is still in bed sleeping, and who is knocking on my door? His friends! I shout at Oldest to get his tail out of bed and answer the door, and I spend the next twenty minutes grumbling as I'm digging through the still unpacked laundry basket for a pair of comfortable jeans.

While Oldest's visitation is going on, I hang out with Mini. We watch Go, Diego, Go and all that jazz. No sense trying to work, because then Mini will seek out his Bubba and Mini is a chatterbox. He loves trying to converse with other kids. The combo of Mini and Oldest when friends are here = chaos. So, to preserve peace, I keep Mini busy. However, after a while Mini starts becoming fussy, so I glance at the clock and yep - 1pm. I take him on to bed for a nap, but he can't seem to rest. There are kids in the house and he wants to play. Soooo... We end up watching something on PBS in the master bedroom, and somewhere here and abouts Oldest wanders in and flops on the bed with us. He says to me, "Well, that was fun."

His buddies have gone, the Yugi-Oh battle is done for the day. That's fine by me. Glad the guys had a good time. Mini ends up chasing off to the living room again, so I go with the flow and follow the kids back into the other part of the house. They get involved with TV, so I sneak off to my computer and sit down to try to get in a few words. Just as I'm bringing up my wip, another car drives up!

I turn to see who's coming through the door this time and it is HUBBY. *_* "What are you doing home so early?" He tells me the big bosses have let them off this week for the holiday, and so he's home. He won't be back to work until Monday! I'm reeling in shock - thinking of the shortest paycheck on the planet, and how I'm going to keep Oldest and Hubby from locking horns after being stuck in the house for five days or more together. In the meantime, Mini sees his daddy is home and goes berzerk.

Short and to the point: My day has been all thrown off. The house is a disaster, and when I finally get Mini to bed and the house quiet, Oldest comes into the kitchen and announces to me, "C. is coming over again Thursday to duel cards."

Do what?!

I ask Oldest if he is aware that Thursday is Thanksgiving, and he looks at me like a deer caught in the headlights. I remind him that we have family coming over. I will be up the entire night before cooking an effing turkey. Uh, still no sign of life behind those green eyes. Apparently, he forgot about Thanksgiving? *head smack* WTF did he think he was out of school for?

I tell Oldest that C. will have to wait because we have plans for Thursday. The little turd oblivious teenager then says to me in a very petulant tone, "Well, what time will dinner be over?"

Oh. No. You. Didn't.

I'm afraid Ms. Mama had to take her apron off this evening and remind Mr. Oldest that holidays are reserved for family. This, before another episode of Irish Smackdown takes place in the Zane household. Friends are always welcome to celebrate with us, but one thing is for damn sure - I will not put dinner on a schedule so Oldest can have a Yugi-Oh date. Our Thanksgiving dinners tend to be an all day thing, because my parents like to linger about their house in their pajamas for hours before getting ready for anything. It works for me, too, because usually I've forgotten something for the dinner, and that is my extra time buffer zone. It isn't until around 2 or 3 pm that we are ushering family out, and usually only then because Mini is tired and I'm tired and the house is a wreck and because we all Want.To.Take.A.Nap.

If Oldest's friend shows up after the dinner - fine by me! If he comes before then, I sure hope he likes crawfish dressing because you two knuckleheads are going to be sitting down for dinner. No effing Yugi-oh during dinner. And afterwards, when my old ass is dragging back to bed after an all night turkey roasting session, I swear on all things mighty and sacred: you boys make a peep in that bedroom and I will snap you both like pocky stick.


Now, honey. Has Mommy made herself perfectly clear? Good. I thought so.

On another note... Mini is feeling much, much better, (thank you to everyone who asked about him!!) but still he has his moments when you can tell he is still recouping from his bout of ick. However, sick and all, he's currently capable of testing the limits of my patience - he somehow found an orange crayon and has Picasso'd my living room wall. *sigh* Remember I just painted the interior of the house a few months ago? I guess I better add a new Magic Eraser to my shopping list. ~.~"

That's it for me - I had more on plan for writing, but I just noticed it's already 11pm, so I might as well call it a day... Hope you had a pleasant Monday!

Night, night, everyone!


  1. Oh my. Oldest is cruising for a bruising. lol You handled it well, Momma Zane. No troubles. *hugs* Kids just don't get it. But he'll have a good time and see what a great thing family days are. He'll appreciate it when he's older.

    ;) And although your schedule has been thrown completely off whack, tiny yay for hubby being home. Nice to have him around regardless, right? ;) Ha ha.

    Am I obnoxious in my positive-ness yet? Cause I can be.

  2. LOL!! I love it! Your relationship with your kids rivals with mine! Are you a kindred spirit??? I think you are;0)
    At least you can spend all that FAMILY time together with hubby being off. Enjoy it girl! Even though the holidays go by fast it still costs an arm and a leg!
    Have a good day!!

  3. ((hugs)) from your moonmaid big sis.
    All the family is in, despite a broken flap on the wing on the airplane.

    Damn good thing my sister brought her besom! ROFL. Just kidding, but still, sheesh!

    You'd think they'd glue these things together better, huh?

    Looking forward to having some fun with the, if we could just shake the husbands and go have some. LOL

    Hope your Turkey Day is a success! With out without extra guests... :P

  4. LOL! Isabelle, you are my positive balance, girl. I am glad to have hubby home this week... oy, but I tell you, a house full of about five males and 1 female is a very volatile thing. ^_^

  5. Crystal, after reading about the star wars game prank on your son, I do believe we are kindred spirits. That is very similar to what hubby and I did to Oldest on his 16th birthday this year. We pretty much told him he was getting clothes, and surprised him with a laptop. I still haven't posted the pictures but OMG - the look on his face when he ripped off the wrapping paper and read the box. Priceless memories! ^_^

  6. Cass!! ((hugs)) I hope you are having a super time, hon! How is the werebear coping with the influx of family? Happy holidays to your brew!


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