Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday. Definitely Monday

funny pictures

Despite the fact that everything I've touched this morning has pretty much turned to doo-doo, I am still trying to pull my wip together to submit this Friday. I'm about half way + through the fairy story, and the rest is a plotted skeleton. The story is do-able if the rest of the elements (household and otherwise) would just let me get to it.

Today the storage building is being delivered. Hubby has the back yard already marked off for it. Good thing, too, because I am in no mood to make decisions. Or to wrangle with delivery people. Mini is still not feeling well, and I am so tired I can barely hold my eyes open. So, its a good thing I can just point at the spot in the yard and watch them set it up, otherwise no telling
where the building would end up. :P

Oldest was NOT thrilled to go back to school this morning. *lol* He was like a grumbling bear while waiting for the bus. He said it was too cold to stand outside, so he stood looking out the front door and getting snurly with Mini every time he'd approach. Pre-coffee, and just out of bed, it was more than I could handle. I barked a Mini to get his rump in the den and watch Sesame Street, and for Oldest to wrap up in a scarf and go somewhere people actually wanted to listen to his yowling. I then stared red eyed at the coffee pot, and waited for it to brew.

And that has been my Monday so far. Coffee, kiddos, and wip. I'm waiting for Mini's nap time - I've been watching the clock with an eagle eye. I'm sooo tired I think I'm going to stretch out with him and take advantage of the downtime.


  1. Girl, get you some sleep! But believe me, I think it's been a MONDAY everywhere!

    Coming off a holiday is always so hard to adjust to. It's been cold and raing here for the past 2 days, yuck...The sun did show itself though today!

    Hope your day is getting better;0)

  2. By the way, I just LOVE all your cat pictures! They are too funny!

  3. I got home from work this evening...and took a nap. I'm still not quite awake yet. :)

  4. Argh. Today has definitely been one of those Mondays. I went to work doped up on cold medicine feeling like I would keel over. It DRAGGED. AND to make matters worse, I have to go in tomorrow even though it's my day off for a meeting!!!! *growls*

    So yea, understandable. *BIG HUGS* How you put up with it on little sleep is beyond me. I'd be ready to pull my hair out.

  5. Wow. I complain that I don't have enough time to write because of my job. I don't have a husband or kids yet. My boyfriend is enough to handle at this juncture. LOL. By the way, I love that kitty pic! :*)

  6. Hey girlie, just checking on you. Hope Mini is better as well as your Tuesday;0)

  7. Oh gosh, Crystal. I need sleep soooo bad. It's been hard to stay awake today. I piled up on the bed to write earlier and zonked. :P

    BTW, aren't those cat pics hilarious? I can't leave the lolcats site alone. *_*

  8. Hi Ann! Can I admit I'm jealous of your nap? ~_^

  9. Hi Demon :) It's the little things that really nix my time. Having Mini at home - although I wouldn't trade it for the world. I keep telling myself I'll have plenty of time to write when he starts kindergarten. (however, I am no where near ready for him to start school yet. LOL)

  10. Urg, Isabelle. I feel for you dear. Those cold med days are the worst. :P I hope you get feeling better soon!


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