Thursday, November 15, 2007

If I were a cat...

funny pictures

Mini isn't feeling well today. We've been alternately rocking in the recliner and twisting back and forth in my desk chair all morning. I just put him down on the couch because he wanted to watch Dora, so I better get to the gem of the day...

Thirteen Random Songs (from my Current Playlist)

1.)Words (of the Dying)- Controlled Bleeding
2.)I'mmortal - Skinny Puppy
3.)Daysleeper - REM
4.)Flies on the Windscreen - Depeche Mode
5.)The Dope Show - Marilyn Manson
6.)Camel Song - Korn
7.)3 Libras - A Perfect Circle
8.)Bells, Books, and Candles - Graeme Revel
9.)Goneja - Skinny Puppy
10.)Dead Heaven - Gary Numan
11.)Tubular Bells - Book of Love
12.)Relics (remix) - Bella Morte
13.)Lonely Day - System of a Down

Hope your Thursday is a bright one! ^_~


  1. Sorry to hear Mini isn't feeling well. It's the weather. Hope the little angel gets well soon.

  2. Depeche Mode!! I feel like I have been thrown back in to High School!
    I use to listen to them constantly.
    Hope Mini gets to feeling better, it's in the air...My dad went home Monday and then again today with a stomach bug.
    I know all about the rocking chair, my son was a "rocking chair" baby. That's alright though, now that he's older I think it has made him more cuddley. My daughter only liked the swing. And growing up to the age of 12 she isn't very huggable.
    Have a good day girl..

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE A Pefect Circle. My kids are sick too. Hope they're all better soon.

  4. Hey Cora! I hope Mini feels better soon. :( I hate it when kids get sick. Poor little guy.

    And that kitty pic is gorgeous! I love kitty cats. My one's getting bigger and bigger. He's not a kitten anymore. Lol.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Thanks bunches, TK. ((hugs)) I do think the weather is a big part of it. Mom and I took him out to play in the yard yesterday and while it was warm, it was super windy. Now he's all collicky. :( Poor Mini-bear.

  6. Crystal, both my boys have been rocking chair babies. Oldest learned to stop his swing by leaning forward in it, so I never bothered with one for Mini.

    I think there's something in the whole "more cuddley" thing. Mini would pile on me and have me wag him around all day long if he could get away with it. Then, again, I've toted him around since day one, so I have no one but myself to blame. He's getting kind of big tho. A few hours rocking and my back is killing me. ^_~

  7. Hi, Carrie, I hope your munchkins are feeling better soon!

  8. Thanks, Yolanda! Isn't that kitty just adorable? I get a kick out of those pics. ^_^

  9. Hey Cora, Hope Mini is feeling better soon. I love Depech Mode, and I've even got Tubular Bells on my playlist. Happy TT.
    If this comes up twice, ignore it, blogger ate it the first time (i think).


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