Friday, November 23, 2007

I braved Black Friday...

...and came away with this: The Dirt Track Lightning McQueen Cars Car for Mini. Seems well worth getting up at 4 am to fight for, doesn't it?

Not really?

Honestly, I didn't think so either. :P But I did it anyway. As it happens, I wasn't going to go to the sales today, but on Thanksgiving when Oldest heard me say I was going to sleep in Friday morning he said, "Aw, Mom! But I wanted to go! I've been saving my allowance."

So what are you going to do? How could I say no to that?

I stayed up until about 1:30 am working on a faerie story. I must've been snoozing pretty hard when Oldest came in to wake me up at 4. He said I startled awake like one of our Old men doggies - which I translate as blood shot, crossed eyes popping open, and a moment of complete confusion written on one's face. Gorgeous visual, no?

So I pulled on some jeans, some sneakers, and my golgatha jacket and somehow managed to get us to Walmart in time to stake out the toy department. I didn't get a buggy, because I didn't intend to buy anything I couldn't carry out, but by the time I left the store I... *sigh* Well, I had a cart filled with junk. *_*

Anyway, it's been a pretty good holiday. I didn't get mauled during the shopping expedition, and Thanksgiving itself went fine as well. Hubby even came home with a suprise for me today - he bought a broadband mobilelink for my computer, so I now have high speed access. Muahahahahahaha! *thunder and lightning and evil villain music*

I'm off for now. Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Aww, how nice of Oldest! :D Hope he got what he was looking for.

    And you missy, you need to get some rest. You're running on low fuel.

    And can I just say *squee!* I'm so psyched to hear you're working on a faerie story! Ha ha. I'm going to be on that like white on rice.

  2. Congrats on the highspeed. You're working on a fairy story? Very cool.

  3. Isabelle, Oldest bought the grandest, snazziest, most awesomely awesome Digimon game ever. (according to him *lol*) ^_^ I don't know much about Digimon, but he's been having a blast with it. It was definitely worth a 4 am shopping trip.

    Oh boy, yep, I am running on low fumes! It's 12:56 AM right now and I'm still up. Ah, well... I'm going to chalk that up to a Friday night. Okay, actually I'm up writing, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to regret staying up so late tomorrow. LOL!

    Oh, BTW! I'm at the half way point with this faerie story. *muscles* If everything goes as it should, I plan to sub it next week! Wish me luck!

  4. Thanks, Ann! I tell you, I feel like I've struck gold with highspeed. LOL! I had to run around all over the net today to check out how quick the pages load now. Hehehehe! ^_^

  5. Isn't highspeed wonderful!!

    I know all about Digimon. I get the damn song stuck in my head every he watches the cartoon...

    A fairie story huh??? Bring it on;0)

    I haven't posted today and all my pictures I have taken will be posted Monday when I get back to work. So, I figured I wouldn't write my next "novel" until then, lol! I am quite long winded, I will admit!

    Hope you get some rest sweet!!

  6. Highspeed is awesome, Crystal! I can now blog from anywhere in the house. ^_^

    Looking forward to that next novel, btw. ;) Can't wait to see the pics!

  7. *sends all the happy luck vibes your way*

    You're awesome. *shakes head* E envy your work ethic and speed. You should hold workshops. lol I'd attend!

    Ohhh, Digimon! My cousin Jason is a huge Digimon fan. I'd bet he knows what game referring to! Ha ha.


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