Sunday, November 11, 2007

Home Alone - part deux

Hubster took the boys out yesterday while I stayed home to conquer the chapter of doom. What did the boys get up to while I holed up in the writing cave?

Why, hubby took them storage shed shopping, of course! No, really, he did. The new building will be delivered around Thanksgiving. However, after that, he took them to the military museum, and the Ruston City Park. My grandma used to live near that park, and the cousins and I would walk there to play. The place was pretty run down back in those days, but they've since fixed the place up. It's super nice now.

And here we have Mini vs. the tank at the military museum. Mini is mad about anything wheels, trucks, tractors, etc. Not sure if you can make it out very well, but there is also a helicoptor near the top right corner of the picture. Hubby didn't nab a pic of the airplane.

They went shopping after the park, and hubby brought me home a My Little Pony (Misty Blue) - woohoo! - and a quarter pounder with cheese from McD's. Good thing too, because knocking out the chapter of doom made me some kinda hungry.

I'm well into editing/doctoring the next chapter my wip, so it's safe to say Saturday was a good writing day for me. I feel much better after getting that finished. Now to do the other 90% of it...

Happy Sunday!


  1. Great pictures of Mini, he's a cute kid. Hope you enjoyed your time home alone. Have a great week! :)

  2. Oh, I love the pics of the kids! They grow so fast, don't they?
    It's nice to see that your husband gets the kids out for a while.

  3. Love the pics. A chapter of doom doesn't sound like much fun! Glad you finished it. :)

  4. Thanks, Crystal. Yes, they sure do grow fast! ^_^

  5. Urg, chapter off doom. Definitely no fun, Karen. So glad I finished it!


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