Friday, November 09, 2007

Friday Fun

I'm not sure why I should be so chipper this morning. I haven't accomplished much of anything this week by-way of goals. I am still editing The.Same.Damn.Chapter. But I rolled out of bed in a pretty good mood this morning, especially considering I am still very tired from yesterday and didn't want to get out of bed at all.

Oldest reminded me right away he has only a half day of school today - which is a good thing, this reminder. It would not be the first time I'd come home from errands to be hit with a momentary skid of panic to find him lounging about. "What did you do, and why did they send you home?" *_*

They should pass a law - no school in November. Save us all some tax dollars. The kids hardly have five minutes in the actual class room this month. Today is half-day Friday, Saturday the school dance, and Monday they are off completely for Veterans Day. Then they get off an entire week for Thanksgiving, and let's not forget the "field trip" this past Wednesday. Crazy!

Speaking of Oldest... Two nights ago, we were going over his courses, determining how many credits he would have at the end of this year. The school doesn't have a guidance counselor that I know of, so it's not really surprising to me that he didn't know how many electives he was allowed to have. He was under the impression "6" was the magic number. That sounded like way too many to me, so we broke out one of the student handbooks from last year and gave it a peek. The kids are allowed 3 electives. Oldest was shocked. "But that means..." he whined. "It means you've pretty much exhausted your electives before junior year," I finished for him. He sagged.

Poor Oldest. See, he took agriculture last year to fill in a gap in his schedule. We aren't really ag folks - we don't raise anything, go to 4H lamb shows or anything like that - but I didn't see the harm in it. He got a half year of woodworking in that course as well, and an easy A on top of it. But I suggested this year he focus more on getting his core classes taken care of, and balance it with one elective class geared more toward graduation. I was thinking Business Math. Something like that. Oldest elected Home Ec.. He was under the impression he could flip a few omeletes, boil a pack of Ramen noodles, and score another credit.

Somewhere in the universe the Fates are laughing...

Okay, when I was in school, there were at least 10 guys in my Home Economics class. Just like Oldest, I took it for the easy A. The class consisted of three segments: sewing, cooking, and ettiquet. It was all one class, and counted for a solid credit. Well, it's apparently not the same these days. Oldest is one of 2 guys in his class, and he has learned that sewing and cooking count as two separate classes: Home Ec. 1 and Home Ec. 2. Since he is in his first year, he is basically taking sewing. There will be no cooking involved; oh, no.

I guess it has been quite a long time since this teacher actually taught any boys. Oldest came home a few weeks ago with a permission slip to go buy material. I thought "ah, for home ec.". I never batted an eyelash. However, he didn't tell me what he was making. Then a few days before Halloween, Oldest came into the den and draped this narrow swatch of fabric over his wrist. "Mom, what is your opinion on this?"

The fabric was thick, fuzzy, and leopard printed. Pimp hat, popped immediately into mind. I frowned. "Hon, what the heck are you making?"

He hesitated. "You have to promise not to tell dad."
Can you feel my concern growing? I asked him, "Why?"
His mouth quirked. "Because I know dad, and I swear he'd never let me live it down."

Huh? I didn't think Hubby even knew Oldest was taking sewing, but I shrugged. He himself took Home Ec, so I doubted he would care. "Okay. What are you making?"

He hesitated again, then said in this grumbly, mumbly voice, "Ms. ******* is making us all sew purses."

*lip quiver* *watery eyes* I tried sooo hard not to laugh.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! Snort, giggle, slap the couch. Oldest is standing to the side of the couch, glaring at me while I have my fit. On his face: the best, annoyed Garfield the Cat expression I've ever seen on a person. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." I'm still trying not to laugh, but I can't help it. My eyes are watering, so I wipe at them. As I do so, I see Oldest reaching for a throw pillow to smack me with. It's all good. I can't help thinking about what he told me at the first of the year: But, mom, it's going to be an easy class... Yep. There's your omelete. ^_^

Oy, time's a'flyin. I better change out of my PJs and run hubby's check up to the bank. Maybe after all my errands, I can get back in time to repair a few paragraphs before Oldest makes it home and the weekend. Hope you all have a fantastic Friday!

If at first you don't succeed...


  1. LOL!! I love it! Isn't that sad though that there's only 2 boys in the class. I'm like you, when I was in it there were equal amount of both the sexes..
    Tell Oldest not to feel too bad about the purse, all the guys in my class had to make "skirts" just so they could learn the pattern. It was all good, just to be smart asses they wore them all day after they finished making them, heh...of coarse they had jeans on too...good times...

  2. Home Ec! :D Good stuff. I took it in middle school thinking, easy stuff. Let's just say it was messy when me and this other boy got into a fight about who made better pizzas. And he won. Grr.... I haven't been able to make a pizza since. Darn boy.

    ROFL. Poor Oldest. A leopard purse. HA HA. Can't help but laugh. Though I feel bad for him. HA HA.

  3. Crystal, you know, it really wouldn't have even been that funny with Oldest if he hadn't seemed so "anxious" about the purse thing. Well, not exactly anxious, but ... less than enthused. LOL ^_^

  4. Oy yeah, Isabelle. I didn't have a pizza incident, but a friend and I did a team project in Home Ec and got the grand idea to make a parfait. Oh yeah... we thought we had this one in the pan.

    This thing required graham cracker crumbs, and everything else over the hills. Plus, it had a chill time that we didn't take into account before judging. What a disaster. Our parfaits looked gorgeous in the cup, but they tasted dry as sawdust. Heh. Good ol' home ec. ^_^

    Oh gosh... the purse. Oldest is a trooper. He har har'ed through my ten minutes of harrassment over the leopard purse with very good humor. He and the other guy in his class have been taking much more har har'ing at school. But it's paying off, I guess. He's giving the purse to a girlfriend who thinks it's pretty fashionable. Hehehehe!


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