Sunday, November 04, 2007

Diamonds in the Sky

I stayed up til around 2 am this morning working on my wip. I'm dragging today, but I'm ready to print everything up and do a second round of red penning. Urg. I honestly thought I'd never get to this point, but here it is. After this round of clean up, I'll send the whole mama off to my crit partner for further red penning.

On another subject... Tripp pants. They truly live up to their name. Yesterday, hubby, my dad, and the boys went off to the antiques strip to pick up the two wicker throne chairs I bought on our anniversary weekend. While they were gone, I wrote about 3k words, then decided to call a break so I could rearrange the furniture for the new chairs. One was to go in den, the other in the master bedroom. Cool beans.

I rearrange the den first with no trouble, then go about rearranging the bedroom. During all this, I'm wearing my comfy house pants, a pair of olive green Tripp pants that I have to roll up because they are waaaay too long for me. On a normal day, they have a tendency to get under the heels of my shoes (or my feet in this case, as I'm barefoot) because they have the buckle adjust waist, and a drawstring that holds up the slack. In other words, they slip off your butt without much effort on your part, and you forever have too much material pooled at your feet. And yet, I love them.

Anyway, I'm moving this wicker and metal shelf across the bedroom, and I get around the edge of the bed with it. I am shuffling the shelf toward the far wall, and as I do this step around the other end of the bed (there's only a small gap there between the TV shelf and the bed), and the huge cuff of my pants gets caught on this fine edge of metal that the boxsprings rests on. *_* I figure this out with one forward tug of the leg, which throws me into a kind of two leg shuffle to keep my balance. Since the cuff of my pants is rolled too much to tear, the bed jerks forward with me when I try to set my right foot down.

There is no where for my foot to go, because I'm trapped at the ankle. Somehow, I managed to prevent falling flat on my face, but I did this weird slow tip over to the floor. Landed on one knee with my pant cuff tangled on the bed rail right to the ankle. I ask, could anyone else accomplish this feat of mad dexterity? ~.~'

I'm just thanking my lucky stars the hubster did NOT see that. Or Oldest. For the love of Pete, I'd never live it down. *sigh*

We're grilling today. It's kind of cool out, but the sun is shining. Hubby loaded up Mini in the Jeep and their off to buy meats and veggies. I personally want a kebob. Yum. By the time Oldest gets back from his run with Gram, the food should be ready. *fork*

Todays pic is of Pluto, and it's moons Charon, Nix, and Hydra. Pretty, don't you agree? Well, I should be working, so I'm going to shove off. I hope you all have a snazzy Sunday!


  1. You're pretty agile, aren't you? lol Good stuff. *hugs*

    Keep up the great work on the WIP! You're getting far, fast!

  2. Oh, yeah, agility is my middle name. Another classic clutz moment by me, I tell you. I have a huge bruise on my knee today thanks to my fast reflexes. :P

    Thanks for the pep talk, hon - gosh it's hard to get motivated today. How is NaNoing this year?

  3. Oh, girl...I have a pair too!! I've had mine for FOUR years! I wear them around the house all the time. The end cuffs are so ragged out I have had to cut pieces off because they become shredded, I get caught up in them or catch it on something and down I go...So, it's not just you. But, I just can't seem to get rid of the darn things...Kind of like the shoes...;0)

  4. Hi Crystal, good to know I'm not the only one getting pants'ed around the house. ^_^ Happy Monday!


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