Tuesday, November 27, 2007

As the smoke comes curling out of my ears...

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I thought I'd be back on track by now, but it doesn't look like it. My fave routine in the world is getting up, putting Dora on TV for the Mini Monster, then sitting down with my coffee to blog. Thanksgiving has pretty much shot that to hell, and I haven't got it back yet.

Roughly two weeks ago, Hubby ordered all these parts for Mustard (aka, our yellow Jeep). This includes mud tires that must be shipped by truck, a new roof with the sliding windows, new doors, and some other such bunch of bullshit parts. Well, we were told they would be in the week of Thanksgiving, but see, knowing what I do about the laws of the effing universe, I knew these things would arrive the week AFTER Turkey day, and at the same time (thereabouts) that the storage shed would show up. All this, of course, the day after Hubby returns to work so I get the grand opportunity to handle all the deliveries on my own. (And of course, as an added bonus, Mini is still sick.)


Now, I told hubby LAST WEEK that I needed this week to write. He called me Monday to tell me the storage shed should be delivered that day. Well, I waited for this effing storage shed all day. It didn't arrive. However, by the time I stopped giving a shit whether it got here or not, Mini had missed his nap, I had lost valuable writing time, and the day was pretty much a bust. Around 2 pm I get a call from a man driving a semi. He has hubby's gi-normous tires and wants to know if a truck can get down our road. Oh, yes, definitely. There has been one or two that's nearly run me over on a hair pin turn. Come on down.

Well, Mini - who has an intestinal blockage and is bitchy to start with - sees this "big truck" arrive. Holy freaking cow. The kid is MAD for trucks, so he starts completely wigging out. It is freezing outside, and he is shivering, little goose bumps all over his arms, and I'm telling him "Mini, get in the house!" He still is standing at the door shouting, "Big truck! Hi, Big Truck Man!" and about a million other things in toddler gibberish. *sigh* Then he sees what the guy is unloading off the truck. "TIRES, MIMI!!!" You can even see the OMFG look on his face when the guy comes rolling them up into the yard. "Yes, honey," I tell Mini Bear, "they are tires for, Daddy's Jeep." (Renewed squawking.)

The truck driver is so tickled by Mini's "enthusiasm", he honks the horn when he goes to pull out. Do you know what mania looks like? It is a 2 year old with wide eyes, half hanging out of a front door screaming at an 18 wheeler like he's a 10 year old fan girl. I can only shake my head, and drag him into the house. (Which of course causes more chaos, because he wants to stand guard over daddy's wonderful, magnificent, marvellous Jeep tires.) ~_~* Oh, yes, I love my husband for leaving me to take care of this while he's at work...

So today was pretty much a big repeat of yesterday - more deliveries of Jeep parts. I'm wondering if hubby is secretly trying to build a 3rd Jeep at this point. Anyway, the jerks who we bought the storage shed from kindly called me today to arrange a delivery time - for Thursday. Yeah, I'll believe it when I see it. This is only our 3rd delivery date. Knowing I'll be tied up Thursday without a chance to get my errands run, I went ahead and ran to Wally world tonight and bought groceries. Another writing day bites the dust. And just to add a shining gem to the crown of all this mess, I have PMS. Yes. So far, I think it's safe to say, this week sucks.

On a lighter note, I am just over 8k on my current wip. It only has to be 10k to meet required length. I prefer to meet the baseline word count, and let the rest of the story ride - if it goes over, great! Now, however, I'm wondering if I'll meet the deadline. Since this is not my typical publisher, I can't get an extension. *sigh* I keep telling myself "one day at a time"...


Now for something else entirely: the news! Geez, the headlines lately... Has anyone been watching? I usually have kids or Hubby dominating the TV, so I can't just switch over to watch the round of news on CNN, but I did see on AOL that the 3 suspects originally arrested in the Natalie Holloway case have been re-arrested due to "new, incriminating evidence". However, I couldn't find any info on what was found.

And also, Baby Grace has finally been identified... They are awaiting the DNA evidence to confirm that she is a 2 year old named Riley. Such a heart breaking story... so terribly disturbing. When I first heard about the story it was by accident - in a hurry while surfing, I clicked the wrong link. Now that I've read it, I look at the pictures of Baby Grace and can't help thinking she was the same age as Mini when she was murdered. It's awful, complete, utterly devastating to think of it. I had NIGHTMARES about it last night.

How the mother could allow anyone to kill her child, much less the step-father... It just seems so damn crazy to me. After knowing you'd felt that baby move inside you at some point? After getting up in the middle of the night for changings and feedings with that child? After rocking them to sleep and all those firsts and bonding moments? After hearing them all you Mommy? For those that don't have kids - one of the most intimate and frightening steps into parenthood is the moment you hold a newborn in your hands and you realize and I mean it's almost like a physical punch - this little person relies on you COMPLETELY. Babies are so small and completely helpless, and so fragile feeling in your hands... When I think back on those moments when I held Oldest and then Mini for the first time, I cannot begin to fathom how a mother could stand aside and allow that to happen. I just can't. I know the press keeps bringing up "teen parents", but that's no excuse. Not at all. I had Oldest the day after my sweet 16th, raised him with hubby, and we are all very close. We're a very thick knitted family. There are no excuses. And I feel so sorry for that little girl; there really aren't enough words...

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  1. Damn girl! I missed this post. Didn't even see it. Glad I came back for another "browse..."

    You HAVE had a hell of a week haven't you??? Sounds like Miller Time to me!!:) Don't worry I SHARE in your PMS this week!

    William at that age LOVED Bob the Builder...damn don't get me started on THAT!

    Isn't it sad about little Riley and Natalie? Don't worry girl, they'll get whats coming to em...


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