Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen and Stuff

Third time's the charm! This is my 3rd attempt to blog today, and I'm gonna do it come hell or high water.

My mom dropped by first thing this morning - I was barely out of bed. She wanted to use my washer and drier, but I think mostly she'd come by to try and amend the great visitation disaster that happened this past Sunday. She and I took Mini outside to drag him around the yard in the wagon, and watched him play in the leaves near the doggie graveyard. (We have a small garden-ey area off to the side of the house where we have buried our little old lady doggies.)

Her visit went well, I think. She tried to bring up the housing situation briefly today, but I simply told her to do whatever she wants. End of discussion. I'm of the mind now if she and dad think they'll find what they're looking for, go get 'em, tiger. I'm far too tired to worry with it anymore. Hubby and I will just keep saving our money, and see what happens as it comes along.

On another note...
I found my SHOES!! Oh yeah, I did. *booty dance* I've been walking around barefoot for a few days because I couldn't locate my sandals for the life of me - darn shoe gnomes! While sweeping the dining room, I swept under the edge of the bookshelf and voila! Shoes, ahoy! I suppose Mini had slipped them on and walked them over there. I have no other explanation...

I guess this is the day for finding things because I also found the white remote to the DVD player today. Hubby put a bounty on it just last night, and told Oldest if he found it, a shiny bag of gold would be his. ARR! No, not really. But he did promise him $5.00 if he somehow managed to locate it. We haven't seen it in about 2 weeks, and it's kind of annoying not knowing where it is. (Aside from the fact we can't navigate our DVDs.)

Oldest came home from school today, and dug around through Mini's toybox a bit - since that was the only place I thought we hadn't looked. While Oldest was complaining about all the junk Mini has - most of which belong to Oldest at one point - I had an epiphany.

About a week or so ago Mini got quiet and I went searching for him and found him playing with his monster trucks in the SSC Berry Happy Home I have in my office/doll room. I don't mind him playing in the house, but I shoed him out of there and shut the door that day. He likes the room because it looks like a toy store, but I don't like him in there unsupervised because I have a lot of expensive treasures he can get into if no one's watching him. Well, I went and checked the Berry Happy Home and what do I see tucked away in the attic?

I hath discovered a DVD remote, and I hath declared it MINE! *excalibur pose* I'm still debating whether to claim that five dollar bounty.

Dance Break * Dance Break * Dance Break*

Oh yeah, Rick Springfield was HOT. ^_^

Thirteen Things I Like (that happen to be blue)

1. blue jeans
2. blue eyes (especially on a man with dark hair)
3. blueberries - yum!
4. Booberry cereal - double yum!
5. blue summer skies
6. my old blue sweater
7. blue ocean views
8. berry blue jello
9. Cover Girl midnight blue nail polish - for toes
10.Blue Dog - from the paintings by George Rodrigue (I talked briefly to Mr. Rodrigue while in the French Quarter a few years ago. He was painting in Jackson Square.)
11.Blue ice frosting - Mm...mmm! Cookie Monster slippers blue, cloud printed pj bottoms

There. I did it. I managed to get in a whole post today. Of course, it's 5pm now, so no one will likely ever read it. LOL! Ah well, it's therapeutic. And as they say, better late than never! ^_^


  1. I'm here, Cora! *waves*

    We're both talking about jeans today! I am actually wearing a pair, too -- it's finally cold enough here for them.

    Happy TT and all that various other sundry stuff.... (like remote control bounty hunting!)

  2. I read it too :)

    I love the LOLcat. And jeans... who lives without jeans? Weirdos, that's who.

  3. I'm here (and getting ready to leave for bed). I love bluejeans, and am happy because tomorrow is Friday and I can wear jeans! Night All.

  4. LOL on finding the remote! That is soooo frustrating.


  5. Hi Susan! *waves* Yes, it slipping into jean weather finally here too. Slowly but surely. I've gotta admit I'm ready for the change. ^_^

    Happy T13!

  6. Hi Carrie! Happy T13! :) LOL @ jeanless weirdos. ^_^

  7. Hi Ann! Glad you could make it in before bedtime. :) Happy T13!

  8. Cole, that remote... LOL! Hubby came in yesterday and started grumbling that it was still missing and he wasn't going to be able to see the special features on a new dvd. *grumble, grumble*

    I "presented" him with the now found remote, and the way he looked at me, you'd think I'd just handed him winning lotto ticket.

    Hubby: "You found it? You found it!"

    *and there was much rejoicing*

    LOL! ^_^


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