Monday, October 08, 2007


I've never been so glad for a Monday in my life. Oldest had his toe surgery Friday, my parents and hubby are at each others throats (not that I haven't seen this coming for months on end), and the latest people who we thought we were about to reach a deal with on a house raised their asking price yesterday afternoon. By how much you ask? Try $20,000. *forehead smack*

From the heart and soul of a family ready to jump on a decent house at this point - if you're a seller, whether you have an agent or not, if you quote one price, then hand the buyers a paper with another amount written on it you WILL NOT make the sale. At least not with us. I don't care how cute the house is, or that you suddenly decided to add on "last minute tid bits" you want to do to spruce up the place - say, oh, a complete freaking driveway, another closet, etc. I'll just put on my walking boots, finger snap, and shout, "Next!"

For the love of all that is holy, what is up with sellers doing this? This is the second time we've approached a house that has sat on the market a while, and when we showed any interest, the seller suddenly decides to throw in a slew of as yet uncompleted renovations never before mentioned and raises the list price. Is this only happening in Louisiana? Is it a new trend? In all honesty, I'm ready to wash my hands of it and move to... I don't know. MAINE. Where ever. Sounds good to me.

On to other things...
Last night I added another 1k to my supposedly completed wip. I also found I need to move a relatively large scene from the beginning of the novella, closer to the center. *sigh* I'd hoped I'd have no major chops to do, that I'd only have to smooth everything out and add the luuurve scenes. No such luck. I did get one terribly difficult scene edited and out of the way, though, so by the time I put away my laptop yesterday I felt like I'd managed to clear a huge hurtle.

That's it for me today. Mini is busy with his toys for the moment, so I better take advantage of the distraction! Happy Monday!


  1. Oh man, *HUGS* What is WITH the house market lately? Seriously. People can be so dense sometimes. Maybe you should move up to Maine? I hear it's gorgeous. lol

    *swishes pom poms* Figure it's time to return the favor. I know how hard it can be. I'm still feeling completely daft when it comes to writing my novella. But you'll do great! You always do. :D

  2. I swear I think it is Louisiana. Sugar, just come on to Kentucky and get ya'll settled in. I have a real estate agent in the family and we'll get ya'll in a house nice and quick.



  3. Thanks for the pom swish, Isabelle. And yes, I'm very tempted by Maine. It might be colder than La, but I've always been an adaptable girl. I take it from your post you've been there. Any small town recommendations?

  4. Cass, if I show up on your doorstep with a suitcase in tow, don't be shocked, LOL!


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