Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sepia Tinted Hump Day... Again?

Around 1:30 this morning hubby comes into the dining room where I'm tip tapping away at a ghost story freebie for the Midnight Moon Cafe. Hubby kisses me on the head and says, "Are you managing to accomplish anything, or are you playing around?"

"Hm, well, a little bit of both, I think."

He grumbles a little, nods, and goes on about his after-midnight rounds before heading back to bed. I go back to writing and manage to square away 90% of my ghost story, before I finally shut it down for the night. (morning?)

Mini woke me up around 6 AM - oy, I wasn't too thrilled about that - but I got up nonetheless and once I got a few chores out of the way I sat down and managed to finish the story I'd been working on last night. Woot! So now The Ghost Train is finished, and it will be offered as a free fiction for the MMC later on this month. I'll post more about that when it gets closer to time. Until then, there are lots of fun things going over there, including author interviews, giveaways, sexy shape shifting hunks, and much much more!

After I sent The Ghost Train off to my lovely crit partner, Cass Curtis, I put some shoes on Mini and made a trip to the store. That new penguin movie Surfs Up! is now out on DVD, as is 28 Weeks Later - which is the sequel to the hit zombie movie 28 Days Later. We'll be watching both of these To-Nite! Yay!

While Mini and I were shopping, I came across these little tiny pumpkins in the produce department. (Okay, technically they are nugget squash, but hey...)I thought they were cute, and since Mini wanted a puh'kin really bad, I got one and held it out to him. "Here, Mini, a pumpkin your size!"

I thought he'd just take it from me; instead he surprised the heck out of me (and probably every shopper within eyesite) when his mouth hinged wide like old George Washington's wooden teeth and in the blink of an eye moved in to take a BIG SNAPPING BITE right out of this squash.

"No, Mini, wait!" CHOMP.

Much spitting ensued. Of course he couldn't bite a plug out of it or anything - it's a raw freaking squash! However, he got just enough taste of it *snicker, snicker* to make him howl in outrage, "Natty puh'kin, Mimi, eww!!!"

And so now we have a litty bitty pumpkin with a distinct ring of teeth prints on it for our centerpiece. Ha! What's that saying? You live you learn. Right on.

Time for me to run around the house and make it look like I've done something today. I hope everyone abound has a Happy Hump Day. And if by some chance yours isn't going all that well - hang in there, things will get better soon!


  1. Man, I want to see "Surf's Up!" Hehehe!

  2. Oh man, that was a great movie! It's done sort of like a reality TV show - only with penguins. Cute! ^_^


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