Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Po' Boys By Candlelight

Leave it to me to end up the first one in the house with a cold this season. A few days ago I really started noticing how much my nose was bothering me - that burny feeling that makes you want to rub your nose all the time. Anyway, night before last, Hubby allegedly shook me awake to tell me I was snoring the house down. Apparently I just growled at him and went back to sleep. Instead of attempting to wake me up again, Hubby took his pillow to the den and slept on the couch. Ah, true love. ^_^

The snoring continues, and my sneezing is getting worse. Probably because it feels like the upper half of my head is filled with concrete - or like I'm wearing one of those "space bowls" *snicker, snicker* like the bikini sci-fi woman is wearing. Whatever she is supposed to be doing in that pic, I bet she isn't doing it because she's having sneezing fits. Wouldn't that be miserable with the fish bowl on her head?

Last night Hubby and my Dad had to work until well after midnight, so it was just the boys and me here at home. Oldest came in from school and began fishing around for something to eat, so I decided to order pizza. As I'm about to dial, the lights go out. It's around 4:30 at the time, and raining like a fiend.

I make a few calls to order pizza, but the store down street says they're closing their doors until the lights are back up. And Pizza Hut in town - which has a dubious reputation to start with, btw - says they don't do Pick Ups for my area. Uh okay. I live ten minutes away and I can't order in advance and go pick up the pizzas?? Since when?

With pizza out of the question, I tell oldest to pull on some shoes. I bundle up Mini and we made a run up to the grocery store. We bought bottled water, wheat po boy rolls, sliced provolone, baby spinach, sliced ham, and blueberry pies for dessert. Oh, yeah, and a can of "sketties" for Mini.

By the time we got home it was pitch dark. I had to leave the headlights on, so we could carry the bags from the Jeep to the house, and get the emergency candles lit.

Oldest and I made the biggest, nasties, stack-ed-est Po'Boy sandwiches ever invented, and Mini had his bowl of "sketties" with meatballs. We ate by candlelight with the front door wide open to catch the breeze, and the rain beating down on the front patio.

After dinner, we straightened up a bit, and I sacked out on the couch with Mini while Oldest sat in the recliner with his GameBoy. We listened to the rain and waited for the lights to come on until around 8:30. By that time, Mini was ready to go nite nite.

It was a long night without lights, but at least it wasn't blazing hot. The rain made it cool, but not unbearably so. With the windows up and the doors open, it wasn't bad. Damp. But not bad at all.

Onto other things...
Before the blackout yesterday, I spent a good chunk of the day yesterday editing my wip. I blazed through two chapters and made sure all the elements were there, and everything looked to be as it should be. It's not perfect, but it's workable for now. I'm moving forward. I'm now probably a 3rd of the way through the first round of self edits. My goal today is one full chapter - two if I can manage it. My overall goal is to have this story ready to send out by November 1st.

That's it for me today. I have writing to do, so I better get on it.
Hope you all have a productive Tuesday! ^_^


  1. Sorry about the cold, it sucks to big sick. :(

    I love the dinner story though, it sounds like you made a memory...like - remember the night it was pouring rain and the lights went out, blah blah blah. :)

  2. You know, despite the awful pizza scenario (stupid pizza places) I really think dinner by candlelight and rain sounds like fun. It's definitely something you're going to remember for long time coming.

    And at least Oldest kept busy and Mini was ready for bed! :D

    Hope you feel better. Looks like it's going around. I woke up with my head feeling heavy and my eyes burning and my nose runny. Ewww.. I hate being sick.

  3. Ahhhh...pizza on a rainy day. Now that's what fantasies are made of. *wg*

  4. Samantha, that's just what I was telling Oldest. One of these days he'll be like, "Rememeber that time the lights went out and..." ^_^

  5. Hope you feel better soon, Isabelle, and that the cold doesn't last.

    I have just enough of a touch of it to drive me half nuts. I have gone through a box of tissues in the past few days, and I keep wonderful how much YUCK a human head can hold. :P

  6. Pizza would've been great, TK. I had my mouth set on it too. Our PH in town is the worst though - not reliable at all. We've been turned away before because they "ran out of cheese"!

    So, I guess it didn't suprise me as much as it should've about them not filling our order... Maybe next time.


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