Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Play The Way Feel It

Mini toddled over to me around 10 this morning and said, "Mimi (mommy) go the swing?" I was working on my wip at the time, and hoped to get a lot more done before shutting it down for the morning, but he asked so nice, and since it still felt pretty cool out, I told him to go find his sandals.

I took him out in the backyard, where found more interesting things to do that swing - like play in the dirt with his dump truck. I brought a ball and a ride on toy with us, and he romped around the back yard until I saw the wasps stirring around the eaves of the house and announced it was time to come back inside.

We're both a little crispy from the morning sun (well, when you live like a vampire, indoors all the time...) but I think it was a pretty good morning. I did a bit of paint scraping on the side of the house while he played, so I did manage to get a little something accomplished. (The house MUST be painted before winter sets in.)

When we came in, Mini was filthy from playing in the dirt, so I put him directly in the bath where he told me he was "Schwimmin', Mimi, look!" So now we've played outside, had a bath, had lunch AND watched Fraggle Rock. Whew! I'm hoping any minute now he'll tell me he's ready for his nap. I'm ready for some mommy "free time".

Last night while working on my wip, I stripped out a big huge section that didn't seem to go anywhere or lead to anything important. OUCH! That took a good 800 words out of my manuscript, and hauled me all the way back down to 19k words. *sick* But it had to be done and this morning I feel better for it. That's one less thing to struggle over. I'm still not completely happy with the first chapter - it's a bit too busy for my liking - but I'm going to move on and give my mind time to settle. I'm going to focus on a completely different chapter today - one I haven't reread a thousand times since I wrote it. With any luck I can have that tweaked and in the "final" stack before the end of the day.

On another note, hubby called me from work yesterday to tell me he'd been given a promotion. *woot* It's a temporary thing, actually. His foreman was fired on Monday, so they had to replace him with someone who knew that area of the project. Once it's completed, hubby will go back to his previous post - which suits hubby fine. Stress, he says, is better in small doses. I tend to agree.

That's it for me today. I hope you all have a snazzy Tuesday! ^_~


  1. Sounds like you and mini had a busy morning! :) Fun!

    800 words sounds like a lot, but you know what? It's also easily replaced if you end up in the zone!

  2. The 800 was really tough to cut, but I think it would've caused me more frustration in the long run if I'd kept it. Know what I mean?


  3. What a sweet little man. Thank you for sharing that with us.

    Yeah, I had to cut a whole chapter a few weeks ago, 2500 words or so....that is painful isn't it?


  4. Hi Moondancer. I paid you a visit. ^_^ Yeah, 2500 words - ouch! That makes me wince just thinking about it.


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