Monday, October 29, 2007

Peeka Pika!

Poor Pikachu! Look what happens when you leave your fly open... *_*

Okay, I gotta admit something: I actually didn't realize there was anything weird going on with this pic until after I'd saved it and went to compress the size of it. Lucky me. I mean, the smiling face pretty much dominates the picture. Who expects they're going to put a seam there?

Bad, designer, bad! I guess this is a girl pikachu, then? (And can any of you tell I haven't had my coffee yet this morning?)

The weekend was FANTASTIC. Since hubby and I had only an overnight trip planned, we kept it close to home. We didn't want to spend the entire time driving, and besides, the point was to be together ALONE, without children, for our anniversary. So that's what we set out to do.

First thing arriving, we went to Red Lobster. We were starving by the time we got to Monroe. Drive around looking for a different, new restaurant? Fuggetaboutit! That whole morning, from waking to the time we left, was spent packing and making sure all Mini's things were set out so Oldest and the Grandparents could find them. We didn't even stop for breakfast. So before we even hit the interstate hubby was growling, "Me HUNGRY." So was I.

After Red Lobster, we went searching out a hotel. We picked this one place that was kind of on the edge of town, but close to the interstate. I hate doing a midtown hotel - it can be chaos trying to get back there after dark, especially if weekend traffic is bad.

So, we pulled into the parking lot of a nice looking place and went in to get a room. I guess we're fortunate there weren't any local ball games going on that night. We didn't make reservations, and happened to get the LAST ROOM.

When the concierge told us there was only one room left, the first thing that popped into my mind was that episode of the Simpsons - Marge and Homer go to stay at a romantic hotel and end up in the boiler room. Anyone remember that one? Anyway, at the words last room I took a step away from the counter, but the lady quickly looked up and said, "It's a spa room, is that okay?" Hubby and I look at each other and start nodding like idiots.

The room was nice, QUIET, with a jacuzzi tub (that I really wanted to take home with me), and sliding glass doors leading out to a courtyard area with a gazebo - not bad! We lingered around in the hotel, sorting through our things, checking out the courtyard and such while trying to figure out where we were going, and what we wanted to do.

We ended up going to Antique Alley and browsing all the shops along the strip. What a great time! We got a decent parking spot in front of the costume shop, and walked around for hours.

About the fourth store we went to, I came across this white wicker table and couldn't leave it behind. It matches the wicker chair in my doll room/office. So here we are, walking downtown with a white wicker table. All I can say to that... Hubby must really love me. ^_^

We also dropped by the art gallery there, poked around in the costume shop - which was PACKED with people. So much so you could barely turn around in there. And of course, we dropped into at least a dozen more antique stores.

We ended up with treasures for just about everyone in the family - things to send to hubby's dad, a huge stuffed fox for Oldest (foxes are his thing), and a handful of other things. We put them all in the Jeep and went down the block looking for a cola machine. Hubby bought a small coke at one of the lounges along the strip, but it was mostly ice. One gulp from him and it was gone.

At the end of the block, we stopped to read about this old belltower that I never noticed before - but which I must've walked by at least a couple dozen times over the years. We hang around there for a minute, then back track into this one store before continuing the cola machine search...

First thing in the door of this shop, I see they have wicker furniture. Immediately I get my shopping antennae going. There are two throne style wicker chairs in this one little niche. They look brand new. I go there, and hubby is eyeing me - I know, I know... we don't have room in the jeep for more furniture. (But I can't help myself!) I flip over the price tag and nearly faint. $25 a chair. Surely that can't be right?

Oh, but it is!! I peeked around the corner of the niche and asked the elderly lady behind the counter, "Are these chairs really $25 dollars?"

"Oh, yes." She nods. (Her husband) bought a huge lot of things from an estate sale, and marked them very cheaply to make a quick return. I'll say! She adds while I'm giving hubby puppy eyes. "If you see something you like, we do have lay-away..."

Hubby sighs. He knows there will be no winning against the all powerful lay-away. "Go ahead..."

Hubby meanders out the door to wait for me. Squeeing like a school girl, I pay for the chairs and take the tags off them. I arranged to return next weekend with Dad's truck to pick up our goodies. As I'm leaving the store, hubby catches my arm. He has spotted a coke machine. I nearly veered off in another direction - I'm too busy mentally rearranging our bedroom to fit the new chairs! And of course, the white wicker table I'll put in my office/doll room... It is the perfect size to stick the Berry Happy Home on. What a great anniversary gift!

We went back to the hotel about two hours after finding the throne chairs. By that time, all I can think of is kicking my boots off, and getting a Tom Collins. We went and picked up mixed drinks, ordered pizza, and hit the jacuzzi. A little later that night, we walked over to the mall to browse.

We had a great time. It was very relaxing, but I admit around lights out, I couldn't stop wondering if Mini was able to rest. He always sleeps next to me, and if he wakes in the middle of the night and I'm not there, he starts crying. (Even if I'm just in the next room writing.) I could imagine Mini crying and my mom ready to pull her hair out. *_* Is it possible to get homesick when staying in a place overnight?

It was hard not to call home, but it was late, and I didn't. I bit my knuckles over that one. I tossed and turned a bit before finally falling asleep. Mommy duty is a hard habit to break. The next morning, I felt more settled; like everything must be okay. After all, no one called us from the ER.

Hubby and I took our time over breakfast, even dropped by a few places here and there to browse on our way home. The drive home was just as enjoyable as browsing the antique shops. We talked the whole way.

Since we got back, Mini hasn't let me out of his sight. Oldest assures me that he did great over the weekend, just was very subdued. He was very good for his Gram. Didn't get into stuff like usual, and was generally well behaved. What a relief! Mom looked like she was ready to go home, all the same. She was dressed - had all her things packed and in the dining room. She said Mini woke up around 1 am Sunday morning, and wouldn't get back to sleep. Which is mommy talk for, "I'm tired, I'm grouchy, and I'm not doing this again for at least another year, just so you know."

I'm okay with that. *lol* Despite all the fun, I'm glad to be home. It's still pretty amazing... Hubby and I have cleared 17 years of marriage. Mommy doesn't realize it, but we're saving the really BIG anniversary plans for the big 2-0. Maybe by then she'll be prepared go another round of watching the kids. ^_^

Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. Ohhh, Cora, this sounds like so much fun! :D I'm so glad you had a great time. You deserve it!

    And OMG... eww. That picture is wrong on so many levels. ;)

    Happy Anniversary hun!

  2. Hey Cora,

    Hope you remember me, I used to write and blog under the pen name of Tara M. Leigh...I'm back!!!! Trying to re-connect with my old writing friends.

    Happy Anniversary BTW!

  3. That's it! I am going to set up a weekend has been on my mind for a while one is nursing anymore and I need a break!!!

  4. Happy Anniversary! And too funny on the picture! I didn't notice it at first either... I pointed it out to my youngest and then read your post... then thought... what is she talking about? Too funny!


  5. Thanks, Isabelle. ^_^ ((hugs))

  6. Tara!!! Jen!!! Oh gosh, hi! *waves*

    You know something weird? I was just thinking about you a few days ago, wondering if you were still writing and if you were around online somewhere. So glad to see you again! Welcome back! ^_^

  7. It's 100% worth it, Hope. Even after just one night away, I felt sooooo relaxed coming home. Oh, yeah... definitely worth it. :)

  8. Thanks, Cole!

    Oh gosh, and I'm so glad you said you didn't see anything odd about that pic at first either. I thought it just looked like a happy Pika, then I saw it. *_* Hubby looked at the pic when he got home and laughed. "How could you miss that?" Well, foo... :P=

  9. Ha! Don't worry, your not the only one that catches "weird" things in a picture. I have to say though, whoever made that Pika had a BIG grin on his face...

    Congrats on 17 years! I have to say though, you don't look old enough to be married that long!! You look good girl.

    Have a good rest of the day;)

  10. Thanks, Crystal! ^_^


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