Sunday, October 14, 2007

P says Puh...

Mini has a V-tech toy that supposedly teaches the letters of the alphabet and their sounds. It's a good toy, but it has it's trying moments.

I don't see the appeal of doing so, but Mini has been walking through the house all this weekend chanting "P says Puh!" *imagine toddler spit flying*

Okay. Reading back over that, maybe now I do know what the appeal is. It did cross my mind that if Mini went around saying that in public people would think we were, oh... NUTS. Just a little bit. Or something close to it.

Last night's Tarot Chat over at the MMC website went very well. I wish all chats could be as fun as those. I'm sure we'll be doing another tarot chat in the near future. :) I also did a bit of promoing over at eBookLove yesterday. Congrats to Sherry, who won a copy of Dominant Territory!

Today is cookie baking day. That part of my brain that wants to stick to my diet is already groaning. I know darn well I will not be able to resist fresh baked pumpkin cookies! :P Ah well, it's the season...

Hope you all have a relaxing Sunday!

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