Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Characters Need A Whippin'

If you heard a spontaneous round of expletives rent the wee morning hours (central time), that very well could have been me. I stayed up til a little after midnight working on the dreaded Chapter 6. Well, I got through that, flipped to the next screen to go on with the story, and what do I find? What the heck do I see in the middle of the page?

I find a whole scene smack dab in the middle of everything - that goes with nothing! *forehead smack*

In my weary, insomnia fueled state, I have no idea why I did that. I read through the scene and the following chapter - if you can call it that - but it wasn't until this morning after my first cup of coffee, that I realized the "surprise oasis" I'd found was originally intended to show up much later in the story. Pretty close to the end. As I've expanded the book, I never moved it through the script. So today I have the joy of printing up the back few chapters and doing Frankenstein surgery to position the surprise find where it goes so I can write around it. Sheesh. :P

Today is Wednesday, and because it's cold outside, because I'm still in my pajamas, and further because I am just feeling lazy today I think it's time for another four minute dance break! I'm not sure how many people remember Kim Carnes, but I'm putting her up today. I remember my cousin's old girlfriend going to get her hair bleached to look like Kim's. Wow, that was a long time ago!

*dance break* *dance break* *dance break* *dance break*

*leaving dance break zone*

Maybe today I'll get everything cleared away with this one Chapter so I can sit and watch a movie. I bought a handful of DVD this past weekend, but haven't had a chance to sit and watch them yet. Probably wouldn't have done me any good if I had. There's only so much we can put in the DVD player while Mini is awake, a lot of what we brought home is too scary for Mini. I bought Halloween - one of my favorite movies ever - but that one is a definite no-go unless Mini is napping.

I suppose I should get started on work. :P It's almost 10 AM, and I have a few things to do before I can break out the WIP. Hope you all have a Happy Hump Day!


  1. Ye gads, girl. We've been on the same wavelength today! I did 2 loads of laundry, 2 loads of dishes (I think faeries come in the middle of the night whilst I sleep and use all the good china, leaving them encrusted on the countertop - not even in the sink).

    Then I sat blog-hopping most of the day, avoiding the revisionist hell that is my wip.

    When I did finally open the file, I realized that one of my scenes stuck out like a sore thumb, and it was the scene I've just rewritten and added to, like three or four days earlier.

    I ruthlessly hit backspace over the whole damn section.

    Grrr...I will finish this damn manuscript. And it will not suck! Or I won't stop until it all fits and is unsucky! Yeah! LOL

    I think I need professional help. LOL

  2. Not only the same wavelength, I think your faeries have been visiting me. :P

    Erg... you're braver than I, Cass. I tried to hit the backspace on that section but after staring at it for over an hour, plucking at a few words and contemplating a big chop, I worried I'd kick myself later so I kept it - just moved it further back in the book. *wuss* :P

    What wip are you working on at the moment? BMW?

  3. Anonymous1:27 AM

    I am not writing novels as you mamas are, but man I am up til all hours...sleep escapes me--blogging...that I like...besides it's cheaper than therapy right? Your comments on procrastination resonate...I am just now finishing up a writing project for a unit out in Iraq. I had all day but did do it? Nooooooooooooo.


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