Monday, October 22, 2007

Mondays Potatoes

It's a little after midnight. I stayed up with my wip and a glass of wine, and I've managed to knock out Chapter 5. I'm cruising on, but I'm still moving far more slowly than I'd like. I guess it can't be helped. I'm trying to make sure everything is consistent and there are major story changes as I can find on this first edit.

I got into this one area of the book tonight, though, and realize there is a good chunk of storyline I'd intended to include, but skipped it for whatever reason. Maybe because it was already cemented in mind, and I was rushing on to capture an idea for a part of the story that seemed elusive at the time. I stopped editing mid chapter six because I had to actually write in parts that I knew went there, but never added. The good news is, at least I no longer have to worry about the word count falling short. I think it's going to fall just short of 28k by the time it's finished, and that's acceptable.

I bought a few new books yesterday when I took a trip to the store for dog food. I picked up an interesting looking book called, Thin Air, by Rachel Caine, and Making Merry, by Dixie Kane. Hm. I just noticed the similarities in the names. Anyway, I'm currently reading Witchling, by Yasmine Galenorn.

It's funny, because I never been one to gravitate toward books written in 1st person POV. I'm not sure why. I've read my share of them I guess. And I've made exceptions to include a few on my keeper shelves over the years, namely for Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles and MaryJanice Davidson's books. But that has always been just it. An exception.

Lately, almost every book I've picked up has been in 1st person POV. Witchling, and Thin Air are both 1st person. I also picked up an new anthology, with most of the stories in it written that way. I read the Dante Valentine series, which I loved, and it too is written that way. It's made me wonder if 1st person is gaining in popularity, or if they've always had this strong a presence on bookstore shelves. I can't help wondering how I might've missed so many of them though, if that's the case.

I suppose it doesn't really matter too much. I've always been the type if the book sounds interesting enough, I'm gonna buy it and read it. I'll check the first few pages in the store, and go from there. It's just I really noticed it today - I have a LOT of first person books in my TBR stack now. A lot more than I ever had in the past.

Today my mom is supposed to come and visit. I look forward to seeing her, but also feel a bit of dread at what she might have to say. Lately nothing good has come from family gatherings. It's the stress of their pending move, and our inability to find anyplace suitable to move to - unless you count Iceland. Anyone have a house for me in Iceland?

Anyway, I have avoided speaking with mom or dad about housing as much as possible, ever since the Great Sunday Explosion. But its kind of hard to avoid when they come over to my house almost every day and remind me what their needs are. As if I could forget. All the same, it's out of my hands. We've exhausted all the local options, and exhausted ourselves in the process.

I've told mom and dad I'll help anyway I can, but I'm not going to jump into a house I don't like just to suit them. I don't want to get trapped in this area any more than I already am. We'll just have to find another way. I know this is pissing mom off - the latest turn of events. But for the entire time we've lived in this house, I've asked mom to buy a piece of property in case of an emergency - even just a bare acre - but they would always find some excuse not to do so. Now here it's coming down to true emergency, and there isn't anything for them to run to. Unless you count me, and to be honest, I am running out of ideas.


  1. My main problem with 1st person POV is that you never know what the hunk is thinking and I really need to know! lol Have a great week Cora! :)

  2. I noticed the abundance of first person books a little over a year ago. I've been reading a ton of urban fantasy novels and most that I've read have been in first person.

    I used to hate first person but I really enjoy it now. Five years ago I would have put a book back if it were in first person, now I just go with the flow.

  3. You have a good week, too, Samantha! I'll be popping in to say hello. ^_^

  4. Thanks, Scooper. I was wondering if it was just my imagination, or if it was a new influx of books.

    First person isn't my favorite, but I will read it if the story grabs me. Sort of like ebooks vs. print - it's just the format. The story is what matters. ;)

    But I did wonder if I was just hitting the 1st person jackpot because out of about 12 books/ebooks I've bought in the past two months, 7 are first person. Used too, I'd only come across them occassionally.


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