Thursday, October 18, 2007

Just Like Crosstown Traffic

Is it just me, or does the guy wearing the hat look like he has to pee? I guess that could be a drawback if we all rode broomsticks ala Harry Potter style.

Of course there are at least a dozen other things that could really suck about having to fly on a broomstick too. Like freezing your ass off in the winter, the possibility of being struck by lightning, bugs pelting you mercilessly about the neck and face. Oh yeah, and no possible way of carpooling or attaching a reasonable "bucket seat for jr."...

Still, I think it would be a cool idea. Presuming the broom doesn't require gasoline, 24 D batteries or something like that, or replacement phoenix features or whatever to fly. If it truly did run on magic - just think of the cost we'd save in fillups alone. I could save the $50-60 dollars it takes to fill my Jeep every week and spend it on something else. Like a new DVD. Or a new soft sculpture for my curio cabinet. Ha!

I know just what type of broom I'd want if they had them. I'd want a pink one with flowers printed all over it, and I'd want it to come with a banana seat. Oh, and possibly foot stirrups. That girly foot clasping thing looks ridiculous, and I would NOT want to look like Mr. Hat over there if I were flying around and suddenly had to pee. At least with the banana seat, I wouldn't have to clench up like a startled virgin; I could at least appear composed until I could fly off into the bushes, or find a restroom or something.

BTW, no, I have not been drinking. I just found today's picture and had one of those bizarre moments of insanity clarity - one of those moments when a string of completely time wasting thoughts tracks through your brain. It's sort of like daydreaming, but not quite. :P

Anyway, it's Thursday again. (And raining again.) Mini is getting bored in the house (and has been climbing onto and FALLING OFF OF just about everything in site), so I thought maybe today we could just do mommy-son things. Like fingerpainting the pumpkins I bought. Or maybe breaking out the Berry Happy Home so he can rampage his monster trucks through it. Creative, crafty things like that. I must finish up this one chapter that is And I must do it today, or there will be fires and screaming.

My cold has alleviated some, but this weather has been so iffy, I'm not taking any chances on a relapse. This leaves me to this week's Thursday Thirteen. I must go "winter cold" shopping this coming weekend to stock up on emergency supplies. Because, of course, if anyone is going to get sick, it's going to be at night when no doctor offices are open, leaving us no choice but to sell our souls and sacrifice two unblemished chickens to get into the local ER.

Thirteen Things To Have In Your Cold/Flu Battling Arsenol (aka your Medicine Chest)

1.) Decongestant
2.) Fever reducer (non-aspirin type for children)
3.) Expectorant
4.) Disinfectant spray
5.) Vaporizer/humidifier
6.) thermometer (I like the in-ear types. They work FAST.)
7.) refillable ice pack
8.) heating pad (for body aches)
9.) Vicks vapor rub - and liquid for vaporizor
10.) Measuring spoon or cup for medicines
11.) Antihistamine
12.) lozenges for sore throat
13.) Chloraseptic

And there it is. My list du jour.

(BTW, no chickens - unblemished or otherwise - were harmed in the creation of this blog post.)

Happy Thursday, everyone! ~_^


  1. Oh yes, and also I keep a cabinet stocked with plenty of immunity and cold/flu preventive herbs for tea making and of course, chicken noodle soup. :)

  2. Yeah, I've got most of them, I've been fighting with the freaking cold for 2 weeks.

    My TT is up!!!

  3. ugghh I hate all this but i have most of them/

  4. It IS Flu season again, isn't it?!!! Kleenex is one I'd add to mine---I need lots of kleenex.

    My T T is published, won't you drop by?

  5. That picture totally made me smile! :-)


  6. Heh. Our TTs are in synch this week. Go figure; it's cold season. Even Rhian's noticed an epidemic among bloggers.

    Keep feeling healthy and keep the kid entertained. I know it's hard -- are there any friends he can play with? That always alleviates some of the boredom (and ups the danger factor by 100%). Even if you think he's too young, you'd be surprised.

    Happy TT. Stay healthy and I hope it stops raining already!

  7. Cass, I stock that chicken soup too! And sage. Ground sage works wonders for a sore throat. :)

  8. No Nonsense, I hope you beat that cold soon!

    BTW, I paid you a visit at your TT. :)

  9. I paid you a visit, Joy! Happy TT!

  10. Hootin'anni! I love your blog. I dropped by and paid a visit. Kleenex is definitely one of those must buys. I like the Puffs with lotion in them. ;)

  11. Cole, doesn't that pic look like they're having fun? ^_^

  12. Susan, I noticed that too. I hope you're feeling better very soon. Colds sure can toss a wrench into things.

    I haven't popped by Rhian's this morning yet. I hope she's not coming down with a cold too!

  13. Happy TT. I'm the chicken soup variety. And the curl up in bed and try to sleep until it's all over type. I don't do sick well.

    But I love the word Expectorant.

  14. We've got this fever strip that you just lay on someone's forehead for a few seconds and it lights up according to what temperature it detects. Normal is yellow!

    I totally like it cos there is no sticking of anything anywhere.

  15. I love moments of insanity clarity. I think they are a symbol of our minds clearing. Making room for the important stuff. ;)

    I was feeling pretty sick and took some Airborne. That stuff works wonders. :D Give it a try!

  16. I love that pic and the arsenal of meds...

  17. My med cabinet is sooooo lacking. :(

    Oooh, I have bad-aids though!!

  18. Loved the photo. There seems to be a lot of flu going round at the moment. Happy TT.

  19. Happy T13, Lisa! I'd rather have chicken soup over expectorant any day. :)

  20. Hi Ann! I've seen the fever strips, and came really close to buying one to keep on hand. I've wondered how easy it would be to use for toddlers. About how long does it take to get a read out?

    About the best thing I can say for the ear one is it takes only 2 or 3 seconds to get a reading, so by the time you put it in baby's ear and he's starts squirming, the test is done.

  21. Isabelle, I sure hope so about the clearing out for important things. I've been such a slackass lately it's not even funny. *sigh*

    I've seen that Airbourne on the shelves and wondered if that stuff was any good. I'm going to have to pick up a bottle and keep it around for good measure.

  22. Hi demon! How have you been? :)

  23. Bandaids! Samantha, that is one thing I never seem to have! (And I always seem to find this out when I need one. LOL!)

    **adding band-aids to my list

  24. Hi Shelley, yeah it looks like it. Lots of folks sick. Happy TT!

  25. Ahhh I need to get some of those We have started cold season with a bang.

  26. It's good to have all that on hand. I hope you don't need it.

  27. Orange Juice and club soda!

    The Pink Flamingo

  28. I'm relatively healthy, but still must stock up on cold stuff. And I'm definitely getting the flu shot when they come around. Hope you feel better soon. And tissue with lotion may be good for the nose, but they're not so hot for the glasses (just sayin').

  29. It's here with a bang too, Melany. I've never seen the season kick off quite like this before.

  30. Thanks, Nicholas. Luckily I've about got my cold kicked. ;)

  31. I've never tried orange juice with club soda, SJ, but now that you've mentioned it...

  32. ROFL, Ann! Yeah, that's true. Definitely not good for glasses. Hahahahaha!


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