Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Great Pumpkin Tragedy

Not too long ago I posted about two gold nugget squash (mini pumpkins) that I bought for Mini and Oldest. Mini saw them in the store and wanted one, so I bought one for both boys. They set on the edge of my counter for a good week or so before Hubby finally took them down and put faces on them.

One pumpkin had a happy face, the other a sad face. No biggie there. Mini seemed to have doubts about that sad face pumpkin though. He would always shy away from it, and give it wary looks. There was nothing actually scary about the thing, so I guess it's just that he's not used to seeing the whole sad face motif.

Anyway, I'm cooking supper last night, and Mini (who has learned to scoot a chair across the dining room to the bar), pulls up a seat and stands on the chair to watch what I'm doing. Well, the pumpkins are right there, too. So after some hesitation, he begins to play with the pumpkins, and telling me, "Look, Mimi, puh'kins."

He takes the sad pumpkin finally, and sets it on top of this cup - sort of like a head on a stick. I warned him he was getting a bit rough with it (he kept dropping it on the floor). I told him as simply as possible, "not a ball", but he kept on with it. I shrugged it off because my parents decided to call me at that very moment, and I'm also trying to clear off the bar so I could pull the casserole out of the oven.

The minute I turn my back, I hear a squeak. Mini has fumbled the sad pumpkin across the bar. It wobbles, and reaches the edge. I can't turn fast enough to catch it. I see the little sad face a split second before the baby pumpkin falls off the bar, hits the floor and breaks like a raw egg. *splat* :P

OMFG. The chaos that ensued.
My mom started to panic. "What's going on over there?" She could hear Mini howling and little else.

"It's broken," Mini kept shouting up at me, and there are these GREAT BIG TEARS rolling down his face. *_* Of course, he looks at me like I broke the pumpkin. Isn't that just the way? *sigh*

Thank goodness for Crazy Glue. Yes. I glued that damn pumpkin back together, and it's now officially off limits. But Mini is happy for the time being. His puh'kin now just has a "boo boo". Good grief, I can only imagine the chaos when I go to toss these things after the holidays!

On another note...

Thirteen Things I like about Halloween

1.) The "anything goes" dress code.
2.) Candy corn
3.) Popcorn balls
4.) Fresh fudge
5.) FREE Candy!!
6.) Pumpkin cookies
7.) Every cool movie in history airs on TV
8.) FREE Chocolate!!
9.) Caramel and candy apples
10.) Costumes
11.) Seeing the neighbor's yard covered in (fake) gravestones
12.) The practical jokes - watching someone get the wits scared out of them
13.) The time to reflect on family, the past, and tradition.

And there you have it, my T13. Happy day, everyone! ^_^


  1. It's always Mom's fault isn't it. Good job fixing it all up. I'd have tossed it. Great list too. I love Hallows.

  2. Fudge?? Did you say fudge?

    Cora, there's a farm near me that sells their homemade fudge. If you ever need some, holler and I'll send it out!

    as for the pumpkin, well, you're a better mom than me. I'd have put the pumpkin in the compost and been done with it.

    I'm a mean mom!

  3. Oh, I just love Halloween. You know what's even better than candy corn? Those little pumpkins that kind of taste like candy corn? You know what I'm talking about? I love those things!
    Happy TT!

  4. Awww poor sad pumpkin. Poor Mini. Yeah we're always the troublemakers huh? LOL

    Love your TT list, especially cos Halloween is my favorite holiday!

  5. Moondancer, I thought I better try the glue first before tossing it out. Anything to try and end the puh'kin apocalypse going on in the dining room. So funny, too... Mini had to inspect the "boo boo" afterward. I guess to make sure I'd fixed it just right. LOL! ^_^

  6. Oh gosh, Susan - FUDGE! Tease me not. Fudge is one of my weaknesses. ^_^

    Happy T13!

  7. Samantha! I love those creme pumpkins. They are better than the candy corn. At least, I fish them out of the candy dish before the corns.

    (And they look puuurtty on cupcakes too.) Happy T13!

  8. Hi Karen! LOL, yep, evil mommies. I guess they think we plan these sorts of things - pumpkin popping included. ^_^

    You and me both! I love Halloween. It's my fave of all holidays - it's more fun than expectations. I think I like that best of all. ;)

  9. Gotta love kids! I've got 2 myself, so I feel your "pain"..;)
    October is the best time of year! I totally agree with your T13!! Have a good day..

  10. Mmmm, fudge. I haven't tried making any since we moved. I wonder what the high altitude variation would be.

    I hope Mini is feeling better about his broken pumpkin.

  11. I hope you have a great day, too, Crystal! :) I've popped in to say hello at your blog. Thanks for visiting me!

  12. That was too cute, and those big tears would break this auntie into a million little pieces.

    This weekend we're going to pick up some candy for the trick-or-treaters and so starts the one for you and one for me. This will generally last through New Years, making me one big ball of sugar and loving every minute :-)

    Enjoy and good luck getting rid of those mini pumpkins - ha!

  13. Aw, thanks, Ann. Mini is happy with his pumpkin again. Just keeps talking about it's got a booboo. lol

    Gosh, a high altitude variation for fudge... I think there should be an adjusted recipe on the marshmallow creme jar?

    Mmm, fudge! If you make any, I do hope you take pics!

  14. Hi Tilly! Oh yeah... candy shopping... good times. ^_^ Hope you have a wonderful time!

  15. Oohhh no! Never a dull moment, huh Cora? Wow. Well good thinking with the crazy glue. Thrifty. It'll hold until Halloween is over. :D

    Great picture, btw! You look great!

  16. Great list, glad to hear you were able to fix the pumpkin's booboo.
    P.S. I make a mean chocolate Kahlua fudge (just sayin). :)

  17. Hi, Isabelle! ^_^ No, never a dull moment with a toddler. LOL! If the glue can only hold a few more days....

    I noticed this afternoon that the pumpkin is shriveling a bit along the broken parts. The flesh of the pumpkin is drying out and so the cracks are trying to separate where I glued it. Ho hum. How long til Halloween?

  18. Hi Ann! Kahlua fudge... oh my... you are trying to torture me right? :D

  19. OMG! Poor sad-face pumpkin. So Mini "blamed" for it. hehehe! Cute.

    As for the T13, oh yes, the free chocolate is #1 in my list. It also takes numbers 2 - 8 in my Top 10 List of things I like about Halloween. Hehehe!

  20. LOL, TK! Gotta love chocolate. It's a fix for just about everything. ^_^

  21. Awww poor punkin. Glad you got it fixed.

    And love the list. Free chocy, what could be better?


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