Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Candy Invasion

Halloween is fast approaching, so this weekend I have the hard task of buying all the bags of candy. Boy, there's a job that sucks, huh?

I broke out the candy caldron last week and set it up on the bar for filling. Right now it has bits of old potpourri in it. :P I'll have to clean it out and get it ready.

Mini is terrified of his Cookie Monster costume, which is a darn shame because it's so cute! I guess I can use the costume on one of my SS dolls. *shrugs* I hate for it to go to waste.

I'm not sure what we'll do with Mini for a costume now, maybe get him one of the bones T shirts or something, I guess. Maybe dress him up as something else - a pirate - he knows what they are thanks to Backyardigans.

I want to take some good pictures of the kids dressed up this year. I think Oldest is looking forward to that more than anyone. He's been wanting to take more risks these past few Halloweens - dress up as his video game characters, etc. And I think it's because his teenage body clock is ticking; the one that tells us all we're quickly getting "too old" for Halloween. (And he probably won't realize until he's about 25 or so that that is a bunch of nonsense.)

Hubby and I have an anniversary coming up this Saturday - 17 years of marriage. Hard to believe, but true. And we dated a year before we got hitched. Wow! We were going to bop on down to New Orleans and get our party on for the weekend, but it's looking like we may have the kids with us. So now I'm not sure what we're going to do. There's still some time to think about it, so we'll see.

Until then, I better get on with this manuscript. I had a great writing day yesterday - 1300 words added. Woot! A lot of hero/heroine introspection. I know in the next round of edits I do on this puppy, some of this will get cut, but there were some places in this I felt really enhanced the book. *dance, dance*

My goal for the time being is to move past Chapter 6. This is the chapter I got to and realized there was nothing written. :S I've been correcting that slowly, careful not to create a paradox I have to write myself out of later on. Oy, gotta love that, yes? Can't risk blowing the whole book over one scene.

Well that's it for today. It's almost 11, and the laundry beckons.
Have a snazzy Tuesday everyone!


  1. afraid of his cookie monster costume...I have four under ten and this still cracked me up...poor little guy

  2. Yeah, I had to take back the cookie monster outfit... oh, and it was sooo cute! I guess we'll send Mini as a pirate this year. It's easy enough to do - and he's not afraid of pirates. *_*


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