Thursday, September 27, 2007

Too Sexy For Mah Hat

Where did the day go? Already it's after three. I got up fairly early too, to have accomplished nothing. First thing today, I went about wrangling through my heroine's problems, and trying to figure out if she has some kind of goal in the first chapter other than standing around and sucking air. I've come to the conclusion that she's either brain dead, or needs to get laid. I'm not sure which is more fitting at this point. I'll keep you posted.

On another note, how about that hat? Could you take someone seriously if they were wearing that? Could you? *watery eyes* Even if they were trying to sell you life insurance? *lips quivering*

I saw the "cat hat" on ebay and had to keep the picture. No, I didn't actually buy the hat. They did have it in all kinds of nifty colors though... hot pink, lime green, and one that was really messed up: it was like a tabby gray color with red toward the roots. Think about it, for just $24.99 you can have your very own ROADKILL HAT! Brilliant!

In the morning I'll be taking oldest to have his toe surgery. Tonight I have to go fill up the Jeep and make sure I have all the referral papers, etc. so I can find them pre-coffee. Just in case. I'll be taking my wip with me as well, and two keychains of mace. OMG, I hope they don't make us sit around for hours on end before they get Oldest into a room.

Since it is that time again...

Thirteen Things I like best about our back yard...

1.) wind chimes
2.) dragon flies
3.) lady bugs
4.) the clover patch
5.) watching the rabbits
6.) the shady patch
7.) the breeze
8.) berry vines
9.) my baby fig tree
10.) the elephant ears
11.) hubby's crepe myrtles
12.) the stone circles
13.) the peace and quiet

Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. That hat is hideous! Ha ha! :D I'd totally get it to wear it just to amuse myself. Or to get the stares. It'd be so worth it.

    I hope Oldest's surgery goes well. *hugs*

  2. Anonymous7:42 AM

    WOW! That hat is really something else. I can't imagine seeing someone walking down the street in that. I don't think I'd be able to hold back the laughter.

  3. The hat is a hoot, and your back yard sounds delightful!


  4. If you wear one, Isabelle, I'll wear one too. ^_^ LOL! Maybe we could wear them to a rave or something. Hehehehehehe!

  5. Hey Bella! Great to see you!

    About that hat, just think... someone woke up one morning and thought that would be a great fashion accessory. Hehe! ^_^

  6. Thank you, Lee! So glad you could drop in! :)

  7. Dragonflies? ARGH! We get those in ours from next door's pond. Pisses me off!



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