Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Something To Dance To

Is it really Wednesday? I swear, whenever I hunker down in the writing cave, I emerge and days have passed by. I suppose that's a good way to know writing is getting done. Right? Yes? Anyone? *crickets*

I refuse to let myself go to bed tonight until I finish up this 1k writing jag. I'm almost there. Just a few more words to go. Still, it startled me when I looked up at the clock a few minutes ago and realized it's after midnight. I thought it was closer to 11. Oh well. No pain, no gain.

In taking my writing break, I thought I'd blog. Which is in essence more writing. (Yay! I'm a masochist. But some of you probably already knew that.) I've already posted a Hump Day Hunk over at the Midnight Moon Cafe, so I thought I'd do something a bit different here.

How about a little music and dancing? The fact this week is half over sounds like a good enough excuse to me. ^_^ So here you go. Tommy Tutone. A classic. Here's your four minute dance break.

Happy hump day!


  1. LOL That was awesome!

    I haven't heard that song in forever. I definitely took the dance break. Now I have to sit down and write. ;) Thanks for the smile.

  2. Not noticing the passage of time while you're writing is always a good sign. I love it when that happens.

    OMG! What a blast from the past! You know, not long ago, one of the local papers ran a piece about that song. Or more specifically, that phone number. It talked about different people who'd had that phone number in the past and how they dealt with it. Pretty interesting.

  3. Glad you danced, Isabelle! I was jammin' right along with you. ^_^

  4. Hi Lynn! I saw a show on the phone number recently, and it made me think of the song - which is infectious, in my opinion. LOL! Isn't there some kind of rule/law or something now that you can't have a phone number in a movie or song unless it starts with 555?


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