Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Sleep Will Find You

I stayed up late writing last night, and didn't hit the sack until around 1 AM. When Mini rolled over this morning around 6 AM ready to run and romp, I didn't think I would last.

Blame me for staying up late, yes, but it hasn't helped that lately Mini hasn't been wanting to take a nap. Instead of making him take one around 12-2ish every day, (sometimes I would even nap with him) I've been letting him run himself down. All good for Mini, I'm sure, but rather tiring for the ol' momma. I've come to depend on that hour or so of quiet time during the day. It's getting harder and harder to get up in the mornings as it is... and without a nap buffer?

Mini has managed to skip a nap completely for about two or three days now, but I think today may've been the breaking point. Hubby put in the Cars movie for Mini when he started getting a bit fussy. We'd already tried to get him to lie down a bit earlier, but he just didn't want to stay put. While the Mini bear was basking in front of the tele, I went about putting in laundry until suddenly I realize the house has gone quiet. Too quiet.

Scenting danger, the mother bear leaves the quiet of her laundry den to check on her young and ensure the area is safe...

Mini was right where I'd left him: in the gold recliner in front of the TV. Looks like sleep caught up with him at last. After a few pictures, I picked him up and put him to bed. Hopefully this means the balance of the universe has been restored.

On another note, I'm gaining ground on wip #2. I finished a questionable section on the demons, wrote and rewrote it. (And rewrote it again, but I refuse to count that one.) I'm stepping back from the demons for a day or so, then I'll go back and retackle that section with a fresh perspective. I feel I've probably tweaked the plot about as much as it can be tweaked. I guess I'll know soon enough...

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Goodness that picture is adorable. ;) Poor Mini. He was worn out something fierce, you can tell.

    Hope the balance has been restored and that you get some much needed R&R as well!!! I'm going to start a campaign. AVOID BURNOUT 2007. ;) Ha, ha.

  2. Yay on wip #2!

    I agree with Isabelle. That picture is just too cute. I remember when my LittleDude was that size. He would literally bop til he dropped. Looks like your Mini did the same thing.

    Did you take advantage of your time?

  3. That's a brilliant campaign, Isabelle. And it works on so many different levels. Writing, house hunting, lots of things. I could be a poster child for it - frazzled hair, dark circles and all. ^_^

  4. Hi Lynn! How have you been? :)

    I did take advantage of that nap time. LOL I wrote for a few minutes, then went and curled up with him. I was sooo exhausted by that time.



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