Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Prescription Rain Check

Yesterday I went to the dermatologist about these allergy fits that seem to be affecting my hands. He took me to school on allergies, and told me that actually what was causing me to break out in hives is STRESS. Anyway, he gave me a prescription for a hand lotion, a sample bar of Cetaphil soap for sensitive skin, and told me otherwise to just chill out a bit and I should be okay.

I took the prescription to my regular pharmacy, and handed it in. I went around and around the store: twenty minutes passed, thirty minutes. I went back over to the windows to wait. Still nothing. A line grew outside the booth. I went back around the store, and finally - "Cora, would you please come back to the consulation window."


I get over there, dodging grumpy old ladies, and people who stare at you like cattle but won't freaking move, only to get up to the window and have the pharmacist - who looks like he's barely older than my oldest offspring - tell me, "We're going to have to order one of the ingredients for your prescription."


Apparently this hand lotion has a base that must be mixed with something else. The guy told me he'd order the base and call me in the morning around 11 am, when the guy came to make the store deliveries. He said he would quickly whip up my prescription and no more waiting. Tah-da!

Well, this morning, I waited til 11 and called the pharmacy. Guess what? He can't get my prescription. He didn't know why the order didn't come through, but thought it best if I came and picked up my prescription slip. :P Gee, thanks for nothing...

So I did. I picked it up took it to another pharmacy across town. Rinse and repeat. They couldn't fill the prescription either. So what am I to do? Here I am with a prescription I can't fill and no where to take it. I'd call Ruston and ask there, but hell, I can't read the doctor's writing. :P

Looks like I'm just going to have to saddle up and drive 40 miles to freaking Rite Aide. *checks to make sure it's actually Tuesday*

I wasted most of the day on that prescription run, but came home and tried to sort through the wip anyway. I couldn't figure out what else the story needed - the word count has fallen short - so I printed it all up and sat down with a pen. I've decided the first scene needs a background change because it feels just way too disjointed. I'm too tired to really focus on it, so I put it away until in the morning. Or at least until later tonight when the house has settled some.

Ah, where are those lazy days of summer when you really need them?

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