Monday, September 10, 2007

Mutate With Me

First thing out the gate today, hubby loaded Mini in his car seat and took him for the day. While they visited the park, shopped, and dropped by the buffet at Pizza Hut, I parked my rump in front of the comp and managed to knock out just over 4100 words on wip #2.

I've now got to sit down tonight after everyone goes to bed and plot another two chapters. My goal is a around 25k, give or take, by the end of the month. Since this is a contemporary rather than a paranormal, I'm treading into uncharted territory. I've been trying to psyche myself out by telling myself a contemporary is just a paranormal without any "para" elements. The concept - romance - is still the same. Let's hope the mental juju is enough to keep me in the saddle. If not, I'm going to have to go back to the writer boards where someone can ply the whip to my hide and keep me on board.

Hubby returned home with Mini after a few hours. By that time, I was at a point I could easily wrap things up. The lil bear was completely sacked out. Hubby let him play himself down, and the minute they were in the Jeep on the way home, Mini zonked. When we took off Mini's sandals and laid him out on the bed, he never stirred. ^_^

You know something, though? Mini's day at the park got me thinking about the park itself. I've lived here for over a decade, and I typically drive by that park at least 3 times a week - business days and weekends. It's pretty much just an open playground beside one of the intown churches. It's right at the edge of a neighborhood with school age kids - I know they're there. Oldest has been to a birthday party or two back there.

My point? Where are the kids? Why don't they ever play in the park?

I have never, ever seen any kids playing at that park. It has everything you could need. Swings, slide, merry-go-round, and picnic tables. Even on Sunday, it stays empty. Come to think of it, whenever we're in Ruston and I pass by the City Park where my cousins, friends, and I used to play all the time, it's like a ghost park. There are NEVER any kids there either. How sad is that?

Is it video games keeping kids from the park? Fear of creeps lurking in playgrounds? Parents who just don't take their kids? I mean, the equipment is there... if it had been in my neighborhood back in the day, all us kids would have been hanging out there. One of the houses hubby and I are looking at now is near a rural park. I considered that a good reason to keep the place on our list.

What do I know... Maybe it's a generational thing. Or just a personal preference? I always liked playing outdoors as a kid, but you don't see that much anymore. Kids are soooo much different now than they were then. Sign o' the times, I guess.


  1. Awesome job on the writing!!!

    With my older boys we used to go to a park to play almost every single day... now with my youngest we rarely go. And I've finally figured out part of the reason... we now have air. I don't have a desire to go out into the 100 degree weather! We didn't have air before and we were always looking for a way to get out of the stuffy house before. That's my excuse. :-)


  2. Cole, now that's good reasoning. I wouldn't want to leave the air either. ^_^

  3. Stirs whip. I got your back. Contemps aren't too bad, and you're absolutely right, they're para's without the paranormal in them. ;) So you've got this.

    I love the park. Even now, as an adult. It's strange, but I find nothing is quite as relaxing as sitting on swings and just looking up at the sky.

  4. I agree with Cole. It's all about the weather. If it wasn't so darned hot, my kid and I would be out playing tennis.

    I gotta tell you, that picture is totally wigging me out. :)


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