Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Magic 8 Ball Says...

This picture amazes me. Really.

Someone, somewhere woke up one morning and thought it would be a peachy swell idea to dress up like a toilet and crash a ball game. ^_^ Oh well, you know what they say: Everyone needs a hobby. *Somewhere a mother cries.*

I wrapped up one project last night - the demons - but I am still not 100% happy with it. Instead of scrapping it, or going back and rewriting bits in it to try and compensate, I won't be going back through or editing it for a while. I have struggled tooth and nail with the story from day one, so I am going to burn it down to disc and shelve it for a month or two. Sometime around the holidays I will break it out and read through it again. If I feel it's worth saving after reading it with a fresh mind, I'll find an epub for it. Otherwise I guess it will be one for my private collection. Time will tell.

I printed out the contemporary yesterday, too, and began making a first round pass on it. It's marked up like an 8th grade English paper right now. YIKES! But some progress is better than none. I'm going to change some things about the opening scene, and I still need to add more to the middle. So there's still work to be done... At times, I stop and wonder if I really know what the heck I'm doing. I hoped this thing would be finished no later than mid-October, but now I wonder if that's possible. Ho hum.

On another note... I'd just pulled Mini out of the bath last night, and he takes off screeching and giggling through the house before I can put a stitch on him. *forehead smack* I chase him through the living room with a diaper and a T-shirt, and only when I have him corralled on the couch do I realize hubby is standing at the front door talking to someone. It turns out to be our neighbor, and her daughter, who is about 12 years old. *_* I heard hubby laugh, and explain something about Mini, then he shuts the door and says, "Well, I just spent 14 dollars."

"For what?" This, as I'm wrangling a hyper toddler into monster truck pajamas.

"I bought three pounds of white chocolate macadamia nut cookie dough from *neighbor's daughter*."

HUH? Three pounds? How does a 12 year old end up with three pounds of cookie dough to sell in the first place? And what conspiracy is this to my diet?

He explains that, of course, the sale is for some school project thing. And his reason for buying that much cookie dough? Well, he likes white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. (And sadly, so do I.) :P I guess I know now what I'll be handing out for Halloween. Cookies, anyone?

Ironic really, since I bought Mini's halloween costume last week. He's going as Cookie Monster.

Happy Hump Day, everyone!


  1. I like the fact that mini is going to be Cookie Monster with all of those cookies....


  2. HA HA. That's so cute. That your Mini is going to be Cookie Monster to your Macademia Nut madness. :D


  3. LMAO

    It could have been worse, (shudders at the ideas that pop into her head)

    Some people have way too much freetime on thier hands.


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