Thursday, September 06, 2007

It's Not Easy Being Green

I'm a third of the way finished with wip #2. I see myself adding a huge swatch to it this weekend since we have no plans. It's a shame it's not a full three day weekend for us this week, Fall Fest will be going on over at Babyland General in Cleveland. *sigh* I wish I could go. I'd love to pick up a floor baby. I've been itching to adopt an Asian girl with black crimped ponies, and it would be very special if I could handpick her from the patch. It doesn't look like that will be anytime soon though. Ho hum.

But back to writing. I added 1500 words last night, and made it to bed at a decent hour - just a few minutes past midnight. I'm sure of the direction of the story, and it's going the way it should, but I'm having to write it in patches so it feels like this one is filling out super slow.

Last night I learned that Dominant Territory has landed on the bestseller list again. Woot! I'm sharing the #3 spot with the lovely L. Shannon. (Who writes some seriously tasty demon romance.) This is the third month for D/T on the company list, and I couldn't be happier for my characters: Drake and Libby. They have been waiting in various forms since the early 1990s to have their story told. I appreciate everyone who has bought the book and joined them on their romantic journey. :)

Looks like it's that time of the week again...

Thirteen Things I Like (that happen to be green)

1.)Hubby's eyes
3.)fresh mown grass
4.)Doc Martens
5.)mint chocolate chip ice cream
6.)potted palms (my favorite plants)
7.)the rainforest
8.)Mother Earth News Magazine
11.)the field across from my house
12.)my birthstone (peridot)
13.)English Ivy

How's that saying go? Sometimes it's the simple things that matter? 'Nuff said.

Happy T13, everyone! ^_^


  1. *sending you a happy happy butt wiggle for your best seller*

  2. We just wanted to say thanks for reading "Mother."

    Bryan Welch
    Mother Earth News

  3. Congrats for getting on the bestseller list, Cora!

    It sounds like you're making some great writing progress. That really feels good, doesn't it?

    Your TT made me smile. I remember the vivid tales my Irish grandmother used to tell me about the English-ivy-covered cottage she grew up in. And I adore Kermit. :-)

  4. I also love green! Ooh, and I adore everything on your list...well except for your hubby's eyes...haven't seen those peepers yet!


  5. Big congrats on your WIP progress and on DT staying on the bestseller list! You've got a lot to be proud of! :D Keep it up. You're a total inspiration, you know. I've been much better about writing regularly, but I'm just really slow. *sigh* Still, I hit 57k last nite! Woohoo!

    How about a drink to celebrate our progress?! *hands glass of wine*

    And great TT list! Green is a pretty great color. ;)

  6. Love it! My hubby's eyes are also green...and he's Irish so I love clovers! Thanks for the great TT.

  7. I love green eyes, but I don't know anyone with them. Actually, now that I think about it, there are a lot of green things I like too.

    Congrats, btw.

  8. Thanks for the well wishes, Lynn!

  9. Wow! Thanks for dropping in Mr. Welch! Love Mother Earth News.

  10. Thanks, Daisy. Ooh, an English ivy covered cottage sounds wonderful! I bet your grandmother told wonderful tales. I miss hearing the ones my gran used to me about the train rides she took across the country in the 1930s. Very good memories for me. :)

  11. LOL, Cass! ((hugs))

  12. Cheers, Isabelle! *clanks glasses* Congrats on that 57K! :)

  13. Hi Red! Thanks for visiting. I tried to pay you a visit in return, but couldn't get to your blog. Happy T13!

  14. Thanks, Lisa. :) Speaking of green eyes, it seems to run in my family, as well as my husbands. My Oldest's eyes are a green/blue. And both of my grandmothers were green eyed lasses. ^_^ Typical though, I ended up with brown. LOL! Happy T13.


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