Saturday, September 08, 2007

Go. Move. Dance.

Last night while I was shutting down my wip, I asked hubby if he would put Mini in the bath. This is something I usually take care of, but since hubby is home and because I still needed to make the bed and do a few little things here and there, I asked him to do it.

He agreed, and took Mini with him to the bathroom. I went on to the bedroom and I'm making the bed. I can hear the water running in the bath from there, all is well, all is quiet, and then I hear Mini SCREAMING from the living room: "Mimi, Mimi!!"

Of course I come running, and Mini is babbling incoherently, and grabbing my shirt, trying to climb me like a tree. It took me a minute to realize he was saying "SNAKE!"

Okay. I thank Go, Diego, Go for teaching my kid what an effing snake is. Damn, Anna the Anaconda... I am not afraid of snakes, however, the idea of my toddler finding one is another matter intirely. Mini climbs my freaking leg in order to get off the floor, and guess what... I don't see no stinking snake anywhere.

Hubby comes into the living room about this time, and he's got this weird look in his eyes. He tells me, "I'm sorry. I didn't know."

"What do you mean, you didn't know?"

"About the green string soap in the bathroom."


Hubby had made a bubble bath for Mini, and sprayed some of the green kid's foam soap - that is like a thick version of silly string - into the water. Well, Mini saw it and completely FREAKED OUT. The whole while hubby is telling me what happened, Mini is wailing "Snake, snake, snaaaaaake!"

I sigh. I take Mini to the bathroom. Hubby has already scraped the offending "snake" out of the tub. Mini looks at the water and starts shrieking and trembling. I calmly tell him there is no snake, but he is absolutely convinced that there is.

Here I am with a sweaty, mildly sticky naked toddler in my arms, and he's scared of the bath water. What the heck am I to do? I very well can't put him to bed like that. So, clothes on and everything, I climb into the water. Mini is clinging to me like a baby koala bear, shouting to the heavens, genuinely, whole heartedly terrified. I sit down in the lukewarm, soapy water, and with him standing on my lap, I start rinsing him with the wash cloth.

His toy boat comes sailing around my thigh, "SNAKE!"
"It's not a snake, Mini, it's your boat."
The bubble bath swirls behind him.
"That's my toes, Mini." I wiggle them to prove it.
He nods. "Right."

This goes on for about five minutes while he is standing on my THIGHS in the tub. He won't actually sit in the water. Won't even stick a toe in it. I try to sit him on my lap and he screams. He climbs me like a wet cat and balances himself once again, one foot on either of my thighs.

I finally got him washed down, and very tiredly, handed him out of the tub to his father, who is still looking very apologetic. I sigh again. I then get up, strip off my sopping wet clothes and ask for a towel. Next time I think I'd better take care of the baby bath.


  1. Whoa, that's bathtime trouble Calgon cannot assist with. Hope Mini's feeling better!

  2. Oh, poor thing. I hope Mini won't be afraid of the bath now.

  3. OH NO! Poor Mini! That can be pretty terrifying if you don't understand that it's not REALLY a snake. Poor you! I'd say hatemail to the creators of Go Diego Go is in order. lol

  4. Thanks, Ann. Mini seems to be doing okay after that. Of course, not long after the snake incident, he was horsing around, jumping and such, and took a spill off the end of my bed. *sigh* Boys...

  5. Thanks, L.K. He's much better, and seems to have completely forgotten about the snakes in the bath. The very next day I had no trouble getting him in the water. Thankfully. I've definitely been avoiding the "S" word around him now. LOL

  6. LOL, Isabelle! I've thought about that hatemail. ^_^ I got to thinking about it, and I'm sure he was convinced it was a snake BECAUSE it was in the water. The show with Anna the Anaconda... that was the big deal, he had to get her to the water/river. So it's like you said, it's terrifying if you don't understand it's not real. Mini knew snakes go in water... Darn it, Diego!


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