Sunday, September 02, 2007

Episode IV - New Househunting Hope

Hubby and I were on our way to Petco yesterday when his cell phone starts screaming California Uber Alles at us. Since I know mom and dad's ringtones by heart, I briefly glanced over at hubby (I was driving). "Who's ringtone is that?"

He didn't get a chance to answer me before he answered the call, so I shushed the boys in the backseat, and this stillness came over me when I realized Hubby is talking to the woman who owns "The Dreamhouse" - the one with the kitchen big enough to turn cartwheels in (as I have before described) but that wouldn't appraise for the asking price. She said she'd hoped to hear from us, and wanted to know if we were still interesting in the house, and hubby explained that 3 banks told us the house wouldn't appraise. She told him she and her husband are going to have the house and 9 acres appraised 3 ways - with house and 2 acres, just the land, and the whole thing house and all acreage. She said once she had the paperwork, she would call hubby again and give him a copy to take to our banker.

Do I dare say it? Do I dare risk jinxing myself? I can't help it! I am over the moon thrilled with this! *faint*

I've been saying for weeks now I wish they'd reevaluate their asking price, because let's face it - whoever has the full price to pay that house out, is likely not going to go with an older home. Most folks, like myself, would take that money and put down a substatial downpayment to have a home built. Now they've called us back. Everyone keep your fingers crossed, keep those candles burning, and hope the figures will work this time.

It's interesting I only learned it was her who called us yesterday. I'd thought at the time it was another lady calling about a different house - one I wasn't so taken with. I am practically hopping on one foot in anticipation of this one. I'd really like to see the papers in hand.

On another note, I managed about 1200 words last night before I got too tired and shoved off to bed around 2 AM. Luckily no UFO documentaries to keep me awake this night. I needed the sleep! Today I have a word goal of 1000. If I do more than that, I'll give myself a cookie. ^_^

That's it for me today. Happy news for a change. If you're reading this, I hope your Sunday is a snazzidelic one!


  1. OH OH OH! I sooo hope it works out for you. *crosses fingers*

    :) Keep us informed!

  2. Fingers crossed TIGHTLY Cora!!!! :)

  3. All my good thoughts are headed your way, Cora!! I hope this is it for you.

  4. Thanks, ladies! I am reaaaally hoping hard for this one. I love the house. It would be just perfect for us.


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