Monday, September 24, 2007

Don't Let It Fade

I just printed up my contemporary manuscript du jour. It has more holes than swiss cheese right now, but I've managed to beef the word count (and plot!) up to around 17.5K. It's still far too short, but I think once I go back and rework the chapters, the word count will fill out to a healthy novella range. Wish me luck! *shamrock*

Today is Oldest's hospital day. It's his toenails again. *sigh* Hubby is off work, and has taken Oldest to the ER so he wouldn't have to wait until the middle of October to have someone look at him. We're hoping they will just get on with it and take the nails, but we'll see. They'll probably do like last time - give him antibiotics, that really won't do anything because you can't heal something as long as the source of the infection is still present. Gah! Where's a doctor's neck to choke when you need one? :S


  1. Ack, I hope your oldest gets better soon. I'm wincing in sympathy.

    Good luck fleshing out your novella!

  2. Thanks a bunch, Ann. Hopefully this will be the last round with Oldest's toes.


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