Friday, September 21, 2007

Caught Being Naughty

I admit it. I've been bad. Last night my characters were giving me a load of crap - they didn't want to talk to each other, they didn't want to hold hands, or kiss, or look at each other... they pretty much didn't want to interact with each other in anyway.

I looked at my hero: "Hey, bub, you do love her, right? Right?" Of course, no answer from him. He's too busy brooding and looking in the other direction to take much notice of me.

Things just got too cozy in Appletown USA for my liking. So I decided to pick up the proverbial snowglobe and give it a good shake. My heroine now has a boyfriend on the side, and although the heroine hasn't mentioned him to the hero (yet), the hero knows about it. Not typical romance, but WOW! A juicy love triangle apparently has the power to get this hero's attention. (If it didn't, I was thinking I might have to give him the big chop.) I'm going to sail along with the story in this mode for a while and see if what happens. Maybe it will be enough to shock them all out of their complacency.

WARNING: It's time for a Four Minute Dance Break! Are you ready for a 90s flashback? Got your babydoll dress on? Your striped tights? Platform clogs? Good!

Since my characters are so sorely lacking, I decided they could take lessons on Human Behaviour from Bjork. I know, I know... Everyone talks about the teddy bear, but it's the moth in this video that freaks me out.

I better get back to work. Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Argh. Don't you hate it when characters are difficult? My heroine is being very paranoid about everything. It's making my life very difficult.

    Btw, I LOVE that Bjork song! I've never seen the video but, eww... creepy. lol It's still an awesome song.

    Have a great weekend Cora! Things will work themselves out. Your characters can only fight their true feelings for so long. ;)

  2. Hey Cora! How you doing? What a way to get the hero's attention. Very cool, and effective. ;)

  3. Isabelle, I hope you snap the towel on your heroine! I'm gonna have to do the same with mine. She's too growly - and she's not a werewolf. So that's not a good thing. *_*

    Hope your weekend was a good one too!

  4. Hi Yolanda! ^_^

    I know... crazy dynamics. LOL But, it's not like the hero didn't ask for it. If he's not going to give my heroine any attention, I guess he can't be surprised when her attention strays. *eyebrow wiggle* Hehe!

    How are things going with you? I'm gonna have to pop over and give you a visit.


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