Friday, September 14, 2007

Butterfingers Friday

Man, what a morning! Hubby got the call first thing out of bed. He starts his new project on Monday. Tomorrow that means a run to buy new tools, and that will probably be the last "free" writing day I have for a few months to come.

He took Mini out with him this morning, and I planned to take advantage of it and write the entire time, but as soon as I sat down with my laptop, my mother called. The call lasted about thirty minutes and a run through of a week of family gossip, and I finally managed to cut in and tell her I had to go. I promised to make it up to mom later - I'd call her back sometime this afternoon. Well, right after I got off the phone, I suppose it must be a karmic smackdown or something because I reached for the laptop again, and lo and behold - a BSOD!!! The first blue screen I've gotten since I bought the Dell. Well, shit...

I fiddled with that, doing scans and in general trying to figure out what the heck 0x321475stringoffreakingnumbers is supposed to be, and finally I got everything (seemingly) working right again. For now. If I can just finish this next project, the computer is free and clear to do what it pleases. Bite the dust. Whatever. But not until I get my stuff completed and off of here!

I will say, though, and don't quote me on this, a'ight? But I do think there's a MASS CONSPIRACY to make consumers buy a new computer every year. My computer is working great, fine, no issues, no problems. I haven't downloaded anything questionable, and I visit the same sites (which are safe) day after day. How the heck do I end up with problems? It's programmed in there, maaaan... *Dennis Hopper voice* They want your computer to fry. These big corporate gurus planned the whole thing from the start to keep you from surfing the net and buying more computers. It's all a big scaam, maaaaan...

Or maybe not. This day and age, who can guess?

Today's pic is courtesy of Hubby's cell phone. We put Mini on the horses (all pink, no less), and he sat there stiff as a board through the whole thing. The smile was the only thing giving away that he was having a good time. At least until we went to take him off of there. Then he started bawling for more "hawsy ride it".

Eh gads, where has the time gone? It's almost 1pm. I better getta crackin' on my wip. Publishers wait for no one. (Except maybe JK Rowling. :P)

Happy weekend!


  1. What a day! *hugs*

    That's tough. I hope all works out with hubby's job and all. No worries, you'll get everything done. You're like supermom. ;) Oh heck, you're my hero. Ha, ha.


  2. That's like, gonna make me all sniffelly, Isabelle. :*> Hehehehe! ((hugs))

    Happy Friday to you as well! ^_^

  3. I reckon it's every 3 years they bust. Effers.



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