Sunday, September 30, 2007

Am Tired, Must Write

Friday I took Oldest to have his toenails removed. I think I'd have been better off staying home. We got there an hour late for our appointment thanks to my fine navigational skills, but we still managed to get into a room without having too long of a wait.

However, when we get in the room, Oldest can't understand the intern's accent, so I'm left explaining that we are there to have his toenails removed, and the nail beds cauterized. The intern (who is not the same one who saw Oldest last time) seems to think the toes don't look bad enough, so he goes to get his supervising doctor.

The supervising doctor (who is, again, not the same one who saw Oldest last time) takes a look at Oldest's toes and says, I think these are too infected to remove. *_* He then asks us why the toenails are so short - "Um, that's because he had them removed in May. They haven't grown back completely yet." This information is right there on Oldest's chart. The doctor nods, seems to have heard me, then goes prodding around on the toes. "But why are they so short? Have you been cutting his nails?"

This doctor starts giving me the third degree, like I have somehow been torturing my son and doing wierd things to his toenails. Uh, okay... I kept telling him, "They are too short because they were completely removed, and are in the process of growing out." After repeating this two or three times, the intern starts trying to explain to the doctor as well that the toes are SUPPOSED to look like that. He even opens Oldest's chart and points out the surgery dates.

I don't know what the supervising doctor was snorting, or smoking, before he came into our room, but he still didn't seem to get it. I didn't do a damn thing to Oldest's toes. Neither did Oldest - unless you count soaking them in epsom salts as something. *sigh* Anyway, the doctor tells us he doesn't want to perform the surgery - nevermind we are following the FIRST doctor's orders by taking antibiotics, and coming in to have them removed a second time.

This quack wants us to continue taking the antibiotics and grow oldest toenails out more (uh, they are hurting him, and rampantly infected, but the moron didn't seem to grasp that.) So now we have to go back through this hell again next Friday. On top of this, we are paying cash for these proceedures. We don't qualify for CHIP, but we can't afford private insurance. So, yet another doctor bill to look forward to. -_-'

Aside from that, we had a pretty good time, Friday. Since there was no way we could get home in time to take him back to school, we went to the Pizza Hut lunch buffet, and afterward I drove Oldest to the mall. We walked around FYE and Hot Topic a while, then dropped by Toys R Us on our way out of town. At TRU, we picked out a toy tractor for Mini (anything with wheels will please him just fine), and from there we cruised on home. Overall, not a bad day - unless you count the experience with that doctor. :S

Beyond that, it's been a fairly quiet weekend. Saturday we mostly sat around the house and watched movies.

Hubby and I got up waaay early with Mini this morning - he was up around 2 am ready to start his day, and it was hours before we got him down again. When we got up the second time around 6, we decided to drive out to Saline to view a house we've seen listed on the market there.

On the way to Saline, we're going down these really rough roads, and Mini keeps talking about how he's "stuck" in the car seat. I thought he was just being crabby, but we are about half-way to our destination and he begins projectile vomiting in the backseat.

OMFG. Strawberry milk vomit all in the back of my Jeep, on the back of my seat, and all over Mini. If reading that alone doesn't make you want to wretch, you are Superman. Hubby starts getting sick just hearing Mini get sick. I pulled over the first chance I got - we are on this shoulderless stretch of backroads. There is grass up to my kneecaps when I hopped out of the Jeep, and stuck a towel up to Mini's face because he was still heaving. What a complete, utter mess... We had to strip Mini down to his diaper, and use baby wipes to clean up the carseat and backseat. Usually I'd carry a change of clothes to put him in incase he got messy at a restaurant, but I didn't this time. I figured since we weren't going to a restaurant and weren't going to be too far from home, we didn't need it. (Of course!)

We drove through the community to view the house but didn't stay long - just incase Mini had more surprises in store for us. We went to the General Store there in town and bought a Sprite to help settle his stomach, but they didn't have any little t-shirts or anything on the rack for him to wear home. So, back through town we stopped by Fred's, and I ran in while hubby got him out of the car seat. I bought lavender scented babywipes, a pair of 2T jeans, and the only 2T shirt on the racks - a long sleeved striped thing that looked like something a muppet wears on Sesame Street.

The clothes fit well enough, and it was good enough to get him through until we made it back home. We went to the store and picked up what else we needed - things for Hubby's lunch this coming week, and a few other things. Like Renuzit Odor Neutralizer for the Jeep. :P

By the time we left the store, I was feeling ill. I managed to clean the Jeep quiet well with the babywipes, but there is no trunk - only an open, hatchback type area like most SUVs have in the back. Mini's yucky clothes were stinking up everything. Just riding in the Jeep with it smelling the way it did was enough to do me in. Before I put Mini back in the carseat I spritzed it down with the Renuzit, and while it didn't do anything to ease my stomach, it made it tolerable until we could get home.

So there it is, my weekend. I'd hoped to have accomplished more, but I'm so tired, I can barely think straight. I may take a short nap before attempting to open my wip. I'd hate to do an reconstruction work thinking I was doing a great job, only to come back later when I'm more refreshed, and realize I've made an even worse mess than it was before. :P


  1. Ack. I am wincing in sympathy for you, Oldest and Mini. What a weekend.

    Hope things look up soon, Cora.

  2. Oh no, Cora! What a weekend! Is Mini ok? Was it something he ate? Argh, that's so icky.

    I hope you're feeling better too. I can't hear other people heave. It makes me sooo sick to my stomach.

    Here's to hoping the week looks up!

  3. I totally feel for your oldest! And reading through your weekend... now I'm tired! :-) Hope your week goes well. Oh and I LOVE that picture of the cat! :-)


  4. Thanks, ladies. I think in part Mini just got car sick - we were on a lot of winding, bumpy roads. Top that with him teething - he has a back tooth coming in, and he probably wasn't feeling too good to start. He seems to be doing much better now, though. :)

  5. Bicarbonate of Soda mixed with water. Wash the seats with that. Gets milk smells out.

    The toenail saga--Eldest had hers taken off too--but that doctor? How you didn't scream at his dimness and ask how he could possibly have passed exams to become a doctor...



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