Sunday, September 30, 2007

Am Tired, Must Write

Friday I took Oldest to have his toenails removed. I think I'd have been better off staying home. We got there an hour late for our appointment thanks to my fine navigational skills, but we still managed to get into a room without having too long of a wait.

However, when we get in the room, Oldest can't understand the intern's accent, so I'm left explaining that we are there to have his toenails removed, and the nail beds cauterized. The intern (who is not the same one who saw Oldest last time) seems to think the toes don't look bad enough, so he goes to get his supervising doctor.

The supervising doctor (who is, again, not the same one who saw Oldest last time) takes a look at Oldest's toes and says, I think these are too infected to remove. *_* He then asks us why the toenails are so short - "Um, that's because he had them removed in May. They haven't grown back completely yet." This information is right there on Oldest's chart. The doctor nods, seems to have heard me, then goes prodding around on the toes. "But why are they so short? Have you been cutting his nails?"

This doctor starts giving me the third degree, like I have somehow been torturing my son and doing wierd things to his toenails. Uh, okay... I kept telling him, "They are too short because they were completely removed, and are in the process of growing out." After repeating this two or three times, the intern starts trying to explain to the doctor as well that the toes are SUPPOSED to look like that. He even opens Oldest's chart and points out the surgery dates.

I don't know what the supervising doctor was snorting, or smoking, before he came into our room, but he still didn't seem to get it. I didn't do a damn thing to Oldest's toes. Neither did Oldest - unless you count soaking them in epsom salts as something. *sigh* Anyway, the doctor tells us he doesn't want to perform the surgery - nevermind we are following the FIRST doctor's orders by taking antibiotics, and coming in to have them removed a second time.

This quack wants us to continue taking the antibiotics and grow oldest toenails out more (uh, they are hurting him, and rampantly infected, but the moron didn't seem to grasp that.) So now we have to go back through this hell again next Friday. On top of this, we are paying cash for these proceedures. We don't qualify for CHIP, but we can't afford private insurance. So, yet another doctor bill to look forward to. -_-'

Aside from that, we had a pretty good time, Friday. Since there was no way we could get home in time to take him back to school, we went to the Pizza Hut lunch buffet, and afterward I drove Oldest to the mall. We walked around FYE and Hot Topic a while, then dropped by Toys R Us on our way out of town. At TRU, we picked out a toy tractor for Mini (anything with wheels will please him just fine), and from there we cruised on home. Overall, not a bad day - unless you count the experience with that doctor. :S

Beyond that, it's been a fairly quiet weekend. Saturday we mostly sat around the house and watched movies.

Hubby and I got up waaay early with Mini this morning - he was up around 2 am ready to start his day, and it was hours before we got him down again. When we got up the second time around 6, we decided to drive out to Saline to view a house we've seen listed on the market there.

On the way to Saline, we're going down these really rough roads, and Mini keeps talking about how he's "stuck" in the car seat. I thought he was just being crabby, but we are about half-way to our destination and he begins projectile vomiting in the backseat.

OMFG. Strawberry milk vomit all in the back of my Jeep, on the back of my seat, and all over Mini. If reading that alone doesn't make you want to wretch, you are Superman. Hubby starts getting sick just hearing Mini get sick. I pulled over the first chance I got - we are on this shoulderless stretch of backroads. There is grass up to my kneecaps when I hopped out of the Jeep, and stuck a towel up to Mini's face because he was still heaving. What a complete, utter mess... We had to strip Mini down to his diaper, and use baby wipes to clean up the carseat and backseat. Usually I'd carry a change of clothes to put him in incase he got messy at a restaurant, but I didn't this time. I figured since we weren't going to a restaurant and weren't going to be too far from home, we didn't need it. (Of course!)

We drove through the community to view the house but didn't stay long - just incase Mini had more surprises in store for us. We went to the General Store there in town and bought a Sprite to help settle his stomach, but they didn't have any little t-shirts or anything on the rack for him to wear home. So, back through town we stopped by Fred's, and I ran in while hubby got him out of the car seat. I bought lavender scented babywipes, a pair of 2T jeans, and the only 2T shirt on the racks - a long sleeved striped thing that looked like something a muppet wears on Sesame Street.

The clothes fit well enough, and it was good enough to get him through until we made it back home. We went to the store and picked up what else we needed - things for Hubby's lunch this coming week, and a few other things. Like Renuzit Odor Neutralizer for the Jeep. :P

By the time we left the store, I was feeling ill. I managed to clean the Jeep quiet well with the babywipes, but there is no trunk - only an open, hatchback type area like most SUVs have in the back. Mini's yucky clothes were stinking up everything. Just riding in the Jeep with it smelling the way it did was enough to do me in. Before I put Mini back in the carseat I spritzed it down with the Renuzit, and while it didn't do anything to ease my stomach, it made it tolerable until we could get home.

So there it is, my weekend. I'd hoped to have accomplished more, but I'm so tired, I can barely think straight. I may take a short nap before attempting to open my wip. I'd hate to do an reconstruction work thinking I was doing a great job, only to come back later when I'm more refreshed, and realize I've made an even worse mess than it was before. :P

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Too Sexy For Mah Hat

Where did the day go? Already it's after three. I got up fairly early too, to have accomplished nothing. First thing today, I went about wrangling through my heroine's problems, and trying to figure out if she has some kind of goal in the first chapter other than standing around and sucking air. I've come to the conclusion that she's either brain dead, or needs to get laid. I'm not sure which is more fitting at this point. I'll keep you posted.

On another note, how about that hat? Could you take someone seriously if they were wearing that? Could you? *watery eyes* Even if they were trying to sell you life insurance? *lips quivering*

I saw the "cat hat" on ebay and had to keep the picture. No, I didn't actually buy the hat. They did have it in all kinds of nifty colors though... hot pink, lime green, and one that was really messed up: it was like a tabby gray color with red toward the roots. Think about it, for just $24.99 you can have your very own ROADKILL HAT! Brilliant!

In the morning I'll be taking oldest to have his toe surgery. Tonight I have to go fill up the Jeep and make sure I have all the referral papers, etc. so I can find them pre-coffee. Just in case. I'll be taking my wip with me as well, and two keychains of mace. OMG, I hope they don't make us sit around for hours on end before they get Oldest into a room.

Since it is that time again...

Thirteen Things I like best about our back yard...

1.) wind chimes
2.) dragon flies
3.) lady bugs
4.) the clover patch
5.) watching the rabbits
6.) the shady patch
7.) the breeze
8.) berry vines
9.) my baby fig tree
10.) the elephant ears
11.) hubby's crepe myrtles
12.) the stone circles
13.) the peace and quiet

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hump Day ... Pastries

For the past week and a half I have been totally fiending for carbs. Doughnuts, in particular. Is it the diet? Is it the cooler weather? Whatever it is, I got up yesterday morning and it was a huge test of willpower to keep from hopping in the Jeep and taking a drive up to Donut King. I have no doubt I could have plowed through a half dozen raspberry filled gems. Well, okay, maybe not that many. Two is about my limit before I start getting "sugar sick", but you know what I mean.

Despite the mad cravings, I managed to steer clear of Donut King, and raspberry filled donuts. I'm proud of myself for that, but I am wary of having to run into town later in the week - it's just so darn easy to go through the D/K drive through. There should be a law against the building of such a thing. :P

Anyway, most of my day is going to be spent rewriting and editing. The story itself isn't too bad, but I've got to try and get that word count up. I meant to complete an entire chapter yesterday, but didn't get around to it. So that is my goal for the day - one whole chapter complete and ready to go. I'd hoped to have the story entirely completed by October 1st, but I can tell right now it's going to take probably a good two weeks after that to have it polished enough for submission. Ho hum. I guess the point is not to rush it, just to finish it.

With that in mind, I think it's time for another 4 minute dance break. (This one is actually just a little over 2 minutes. Heh.) I've had this song stuck in my head for the past few days. My favorite REM song EVER: Swan Swan H

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hovercats Unite!

Where did this month go? I just looked at the calendar and there are only a few days left. How did this happen? It seems like just a few days ago I was plotting to pay my bills around the 15th. Now there's less than a week left 'til October.

Maybe it's because things have been so busy. Even hubby has been feeling it. After his sister's big 5-0 birthday bash, he's been a bit over emotional - a term I thought I'd never associate with him. But it's true. Pair a birthday party with family slide shows of his sister and their mother (who passed away around 16 years ago) with Oldest's toe crisis, house hunting, and the shocking news this morning of a friend's suicide I guess a little "missing time" is no big thing, and being a little over emotional is pretty damn normal.

Friday I'm talking Oldest to have his toe surgery. They did blood tests on him to check for staph infection yesterday. Oldest is not needle friendly, so hubby found the situation quite harrowing. However, that was small beans compared to the incident that nearly required police intervention yesterday.

*Read on at your own risk - now entering the Cora Zane Rant Zone*

While sitting in the ER, one of the hospital "residents" (and no I'm not talking about the hospital staff. I mean the local crackheads that practically live at the hospital and wander around the clinics and ER while they're high - not sure if that's just a Louisiana thing, or if it's a national phenomenon, or what, but there it is) walked over and sat down next to Oldest. Right there, this cracked out pervert propositioned my son for sex. My sixteen year old son. With my husband - his DAD - sitting right there beside him.


We're all very lucky hubby isn't in jail right now for beating a junkie/pervert/pedophile down in the effing ER. Not that the sick bastard didn't deserve it. *rubs temples*

As you can imagine, we all hoped they take Oldest's toenails yesterday, but of course they're going to give him the rounds of antibiotics first. So we get to go through this joyous event of sitting in their security-less waiting rooms yet again. Hubby can't get out of work another day, so this next time the pleasure of sitting with a kid amongst the junkies in the chamber of horrors falls to me. Thankfully, however, they are going to cauterize the nailbed so the nails (hopefully) won't grow back. Please, powers of the universe, please don't let Oldest's toenails grow back. *_*

**Safety notice: ending Rant Zone**

On another, lighter note...

I managed to get Hubby and Oldest to do a teeny, tiny favor for me while he went and did the hospital rounds with Oldest. :*> See, we have to go to a different city to go to the hospital - well, we could go to our local hosital, but they just look at you, send you to the city hospital, and then send you a bill for $700 for the trouble - but I digress...

While in "different city", hubby dropped by the out of town Wal-mart to fill Oldest prescription for antibiotics. He called me from there, and I convinced hubby to go to the toy department for me. I had him and Oldest look up every Strawberry Shortcake doll and playset on the shelf that I don't currently have. ROFL! Of course, all the new dolls were all on a really high shelf that required a ladder... and special doll hunting assistance.

This woman associate comes over, climbed this ladder for them, and while hubby had me on the phone, he's sorting boxes of SSC figures, reading off box labels, telling me what scent they are and passing them to Oldest either to hold, or to see if he recognized them. (I could hear Oldest in the background: Well, how the heck should I know! I don't collect these things!) Bwahahahahahahaha! ^_^ It's love, I tell you...

They came home with three dolls for me. *snicker* I noticed they had them all in a bag to themselves, which made me wonder: Doll cooties? Oldest carries them in the house and the look on his face... PRICELESS. In a very unamused voice, he passes me the bag. "Your dolls, Mother." ++

Why, thank you, Sugah! *giggle, giggle, snort* ^_^

++What a great moment to be a mom!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Don't Let It Fade

I just printed up my contemporary manuscript du jour. It has more holes than swiss cheese right now, but I've managed to beef the word count (and plot!) up to around 17.5K. It's still far too short, but I think once I go back and rework the chapters, the word count will fill out to a healthy novella range. Wish me luck! *shamrock*

Today is Oldest's hospital day. It's his toenails again. *sigh* Hubby is off work, and has taken Oldest to the ER so he wouldn't have to wait until the middle of October to have someone look at him. We're hoping they will just get on with it and take the nails, but we'll see. They'll probably do like last time - give him antibiotics, that really won't do anything because you can't heal something as long as the source of the infection is still present. Gah! Where's a doctor's neck to choke when you need one? :S

Friday, September 21, 2007

Caught Being Naughty

I admit it. I've been bad. Last night my characters were giving me a load of crap - they didn't want to talk to each other, they didn't want to hold hands, or kiss, or look at each other... they pretty much didn't want to interact with each other in anyway.

I looked at my hero: "Hey, bub, you do love her, right? Right?" Of course, no answer from him. He's too busy brooding and looking in the other direction to take much notice of me.

Things just got too cozy in Appletown USA for my liking. So I decided to pick up the proverbial snowglobe and give it a good shake. My heroine now has a boyfriend on the side, and although the heroine hasn't mentioned him to the hero (yet), the hero knows about it. Not typical romance, but WOW! A juicy love triangle apparently has the power to get this hero's attention. (If it didn't, I was thinking I might have to give him the big chop.) I'm going to sail along with the story in this mode for a while and see if what happens. Maybe it will be enough to shock them all out of their complacency.

WARNING: It's time for a Four Minute Dance Break! Are you ready for a 90s flashback? Got your babydoll dress on? Your striped tights? Platform clogs? Good!

Since my characters are so sorely lacking, I decided they could take lessons on Human Behaviour from Bjork. I know, I know... Everyone talks about the teddy bear, but it's the moth in this video that freaks me out.

I better get back to work. Happy Friday, everyone!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Problem Solving Skills

It's Thursday again - woohoo! I just cleared the midway point in my current wip, so I'm taking a much needed coffee break.

I have kept on writing despite knowing the beginning of this book will have to change in order to fit the story. Boy, that sucks. But I figured it would be best to get the word count in there before I start stripping whole scenes out and rewriting them. I mean, either way, this thing is going to need mega edits before I can submit it anywhere. Might as well have enough words in there so something is left when the reconstruction begins...

After shelving the demons the other day, I realized I have an open writing schedule for the rest of the year. What's a girl to do? BuY a ToN oF BoOkS, that's what! ^_^

Some call that leisurely reading *cough* slacking. Some call it market research. Either way, it is what it is. A lot of books and the proposed hours it will take to make it all the way through each and every one of them. Muahahaha!

Thirteen Things I Really Need To Do Today (But I'm still gathering my motivation at this point...)

1. Put away the laundry - It's.Bothering.Me.
2. Recharge the Dremel
3. Write another 1000 words
4. Find Mini's other shoe - blasted gnomes!
5. Dust the utility room - wipe down the washer and drier
6. Dig for the Halloween decorations
7. Go to the post office
8. Put away the stack of CDs on my desk
9. Call the pharmacy
10.Clean out the fridge
11.Hang fresh curtains
12.Make the beds
13.Add more water to the fish bowl

The good thing about this list? Tomorrow it will be done and I won't have to worry about any of it. :P

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Magic 8 Ball Says...

This picture amazes me. Really.

Someone, somewhere woke up one morning and thought it would be a peachy swell idea to dress up like a toilet and crash a ball game. ^_^ Oh well, you know what they say: Everyone needs a hobby. *Somewhere a mother cries.*

I wrapped up one project last night - the demons - but I am still not 100% happy with it. Instead of scrapping it, or going back and rewriting bits in it to try and compensate, I won't be going back through or editing it for a while. I have struggled tooth and nail with the story from day one, so I am going to burn it down to disc and shelve it for a month or two. Sometime around the holidays I will break it out and read through it again. If I feel it's worth saving after reading it with a fresh mind, I'll find an epub for it. Otherwise I guess it will be one for my private collection. Time will tell.

I printed out the contemporary yesterday, too, and began making a first round pass on it. It's marked up like an 8th grade English paper right now. YIKES! But some progress is better than none. I'm going to change some things about the opening scene, and I still need to add more to the middle. So there's still work to be done... At times, I stop and wonder if I really know what the heck I'm doing. I hoped this thing would be finished no later than mid-October, but now I wonder if that's possible. Ho hum.

On another note... I'd just pulled Mini out of the bath last night, and he takes off screeching and giggling through the house before I can put a stitch on him. *forehead smack* I chase him through the living room with a diaper and a T-shirt, and only when I have him corralled on the couch do I realize hubby is standing at the front door talking to someone. It turns out to be our neighbor, and her daughter, who is about 12 years old. *_* I heard hubby laugh, and explain something about Mini, then he shuts the door and says, "Well, I just spent 14 dollars."

"For what?" This, as I'm wrangling a hyper toddler into monster truck pajamas.

"I bought three pounds of white chocolate macadamia nut cookie dough from *neighbor's daughter*."

HUH? Three pounds? How does a 12 year old end up with three pounds of cookie dough to sell in the first place? And what conspiracy is this to my diet?

He explains that, of course, the sale is for some school project thing. And his reason for buying that much cookie dough? Well, he likes white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. (And sadly, so do I.) :P I guess I know now what I'll be handing out for Halloween. Cookies, anyone?

Ironic really, since I bought Mini's halloween costume last week. He's going as Cookie Monster.

Happy Hump Day, everyone!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Prescription Rain Check

Yesterday I went to the dermatologist about these allergy fits that seem to be affecting my hands. He took me to school on allergies, and told me that actually what was causing me to break out in hives is STRESS. Anyway, he gave me a prescription for a hand lotion, a sample bar of Cetaphil soap for sensitive skin, and told me otherwise to just chill out a bit and I should be okay.

I took the prescription to my regular pharmacy, and handed it in. I went around and around the store: twenty minutes passed, thirty minutes. I went back over to the windows to wait. Still nothing. A line grew outside the booth. I went back around the store, and finally - "Cora, would you please come back to the consulation window."


I get over there, dodging grumpy old ladies, and people who stare at you like cattle but won't freaking move, only to get up to the window and have the pharmacist - who looks like he's barely older than my oldest offspring - tell me, "We're going to have to order one of the ingredients for your prescription."


Apparently this hand lotion has a base that must be mixed with something else. The guy told me he'd order the base and call me in the morning around 11 am, when the guy came to make the store deliveries. He said he would quickly whip up my prescription and no more waiting. Tah-da!

Well, this morning, I waited til 11 and called the pharmacy. Guess what? He can't get my prescription. He didn't know why the order didn't come through, but thought it best if I came and picked up my prescription slip. :P Gee, thanks for nothing...

So I did. I picked it up took it to another pharmacy across town. Rinse and repeat. They couldn't fill the prescription either. So what am I to do? Here I am with a prescription I can't fill and no where to take it. I'd call Ruston and ask there, but hell, I can't read the doctor's writing. :P

Looks like I'm just going to have to saddle up and drive 40 miles to freaking Rite Aide. *checks to make sure it's actually Tuesday*

I wasted most of the day on that prescription run, but came home and tried to sort through the wip anyway. I couldn't figure out what else the story needed - the word count has fallen short - so I printed it all up and sat down with a pen. I've decided the first scene needs a background change because it feels just way too disjointed. I'm too tired to really focus on it, so I put it away until in the morning. Or at least until later tonight when the house has settled some.

Ah, where are those lazy days of summer when you really need them?

Monday, September 17, 2007

From the Makers of the World's Tiniest Violin

Everything feels completely out of whack this morning. Yesterday afternoon, right after the boys came in from church with their Gram, hubby went to turn on the TV and it wouldn't come on. No spark, no sizzle. It just up and died. I had already taken Mini for a nap, and hubby came and poked his head around the door and told me the alarming news. :P

We've had this TV for about 7 years now, and the volume has been acting wonky for a few years running. However, this was my hubby's "baby". The 52 inch projection TV that I "allowed" him to have. Whatever. I wouldn't let him buy a used one off the back of some guy's truck, and made him go to Best Buy, but you get the idea.

When the TV was about four or so years old, a lightning strike KILLED everything plugged in on that side of the house - phone, coffee pot, the stereo, the surround sound system, the satellite box, the DVD and VCR players, and hubby's "baby". We luckily still had the TV under warranty and after a week of TV-less madness, a guy came out and repaired it for us. After that the TV worked good as new... erm, almost.

The volume thing cropped up around that time. You'd be watching the news, or cartoons or something and all is merry in the world, then suddenly you'd hear static, or nothing at all. You'd have to go over to the surge protector, click it off, then on again, and the sound would come back.

Okay. I knew when we started having to do that, it was only a matter of time. It was like having something fragile sitting on the edge of a really high shelf. You can see it, and you know it's moment is coming so you try to keep an eye on it, but you know the next really good bump is going to hurl it over the edge.

Well, it happened. No bump, of course, and the TV went quietly, but I knew when it died, I might as well roll up my sleeves and break out the mop.

We don't actually watch a lot of TV, but we are one of those crazy families that has a TV running all the time. It's our noise barrier in the house, and it throws off light too, so I guess it's also part lamp. When I came out of the bedroom from putting Mini down for his nap, I met hubby in the living room. He had his boots on, his cap, and was pacing. He looked very much like a stern relative ready to discuss funeral terms.

"So what do you want to do?" he asks me.

Of course we have to have another TV. Mini would go berzerker on us if he's unable to watch Meteor Monster Trucks and Wow, Wow, Wubzy. :P But Hubby wants to talk HDTV and flat screens. I don't care about those things! I want peace, order, strategic replacement!

I simply told hubby to buy the cheapest tele with a large enough screen that I.Can.See. (Hey, it beats getting new glasses. :P)

It wasn't the actual getting of the TV that turned out to be a mess. But removing the other TV - which roughly had the bulk of a refrigerator sitting in our living room - is another story. There were so many wires and devices connected to that TV, I never attempted to move it away from the wall unless I absolutely had to. The last time that thing was pulled out was the week after the lightning strike, and bats had come flying out from behind it then. So when hubby and Oldest pulled out the old TV, I was prepared for the layer of dust thick as a coat of paint.

As if my allergies weren't already bad enough, I swept and swiffered. I sprayed Pledge and dusted. We rearranged furniture in the living room, and then the doll room. I had to pull an entertainment center from there to set the new TV on. More sweeping and swiffering ensued. More Pledge and dusting. After an hour or so, we finally had the new, yet considerably smaller TV situated in the corner. Hm.

It's a nice TV, don't get me wrong. You don't send two gadget junkies to the store with a check book and think they're going to bring you home a dinosaur. Oh no. They picked a smart, 37inch flat screen with HDTV - which now has more remotes connected to it than I know what to do with. The color is certainly sharper and brighter. What gets me is it doesn't look like same living room anymore. I get that feeling, "Is this my house?" whenever I walk in there now.

Ah, well. Give me a week or so and I'll get used to it. But it's oddity overkill today. It's a Monday for one thing, but this is also hubby's first day on a new project, which means I'm back home alone with Mini. At least for a few hours. Today is also doctor day. I am having allergy fits so bad, I'm heading in for shots. Mom is coming over around noon to corral Mini and take over the helm. :P

As for writing, my free writing days are over for a time. I managed to run OVER my projected goal for the weekend, so I'm all happy, happy, joy, joy about that. But I now have to get back to a managed schedule. That kind of bites, but to be honest, I think I'm more dedicated to forward progress when I'm on a time table every day. So maybe it won't be as hard a change up as I've been imagining.

Well, there you have it. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Off to the writing cave. Hope your Monday is a productive one!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday Begins

It's 3:23 AM. I just finished my word count quota for Friday. I didn't think I was gonna make it, but alas... I can finally go to bed now.

Update: 11:11 AM

I'm dragging this morning, but I am so utterly in writer's zen right now I think I can stand the tiredness a few more hours. :P

Hubby woke me up around 7 while he was fishing for clothes. He was already dressed, and digging around for something presentable to take Mini to the tool store in. Oldest was still piled in bed, and I got up to make sure he was up in time to go with his dad to Ruston.

I crept back to bed while they stirred around, and slept for about another hour, then I got up a second time and decided that if I were to accomplish anything, I better get with it. Otherwise, I knew I'd be completely worthless for the rest of the day. My typing has been utter crap all morning, but I still forced myself into the writing chair once the guys left. It was more difficult that in sounds.

It's a little after 11 now. I'm brewing coffee, and I could do freaking cartwheels at the moment because I applied rump to chair and NOW HAVE matched my weekend writing goal. *dance, dance, wiggle, wiggle*

Tomorrow my mom is taking both boys off my hands, so that will make an additional day for uninterrupted writing. I'm dancing (precariously) on Cloud 9. I don't plan to break out the champagne any time soon. Still a ways to go until then...

In the mean time, I shall celebrate with another 4 minute dance break - although I promise not to dance like the people in the clip. Because that would just be embarrassing. And you should never take your celebrating too far. :P

The Warrior, by Patty Smyth and Scandal. OMG, I remember this from when I was, like, in the fourth grade! *_*

It's sort of like a low rent version of Cats, don't you think? ^_^

Happy Saturday!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Butterfingers Friday

Man, what a morning! Hubby got the call first thing out of bed. He starts his new project on Monday. Tomorrow that means a run to buy new tools, and that will probably be the last "free" writing day I have for a few months to come.

He took Mini out with him this morning, and I planned to take advantage of it and write the entire time, but as soon as I sat down with my laptop, my mother called. The call lasted about thirty minutes and a run through of a week of family gossip, and I finally managed to cut in and tell her I had to go. I promised to make it up to mom later - I'd call her back sometime this afternoon. Well, right after I got off the phone, I suppose it must be a karmic smackdown or something because I reached for the laptop again, and lo and behold - a BSOD!!! The first blue screen I've gotten since I bought the Dell. Well, shit...

I fiddled with that, doing scans and in general trying to figure out what the heck 0x321475stringoffreakingnumbers is supposed to be, and finally I got everything (seemingly) working right again. For now. If I can just finish this next project, the computer is free and clear to do what it pleases. Bite the dust. Whatever. But not until I get my stuff completed and off of here!

I will say, though, and don't quote me on this, a'ight? But I do think there's a MASS CONSPIRACY to make consumers buy a new computer every year. My computer is working great, fine, no issues, no problems. I haven't downloaded anything questionable, and I visit the same sites (which are safe) day after day. How the heck do I end up with problems? It's programmed in there, maaaan... *Dennis Hopper voice* They want your computer to fry. These big corporate gurus planned the whole thing from the start to keep you from surfing the net and buying more computers. It's all a big scaam, maaaaan...

Or maybe not. This day and age, who can guess?

Today's pic is courtesy of Hubby's cell phone. We put Mini on the horses (all pink, no less), and he sat there stiff as a board through the whole thing. The smile was the only thing giving away that he was having a good time. At least until we went to take him off of there. Then he started bawling for more "hawsy ride it".

Eh gads, where has the time gone? It's almost 1pm. I better getta crackin' on my wip. Publishers wait for no one. (Except maybe JK Rowling. :P)

Happy weekend!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Morning Sun

Anyone remember that New Order song, True Faith? I used to think that the day would never come...

Well, it has happened. I, former goddess of the horrible fashion faux pas, had to stop Oldest at the door this morning to prevent his own mini fashion disaster. I remember being 17 and swearing to the forces that be I would never tame my kid's fashion sense - unless of course they were about to walk out of the house in ass-less pants ala David Lee Roth. (Hey, a girl's gotta have her standards.)

Because the school once again made School Of Academic Excellence on their exams - and therefore the jerks on staff got their funding - they let the kids wear street clothes this week instead of uniforms. The black pants, the black shirts... I'm ok with it. The layered on clothes in order to achieve a look when we're having 100 degree weather... uh, it ain't gonna happen. The last thing I need is a call from the emergency room. I told Oldest to take off the undershirt and WHOA! Such attitude the masses hath not seen! There was about to be a full on Irish smackdown going on in my dining room until the offending long sleeved garment was removed. And understand I am QUEEN of the Irish smackdown in this house - make no effing doubt.

Much pouting and ranting ensued, followed by a backpack check that revealed the shirt which I'm sure in a parallel universe is now being held in an evidence locker somewhere.

NOTE OF ADVISORY: warning-warning-warning-warning
If you're currently 16 or somewhere thereabouts and reading this post right now (You shouldn't be here for one thing, so SCRAM!) But if you are, and are saying/thinking either of the following: What a bitch! OR That's so not fair! I have but one thing to say to you. Karma, sweetie puff.

One of these days, when I'm sitting in my rocking chair, YOU will be trying to keep your @#$%! child from running out the door in David Lee Roth ass-less pants, and I am going to piss my Depends laughing. Why? Because it's the turn of the universe. And given my calculations, some old fart with a fashion resume *eye roll* will do a David Lee Roth resurgence, and ass-less pants will once again be in style. Everything, as they say, goes in cycles.
-end warning-

I did manage to get Oldest out the door, no bloodshed involved. All this pre-coffee. I feel pretty damn accomplished. Now Mini is running around the house with the loudest toy he could find in the bin. In the wise words of Bill the Caveman: "When will the hurting stop?"

It's that time again...
Thirteen Things I wish I had RIGHT NOW

1.) Chocolate
2.) Ability to freeze time - and ultimately shut mouths - in the blink of an eye
3.) Telekenetic power - aka, the ability to bodyslam from a distance
4.) Ability to clear obstacles with a mere thought - Road Rage prevention!
5.) Mind control! *oogly boogly music here*
6.) A Magic 8 Ball with the answers to all the universal questions
7.) To know the QUESTION that goes with the #42. :P
8.) Cherry red Doc Martens to go with my new jeans.
9.) A really buff man in a loin cloth.
10.)4 more hours of sleep.
11.)Piping hot coffee delivered just for me. :*>
13.)My own personal Fortress of Solitude.

Happy T13 everyone!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Something To Dance To

Is it really Wednesday? I swear, whenever I hunker down in the writing cave, I emerge and days have passed by. I suppose that's a good way to know writing is getting done. Right? Yes? Anyone? *crickets*

I refuse to let myself go to bed tonight until I finish up this 1k writing jag. I'm almost there. Just a few more words to go. Still, it startled me when I looked up at the clock a few minutes ago and realized it's after midnight. I thought it was closer to 11. Oh well. No pain, no gain.

In taking my writing break, I thought I'd blog. Which is in essence more writing. (Yay! I'm a masochist. But some of you probably already knew that.) I've already posted a Hump Day Hunk over at the Midnight Moon Cafe, so I thought I'd do something a bit different here.

How about a little music and dancing? The fact this week is half over sounds like a good enough excuse to me. ^_^ So here you go. Tommy Tutone. A classic. Here's your four minute dance break.

Happy hump day!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rainy Day Tuesday

The contemporary wip is going well. I added close to 2k to it today. A miracle I could write anything on it, really. I have had a screaming headache since early this morning. I knew I should've made that pot of coffee!

Overall I'm pleased with the direction of the story, it's a bit patchy at the moment, as my 1st drafts tend to be. Hubby has been an angel, occupying Mini this past week while I write. It's amazing the word count you can pull off when you don't have to stop every few minutes, or have someone on your lap while typing. I love the writing freedom, as it were, but know I'd miss Mini if he weren't here daily - ei, at kindergarten or at play school. I know the time will come for that eventually, but I'm admittedly NOT ready for it now. Babies grow up far to fast as it is. I'll keep him home with me as long as I can.

I am, however, enjoying hubby's assistance. I hope I can get through one whole story before he is called back to work, which will probably be sooner rather than later. He's been asked to go to a job in Nebraska - yikes! - and he's also considering one in Texas, but to work there, will have to get a special license first. All that is to be seen though... I'm not sure what hubby's plans are. We haven't really sat down and discussed it yet.

The "dream home" owners are still remodeling the house. They are supposed to call us once they have the appraisals in hand. We've driven past the house a few times this month, and each time, the man is out there with his work trailer. I do believe they've been laying down flooring. I'm curious to see what they've done to the place. Also, there is the house with the red door close to the park, still available should the dream house fall through. And we now have a third house - a traditional 2 story with red shutters. So I do think once things fall into place, hubby and I will be ready to settle on a house. I read in this Sunday's Shreveport Times that Louisiana foreclosures are up 90% over the summer. I can't help wondering where those purported houses were/are while we've been looking.

That's it for today. It's been a rainy, sleepy, lazy day. Not too shabby at all. ~_^
Hope you had a good one!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Mutate With Me

First thing out the gate today, hubby loaded Mini in his car seat and took him for the day. While they visited the park, shopped, and dropped by the buffet at Pizza Hut, I parked my rump in front of the comp and managed to knock out just over 4100 words on wip #2.

I've now got to sit down tonight after everyone goes to bed and plot another two chapters. My goal is a around 25k, give or take, by the end of the month. Since this is a contemporary rather than a paranormal, I'm treading into uncharted territory. I've been trying to psyche myself out by telling myself a contemporary is just a paranormal without any "para" elements. The concept - romance - is still the same. Let's hope the mental juju is enough to keep me in the saddle. If not, I'm going to have to go back to the writer boards where someone can ply the whip to my hide and keep me on board.

Hubby returned home with Mini after a few hours. By that time, I was at a point I could easily wrap things up. The lil bear was completely sacked out. Hubby let him play himself down, and the minute they were in the Jeep on the way home, Mini zonked. When we took off Mini's sandals and laid him out on the bed, he never stirred. ^_^

You know something, though? Mini's day at the park got me thinking about the park itself. I've lived here for over a decade, and I typically drive by that park at least 3 times a week - business days and weekends. It's pretty much just an open playground beside one of the intown churches. It's right at the edge of a neighborhood with school age kids - I know they're there. Oldest has been to a birthday party or two back there.

My point? Where are the kids? Why don't they ever play in the park?

I have never, ever seen any kids playing at that park. It has everything you could need. Swings, slide, merry-go-round, and picnic tables. Even on Sunday, it stays empty. Come to think of it, whenever we're in Ruston and I pass by the City Park where my cousins, friends, and I used to play all the time, it's like a ghost park. There are NEVER any kids there either. How sad is that?

Is it video games keeping kids from the park? Fear of creeps lurking in playgrounds? Parents who just don't take their kids? I mean, the equipment is there... if it had been in my neighborhood back in the day, all us kids would have been hanging out there. One of the houses hubby and I are looking at now is near a rural park. I considered that a good reason to keep the place on our list.

What do I know... Maybe it's a generational thing. Or just a personal preference? I always liked playing outdoors as a kid, but you don't see that much anymore. Kids are soooo much different now than they were then. Sign o' the times, I guess.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sunday Slacking

The kids and I made root beer floats today. Mini is not much of a sweet eater, but he's been watching The Upside Down Show on Noggin whenever it's on. There is one episode the station has been playing repeatedly - much to my annoyance. It's about the two "brothers" Shane and David, trying to find ice cream to fill their ice cream cones. (Nutty concept, yes. But, hey, we are talking toddler TV.)

Mini watched us making these floats and he says, "Ice cream float, Mimi?" It blows the mind how he knew without us mentioning a word, but I told him, that yes, it was indeed an ice cream float.

I sat down with one, intending to share with Mini. It had foamed up from the root beer, and he looked skeptical. He kept watching Oldest eating his. "Is it 'licious, bubba?"

"Try a bite of Mimi's. Look, she has one," directs Oldest, and he points at me. Mini turns just in time to see me offering the spoon. Reluctantly he takes a bite, or slurp, or whatever you want to call it.

One would have thought the aliens had landed, angels had started singing, or some other miraculous thing had happened. Mini's eyes lit up. He licked at his ice cream mustache. "It's 'licious, Mimi! Daddy, bubba, it's 'licious!" And here he sings for a good 30 minutes, the 'licious power of the root beer float.

Wow, I wish that was all it took these days to give me that happy rush. That's the power of discovery, I guess. ^_^

On to other things...
I've been writing on and off today, trying to build up a good word count. I have been staying off the keypad though - I've been writing notes in a notebook, and will work from there. I'm dealing with something I'm not too sure about, so I've got to have hardcopy. It seems easier out the gate to handwrite things for this project.

Tomorrow it's back to the grind. Oldest's toe is infected again. *sigh* So one thing I've got to do is make an appointment for that. He was doing great until the toe nails began growing back. So now we're back to square one. The toes look awful - red and swollen. I'm glad he doesn't have gym this year. At least that's one less thing to worry about.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Go. Move. Dance.

Last night while I was shutting down my wip, I asked hubby if he would put Mini in the bath. This is something I usually take care of, but since hubby is home and because I still needed to make the bed and do a few little things here and there, I asked him to do it.

He agreed, and took Mini with him to the bathroom. I went on to the bedroom and I'm making the bed. I can hear the water running in the bath from there, all is well, all is quiet, and then I hear Mini SCREAMING from the living room: "Mimi, Mimi!!"

Of course I come running, and Mini is babbling incoherently, and grabbing my shirt, trying to climb me like a tree. It took me a minute to realize he was saying "SNAKE!"

Okay. I thank Go, Diego, Go for teaching my kid what an effing snake is. Damn, Anna the Anaconda... I am not afraid of snakes, however, the idea of my toddler finding one is another matter intirely. Mini climbs my freaking leg in order to get off the floor, and guess what... I don't see no stinking snake anywhere.

Hubby comes into the living room about this time, and he's got this weird look in his eyes. He tells me, "I'm sorry. I didn't know."

"What do you mean, you didn't know?"

"About the green string soap in the bathroom."


Hubby had made a bubble bath for Mini, and sprayed some of the green kid's foam soap - that is like a thick version of silly string - into the water. Well, Mini saw it and completely FREAKED OUT. The whole while hubby is telling me what happened, Mini is wailing "Snake, snake, snaaaaaake!"

I sigh. I take Mini to the bathroom. Hubby has already scraped the offending "snake" out of the tub. Mini looks at the water and starts shrieking and trembling. I calmly tell him there is no snake, but he is absolutely convinced that there is.

Here I am with a sweaty, mildly sticky naked toddler in my arms, and he's scared of the bath water. What the heck am I to do? I very well can't put him to bed like that. So, clothes on and everything, I climb into the water. Mini is clinging to me like a baby koala bear, shouting to the heavens, genuinely, whole heartedly terrified. I sit down in the lukewarm, soapy water, and with him standing on my lap, I start rinsing him with the wash cloth.

His toy boat comes sailing around my thigh, "SNAKE!"
"It's not a snake, Mini, it's your boat."
The bubble bath swirls behind him.
"That's my toes, Mini." I wiggle them to prove it.
He nods. "Right."

This goes on for about five minutes while he is standing on my THIGHS in the tub. He won't actually sit in the water. Won't even stick a toe in it. I try to sit him on my lap and he screams. He climbs me like a wet cat and balances himself once again, one foot on either of my thighs.

I finally got him washed down, and very tiredly, handed him out of the tub to his father, who is still looking very apologetic. I sigh again. I then get up, strip off my sopping wet clothes and ask for a towel. Next time I think I'd better take care of the baby bath.

Friday, September 07, 2007


I spent most of the day writing. Early on, Hubby took Mini with him when he went to pay bills. Right after they left, I managed to run around and clean the house in about 10 minutes flat. Of course, by now it looks like a bomb went off, but it was clean earlier, and I took advantage of the alone time to knock dents in wip #2.

I got through one big section and found a glaring error in the storyline, so I printed up two copies for dissection later on. This weekend, I'm to come up with clever excuses to get the 3 males out of the house so I can get some work done. Let's see how long I can last. :P

Overall, not a bad day. I had a good chat on the phone with one of my writer BFFs and on top of all this, still managed to get the laundry done. Yep, it's safe to say I'm feeling pretty snazzy.

So here's to the weekend. *holds up glass of wine* Hope you all have a good one!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

It's Not Easy Being Green

I'm a third of the way finished with wip #2. I see myself adding a huge swatch to it this weekend since we have no plans. It's a shame it's not a full three day weekend for us this week, Fall Fest will be going on over at Babyland General in Cleveland. *sigh* I wish I could go. I'd love to pick up a floor baby. I've been itching to adopt an Asian girl with black crimped ponies, and it would be very special if I could handpick her from the patch. It doesn't look like that will be anytime soon though. Ho hum.

But back to writing. I added 1500 words last night, and made it to bed at a decent hour - just a few minutes past midnight. I'm sure of the direction of the story, and it's going the way it should, but I'm having to write it in patches so it feels like this one is filling out super slow.

Last night I learned that Dominant Territory has landed on the bestseller list again. Woot! I'm sharing the #3 spot with the lovely L. Shannon. (Who writes some seriously tasty demon romance.) This is the third month for D/T on the company list, and I couldn't be happier for my characters: Drake and Libby. They have been waiting in various forms since the early 1990s to have their story told. I appreciate everyone who has bought the book and joined them on their romantic journey. :)

Looks like it's that time of the week again...

Thirteen Things I Like (that happen to be green)

1.)Hubby's eyes
3.)fresh mown grass
4.)Doc Martens
5.)mint chocolate chip ice cream
6.)potted palms (my favorite plants)
7.)the rainforest
8.)Mother Earth News Magazine
11.)the field across from my house
12.)my birthstone (peridot)
13.)English Ivy

How's that saying go? Sometimes it's the simple things that matter? 'Nuff said.

Happy T13, everyone! ^_^

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Sleep Will Find You

I stayed up late writing last night, and didn't hit the sack until around 1 AM. When Mini rolled over this morning around 6 AM ready to run and romp, I didn't think I would last.

Blame me for staying up late, yes, but it hasn't helped that lately Mini hasn't been wanting to take a nap. Instead of making him take one around 12-2ish every day, (sometimes I would even nap with him) I've been letting him run himself down. All good for Mini, I'm sure, but rather tiring for the ol' momma. I've come to depend on that hour or so of quiet time during the day. It's getting harder and harder to get up in the mornings as it is... and without a nap buffer?

Mini has managed to skip a nap completely for about two or three days now, but I think today may've been the breaking point. Hubby put in the Cars movie for Mini when he started getting a bit fussy. We'd already tried to get him to lie down a bit earlier, but he just didn't want to stay put. While the Mini bear was basking in front of the tele, I went about putting in laundry until suddenly I realize the house has gone quiet. Too quiet.

Scenting danger, the mother bear leaves the quiet of her laundry den to check on her young and ensure the area is safe...

Mini was right where I'd left him: in the gold recliner in front of the TV. Looks like sleep caught up with him at last. After a few pictures, I picked him up and put him to bed. Hopefully this means the balance of the universe has been restored.

On another note, I'm gaining ground on wip #2. I finished a questionable section on the demons, wrote and rewrote it. (And rewrote it again, but I refuse to count that one.) I'm stepping back from the demons for a day or so, then I'll go back and retackle that section with a fresh perspective. I feel I've probably tweaked the plot about as much as it can be tweaked. I guess I'll know soon enough...

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Oi Me Kipper

I originally thought of naming today's post "Break out the fat pants", but I decided not to lay any more karmic whammies on myself this close to the holiday season. :P See, I've been wearing the same 5 pairs of shorts all summer - khaki ones, denim ones, a plaid pair, a green pair, one pair that's blue with white piping... You get the idea. I've been wearing this haus frau haute couture all summer, not bothering to try on new stuff or really bother with clothes shopping.

What does this mean? It means I had no idea I'd gone up at least a jeans size UNTIL THIS MORNING.

I got up early to take Mini to the store (we were out of milk), and as a change of pace *epiphany* I thought I'd wear jeans! So, I pulled out my fave pair of Levi's and tugged them on - no problema. Then I went to button them. The noticeable snugness soon turned into: Erg. Arg. *strangle* Flop on bed. Weasle around. Stop and pant a while. Wrangle. Hop, hop, hop...

Okay. After about ten minutes of this I come to this conclusion that the pants don't fit! So I take them off and check them. Are they really "the" fave pair? They look like my fave pair - only, last time I remember, the fave pair actually FIT. Oh dear...

Glancing at the pics from Vicksburg, I realize I do appear to have more junk in the trunk than previously remembered. Hm... So instead of torturing myself with trying to fit into the fave jeans (now AKA the "skinny" pants, but previously known as the "no one notices these are my fat pants" pants), I hid them in the closet and wore my khaki shorts instead.

At the store, I dropped into the women's department and bought a new pair of jeans - these shall now be known as the "new and improved" fat pants. Oy vey. When did it get to this point? When did the pounds creep in, and why did they choose to land THERE - in the midsection - giving me extra muffin top? :P Why didn't the pounds go further south, to my hips? Or even to the extreme north boob section - that would have been acceptable too. Why the tummy? Why? Why?! *shakes fists at the gods*

All this makes one think: Okay, so I did get a second plate at the Chinese buffet. And I did ALLEGEDLY have two cakes at my birthday party. But even though the food was there, did I really eat that much?

I've been debating this all morning while laundering my new clothes. Suits me right, I guess, going back for seconds. Now I have a new mission. *groan* Drop an extra ten pounds *double groan* and get back into the pants formerly known as the fat pants.

Darn Tuesdays. Shouldn't I have made this revelation yesterday - on a Monday? Holidays threw it all off kilter, I guess. Isn't that just the way? Ah well. Better break out the Atkins guide and start reading up... :P

Monday, September 03, 2007

Monday In Vain

Today Hubby and I took a drive to look at the backup house - our newest second choice house - in case the dream house falls through a 2nd time. I don't like how close it is to the neighbors, but the house itself is nice and roomy, and has been completely remodeled.

It was built in 1910, and is a story and a half. To look at it, it looks like a newly built home. They've added vinyl siding, a new roof, brand new plumbing, wiring, and central H/A. The yard is a good size, large enough to add in a storage shed, guest house, and pool. Of course, I'd want a privacy fence that goes ALL THE WAY around the property, if we were to move there.

The Pros with this house: we'd be in the same school district, and while it is farther out, it is walking distance to the local playground, which is shaded and has picnic tables as well. Two cops live just a few streets over in either direction. It's walking distance to several convenience stores. Also, I wouldn't have to have fits with the neighbors about my dogs barking - apparently everyone lets theirs run loose, collared and licenced, up and down the street. (So, definitely will have to have two custom dog fences built if we move there.)

The Cons: It's in a close quarters neighborhood - the houses have very little space between them. You can look at the front yard of the 2nd house and see the neighbor's trash in their back yard. (Yet another reason for a privacy fence.) It's 15 miles to the nearest town and hospital.

Time will tell. It is just a backup plan house. I'm still looking forward to seeing the appraisal on the dream house. Hopefully something will work out there.

Tomorrow Hubby has errands to run along with my dad, so I plan to do a bit of writing while he's away. Mini will be here, but he'll usually play at my feet while I write. Now that he's a little older, he tends to pacify himself with his trucks for a short jaunt while I'm working.

That's it for me today. It's almost 10 and I need to rush Oldest off to bed - he has school tomorrow. Hope yours was a good Memorial Day!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Episode IV - New Househunting Hope

Hubby and I were on our way to Petco yesterday when his cell phone starts screaming California Uber Alles at us. Since I know mom and dad's ringtones by heart, I briefly glanced over at hubby (I was driving). "Who's ringtone is that?"

He didn't get a chance to answer me before he answered the call, so I shushed the boys in the backseat, and this stillness came over me when I realized Hubby is talking to the woman who owns "The Dreamhouse" - the one with the kitchen big enough to turn cartwheels in (as I have before described) but that wouldn't appraise for the asking price. She said she'd hoped to hear from us, and wanted to know if we were still interesting in the house, and hubby explained that 3 banks told us the house wouldn't appraise. She told him she and her husband are going to have the house and 9 acres appraised 3 ways - with house and 2 acres, just the land, and the whole thing house and all acreage. She said once she had the paperwork, she would call hubby again and give him a copy to take to our banker.

Do I dare say it? Do I dare risk jinxing myself? I can't help it! I am over the moon thrilled with this! *faint*

I've been saying for weeks now I wish they'd reevaluate their asking price, because let's face it - whoever has the full price to pay that house out, is likely not going to go with an older home. Most folks, like myself, would take that money and put down a substatial downpayment to have a home built. Now they've called us back. Everyone keep your fingers crossed, keep those candles burning, and hope the figures will work this time.

It's interesting I only learned it was her who called us yesterday. I'd thought at the time it was another lady calling about a different house - one I wasn't so taken with. I am practically hopping on one foot in anticipation of this one. I'd really like to see the papers in hand.

On another note, I managed about 1200 words last night before I got too tired and shoved off to bed around 2 AM. Luckily no UFO documentaries to keep me awake this night. I needed the sleep! Today I have a word goal of 1000. If I do more than that, I'll give myself a cookie. ^_^

That's it for me today. Happy news for a change. If you're reading this, I hope your Sunday is a snazzidelic one!